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by Tobias Grant

Part 136: Mission

: Just did. We'll just have to manage until they get back here...

: Alright. Cotset, we'll hold position and fend off the enemy. Requesting backup.

: Roger!

: All machines that can launch, go out and intercept the enemy!

...Wait, this is it?

: What!? All the remaining forces are girls!? Guarding 'em will be tough...
Garrod isn't a girl, Gavan.

: What do you mean by that!?

: Shouldn't the meaning speak for itself?

: How rude. You can't keep treating us like kids forever!

: Yeah! We're doing our best out there too. Right, Precia?

: Yep!

: Hahaha, excuse me. Allow me to protect you fine ladies, then.

: .........

: Garrod, what's wrong?

: HM? Oh, uh... Nothing.

: Really...?

: Did you get into a fight with Tifa?

: Okay, cut the chit-chat. Get out there and intercept the enemy!

Not much happened in the first couple of turns on this mission. The enemies won't move, so you have to move all of your units over to fight them. I think it took me somewhere around four or five turns just to reach them.

On the second turn, another conversation occurs.

: Perhaps they're decoys?

: If they won't come to us, we'll just go to them! Tell the others to move it!

: Roger that. Ship crews, be on the lookout for enemies nearby!

: ...(Tifa... What did you mean by saying we'll never meet again?)

: Hay, Garrod! Keep daydreaming and you'll get shot down!

: R-right... Sorry.

Grabbed a few Containers on the second turn.

I sent Garrod and Puru off to other areas on the map, since it makes getting the Skill point for this mission much easier.

Fa grabs the final container.

Finally, I make contact with the enemy.

I managed to take one of them down on the same turn I reached them.

Next turn, I had Gavan use Guard and move him into attack range of the enemy.

He takes a bit of a beating on the enemies turn, but does great damage with his counter attacks.

Two turns later...

Hi there.

: That's the Gavalier... Why's it have to be Hola of all people to attack us!?

: The Others will be back soon. Hold out until then!

: Why hasn't that big flashy machine shown up to protect this place!?

: Come to think of it, they haven't shown up, even with their dome in danger.

: That is rather odd, considering they attacked us when we got this close...

I moved Garrod into the middle of the reinforcements, and had him attack a Gallop.

Miashei was also just close enough to attack a dugger.

On the enemies turn, Garrod did some heavy damage to them all with counter fire, and even destroyed all three Gallops.

Next turn, Everyone finally gets back from the dome

: Miss!

: Launch when ready! Protect Magus's dome!!

: All units! It's likely the new enemy forces are acting as diversions! Spread out and defeat them as quickly as possible!

: ...Isn't that... the Landship that Hola was riding?

: Y-yes, ma'am... Most likely.

: S-so... That means it's Hola attacking here at S-Point!?

: No way. Hola wouldn't do something that went against the Innocent like that...

: Hm? Hold on... Hola takes orders from the Innocent, doesn't he? Which means those Innocent ordered them to attack these Innocent...?

: Who knows. Even the Innocent must share some bad blood, I guess.

: ...Maybe it's some Innocent that don't like war...?

: Of course I can! I was in the Le Man de Sol Grand Prix!

The J9 team finishes off one of the weakened Duggers.

The enemies, having more targets to shoose from, attack units that won't easily one-shot them. In this case, the Bry-Star and Fa's methuss.

I have Bryger use a Valored Bry-Cannon to do some quick and heavy damage to the Gavalier.

A few attacks later...

Son of a... There's more!?

: More have shown up!

: Looks like they're trying to draw our machines away from our flagships.

: Hey... Could this be a trap, maybe?

: Hah, since when does Hola have that much sense?

: Enough with the chatter, hurry up and clean out the rest of the enemies!

I should mention now, in order to get the Skill point, you have to destroy the second group of reinforcements within 3 turns.

This mission finally gave me some good usage out of Nu Puru, who completely wrecks the new arrivals.

I also want to mention here that the funnels won't actually fly off until she says 'Fin Funnels', which I thought was kinda cute.

If Puru had the energy, I'm sure she could have easily soloed this requirement herself, But alas, the Fin Funnels are quite the EN hogs.

I'll spare you any further details and just say I took them out in time.

Fuck yeah!

...Fuck no!

: Agh, it's the Frost Brothers! They're next to the Freeden!!

: Is this what they've been trying to do!?

: Heheh... Brother, it seems our plan went off without a hitch.

: Yes. Classic decoy tactics brought us enough time to get near the two ships. Hola, we'll draw the enemy. Finish the job while we're doing that.

: The Innocent want us to get a dame to them safely...? Either Elche or Rag?

: Y-you've got a point...

Hola and Geraba surround the Iron Gear!

: Freeze, Iron Gear!!

: Hola!?

: Nobody else make any moves! We've got the Iron Gear's bridge here!

: Damnit... What a lowdown stunt you to pull!

: Jiron, it's been a while. Today we'll settle this, once and for all!

: Hmph, Hola! Since when did you become a villian!?

: What'd you say!?

: That's as generic a badguy line as they come!

: Are you gonna try proposing to Elche at gunpoint again!?

: I told you not to move! I won't make the same mistake twice!

Hola damages the Iron Gear and takes Elche!

: M-Miss! Hola, what are you trying to prove by abducting her!?

: Sorry, this's part of my orders from the Innocent!

: What'd you say!?

: What would the Innocent want by taking Elche!?

: How should I know!

: I thought I'd misjudged you before, but this time I really have!

: Shut up! I'm... I'm gonna protect Elche!

: Quit spouting generic main hero lines! I'm taking Elche back!

: Freeze, Melonhead! Don't forget I've got Elche's life in my hands!

: Argh...!

: I see... Then shall we help ourselves to a little bonus?

: Understood, Brother...

Olba heads for the Freeden and damages it!

: Aaaagh!

: There's serious damage to the outer hull of the residential sector!!

: Th-they're not...!?

: TIFA!!

: Don't move. If you do, I'll fire the Virsago's Megasonic Cannon...

: Y-you sons of...!!

: Now we've accomplished what we set out to do...

: W-wait!! What do you plan to do with Tifa!?

: I said not to move. Ignore my warning and I'll destroy the Freeden.

: Argh... GOD DAMNIT!!

: Farewell, Double X.

: Garrod!!

Hola, Geraba, and the Frost Brothers withdraw...