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by Tobias Grant

Part 143: Mission part 4

Let's start things off by taking grabbing the Solar Panel that's tucked away in this Mountain Cycle.

Thanks to their high Will, the Mazinger Brothers are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Attacking the Pikudrone here was a mistake, because he has large HP regen, much like the Thrudgelmir had.

: Tetsuya Tsurugi! Do you remember my words!?

: What!?

: As I said before, I won't die before taking your head first!

Tetsuya clearly came out on top from that little skirmish.

: Cursed Getter Robo! I'll dispose of all of you myself!

The Getter Team... not so much.

An attack from a random grunt was enough to push Getter Dragon into the red, which allowed Prevail to kick in and give it a much needed boost.

Now he can shrug off damage as easily as the Mazingers do!

Next turn, a few of the reinforcements manage to join the fight.

: Silence! The surface and the sun shall both be ours!

A Valored Breast Fire brings him down.

After Gorgon falls, a few more enemies arrive.

: Same goes for you... You're still alive!?

: Yes... I swore not to die until the Mycenae Empire was revived!! Prepare yourselves! I'll bury you all for good this time!!

: Heh... Don't expect us to be the same as we have been up until now!

: General Dark, I'll bury you underground again, with my own hands!

: Hahaha... That will and form are truly Great Mazinger's, my foe's... No more trickery! We shall match power against power!

: Let's go! General Dark!

I finish moving the rest of my units and end the turn.

On the enemy's turn, they lose a large part of their initial force from counter attacks while General Dark slowly moves towards us.

The Cavalry arrive and destroys the rest.

Gallery is next on my hit list.

unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish him off on this turn.

Jamil takes an almost fatal hit from the Pikudrone during the enemies turn.

General Dark finally enters attack range.

Next turn, Gallery goes down.

After gallery bites it, I switch focus to the Pikudrone.

He didn't last very long.

With those two out of the way, I send the rest of my units after General Dark's escort unit.

General Dark targets Tetsuya.

: With that gone, you're truly fit to cross swords with me!

: Quiet! Don't think I'm the same as I was yesterday!

: Well said! Your head will make a fine trophy for me!

Combattler V takes the hit.

It doesn't take me long to clear out the rest of the grunt units and leave General Dark by himself.

: Hmph...! So this bond is the source of your strength... But I am a General! I will win against you on my own!

: You don't stand a chance! With our hearts as one, we're invincible!

: You're gonna learn what humans can do when they join their strength!

The Getter team uses the last of it's energy, and...


: If you think you can, then go ahead and try!!

Ouch, that sword of his hurts.

it REALLY hurts. Unfortunately, I couldn't kill him on this turn, and since he has large health regen, most of the damage I did to him on this turn was nullified.

: We must not be destroyed here...! You win this round!!

General Dark blows up.

: No, I doubt that could kill him...

: Gah...

: Tetsuya!

: Sorry... Looks like I overdid it a little.

: Heh... Same goes for the Getter Team.

: Well, we did cut it kinda close today.

: The moment we trusted Ryou with our lives, our victory was assured.

: Hayato...

: I'm glad everyone managed to reconcile their differences...

: Yeah...

: We should make Double Choudenji Robo as a counterpart.

: yeah......

: Roger!

And the three of them look on into the sunset.