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by Tobias Grant

Part 141: Mission part 2

: .........

: ...Looks like Tetsuya isn't around here either.

: .........

: Look, Ryou... You can brood all you want, but don't forget we're on a mission.

: I know that... Hayato... Do you think Tetsuya will come back?

: ...Who knows. But this is enemy territory. Even Tetsuya could be in trouble...

And right after he says that...

A large group of enemies appear!

: So you showed yourselves, Dinosaur Empire!

: So you've come as well, like so many moths to the flame...

: (He said as well...?)

: I know that voice! Chief Gallery! You're alive too!?

: Of course. Oh, how I've waited for a time like this! Prepare yourselves. Today, I'll send the Getter Team to Hell!

: Hah... You're going to eat those words.

: Hayato! We can't take on such huge numbers directly! Don't over do it before the cavalry arrives!

: (Hahaha... Cavalry? The moment the third get machine arrives will be your last.)

One turn later...

Benkei arrives!

: Benkei!?

: Is your body in good enough shape for this!?

: Don't worry. Injuries like these can't keep me down forever!

: Benkei...!

: Now that we're all here, we can make Getter Robo, don't forget.

: .........

Benkei moves into formation with the other pilots.

...Seriously? That's it?

: Bado Special Assault Squad?

: You think they stand a chance against us?

: We'll change into Dragon! Hayato, you don't have any objections, right!?

: .........Sure, go ahead.

: Alright, come on!! CHAAAANGE DRAGON!! SWITCH ON!!

: Now! Move in, Special Assault Squad!

As the Getter pilots get into position to change into Getter Dragon...

...A Bado manages to get in between them!

: What!?

: W-we can't combine like this!

: No!

The failed Combining throws the Get machines into disarray.

: Aaargh!

: Ryou! Let me handle this! CHANGE LIGER! SWITCH ON!!

Unfortunately, much like with the Dragon formation...

This one fails as well.

: Are those Mechasauruses able to completely predict our formations!?

: Damn! I'll try with the Poseidon next!

: Forget it, Benkei! They'll swoop in while Getter's combining! ...Not to mention Poseidon takes a second longer to transform anyway!

: S-so... We can't combine at all!?

: Hahahaha! Have you witnessed the Special Assault Squad's power!?

: Those are special mechasauruses designed for this express purpose!

: What!?

The Bados all target a different Get Machine to harass.

: Not good! They've practically attached themselves!!

: You're nothing to fear like this! Dino-jets! Crush them!

: Damnit... What should we do!?

: We'll have to shake them off and try to get into formation again!

Unfortunately, no matter how far you move...

...Or how much you attack, we can't get rid of them.

Ryouma takes a few nasty blows from the Dino-jets.

But luckily for me, he has Prevail, which means low health is a good thing right now.

Ryouma almost destroys the entire Dino-jet wing be himself!

: Damn, if this keeps up...!

I use my turn to destroy the rest of the Dino-jets.

I accidentally put Hayato within range of Dante, but luckily he dodged the attack.

With no more Dino-jets available, the enemy sends a more dangerous foe to attack me.

Thankfully, Kouji arrives just in time!

: Ryou, you okay!?

: Kouji!

: Heheh... I came to find Tetsuya, but hey, looks like my timings perfect.

: Kouji! These Bados are keeping us from being able to combine! All we need is a moment! Give us an opening to shake them off!

: A-Alright... Got it!

: Duke Gorgon! So you're alive too!?

: I should say the same to you, after you show up in this time...

: It's not like I came here because I wanted to! Duke Gorgon! I'll send you to join Baran Ashura down in Hell!

: Hmph... You must feel like such a man, mouthing off in a situation like yours.

Wait, is that... Great Mazinger!?

: That's!?

: great Mazinger!? Tetsuya!

: Tetsuya, what's the matter!?

: .........

: Hold on, somethings wrong with him...

: ......Kouji......!

: I will... kill Kouji Kabuto.......!

: H-hey, now...!?

: Now then, Tetsuya Tsurugi! Follow me!

Dante and Tetsuya move seemingly as one...

Tetsuya then launches an attack at Kouji!

: Aaargh!

: What're you doing, Tetsuya!?

: !! It couldn't be... Benkei! Don't let your guard down!

: .........

: Wh-what do you mean, Hayato!?

: Tetsuya must be... Under the enemy's control!

: What!?

: U-under the enemy's control!?

: hahaha... Chief Gallery, it seems our plan has gone smoothly.

: Between my mindwave amplifier and your power, we can easily manipulate him... A small feat, for the top scientist and sorcerer of our respective fields.

: I merely awakened the dark urges budding within his own heart.

: !! So you're the ones controlling Tetsuya!?

: How dare you do that to Tetsuya!

: Hahahahaha, what can Mazinger Z and an uncombined Getter Robo do!? Perish now!

: Damnit! What should we do!?

: ...If it's Dante who's controlling Tetsuya, we'll have to beat him.

: yeah, I get it...!

: Alright, then focus on Dante! Be careful not to destroy Great!

: B-but as long as we can't combine, Kouji's all we can count on...

: I've still got to do it! I'll save Tetsuya, even if it means staking my life!

: Stay out of this, Duke Gorgon! I shall bury Kouji Kabuto myself!