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Part 138: Pre-Intermission

At this point, the game will give us another route split. However, unlike the previous route splits we've had which allowed you to choose which one you want to go on, This one checks to see how many Skill Points you've gotten so far. In this case, you need 15 or more to go on the "hard route" and less than 15 to go on the "easy route." Do to the nature of this route split, I will not be able to show off the easy route.


: (.........) On what basis?

: Ever since those three battleships crossed the ocean to Gallia... Queen Diana has enacted no actual political measures.

: (.........)

: Currently, with the loss of the North Amerian Innocent strongholds Fort Severn and Zondar Epta... The Militia has remained silent and taken no definite course of action.

: (.........)

: Which means that on this continent, we effectively have no present obstacles. It is a perfect opportunity to declare the founding of a Sunbelt nation, and release our repatriates to occupy the land.

: (.........)

: And yet, that Diana Sorrel forgets our purpose, and just keeps ordering maintenance of the status quo.

: (.........)

: Why doesn't Queen Diana issue further orders...? Both the soldiers and the repatriates are filled with uncertainty over that. Why does the Diana Counter not claim the Sunbelt, our promised land?

: Then who would you have me believe the Lady Diana within the Soleil actually is?

: Consul Milan, you must be aware that there is one who looks exactly like her...

: What...? You're not proposing that...

: There was a point at which Lady Diana met with Kihel Heim alone, in private. It's quite feasible. And ever since Bostonia Castle became our main headquarters... The queen hasn't sought to leave the Soleil once. Almost as though she's afraid of something...

: (.........) If what you're saying is true, then how would you suggest getting confirmation?

: Just go to her and confirm it directly.

: But, then...

: Please, bear with this. What we need now are two things... The land of the Sunbelt, to call our second home... And the military might to protect it from enemies. Whether a queen is in charge is irrelevant.

: That would mean a coup d'etat... an insurrection.

: We have no choice but to live on on this land. As to how we do that, we'll have to make tough choices.

: (.........)

: (.........)


: Yes...

: Why is that?

: I've kept things hidden for as long as I can. I've reached my limit. Sooner or later, Major Phil and the others will seize the real power in the Diana Counter.

: (.........)

: And Lady Diana must have reasons for not returning here, right?

: (.........) Yes. She intends to meet with the Innocent's leader, Arthur Rank, and hold peace negotiations.

: Then, Lieutenant Harry... Please go to Gallia and ensure that she does so, then escort Lady Diana back here.

: But then, you'll be...

: Major Phil and the others will seek to use my existence for as long as it's convenient... For a little while, at least, I should be able to buy some time. So...

: (.........)

: (.........)

: Understood. I shall place myself in Lady Diana's company.

: Then please, take this on your trip. I am certain it should be of use.

: This is... a letter?

: Yes... It is addressed to Arthur Rank. I wrote it, consulting Lady Diana's past materials for reference.

: ...I shall take good care of it. Then, on that note...

: As you will, Lieutenant Harry... And please, return soon...

: ...I give you my word.


: (But how many Innocent defensive lines will I have to break through...?)

: Yes?

: What's the meaning of this?

: (.........) I am acting upon Lady Diana's command. Second Lt. Poe, what you are doing is an act of treason.

: Treason!? You're a fine one to use that word! We know the Diana Sorrel here is an impostor!

: (So Major Phil has already taken action!)

: Harry Ord! You are under arrest for treason!

: Sorry, but you won't get me that easily!

: Wait!

: Don't let him escape!

Harry manages to escape.

: Agh... Curse you, Harry!