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by Tobias Grant

Part 146: Mission

: Bro! Most of them have run off!

: ...Let 'em. We managed to get ahold of the Iron Gear like we'd initially planned. Now we just follow Dowas's instructions and head for P-Point!

: But why would the Innocent deliberately set up a fight outside a dome...?

: ...Like I'd know? Forget that, full speed ahead! We'll take refuge in the done!

: Aye-aye, Captain Hola!

: That's right, Captain. It sounds like you finally managed to grasp that.

: Well, of course...

: Ha ha ha, this Landship is mine... And Elche is mine as well...

: Heh heh heh... Man, Bro, you are really hung up over that hussy, huh?

: Hey! Who're you callin' a hussy!? I'd better not hear you call her that again!

: See for yourself. Hola's hijacked the Iron Gear!

: He's got Chiru as a hostage too, so we can't just go up and attack!

: Huh? Now that you mention it, what about Jiron and Rag?

: ...Could they have stayed behind on the Iron Gear!?

: But at the pace it's going, the Iron Gear's gonna escape to the dome!

: Then we'd better stop the Iron Gear before we do anything else!

: But how!? They've got the engine running at full speed!

: I'll stop it with Daitarn. That should give Jiron a chance to act.

: Another clash of the 100 meter titans!?

: Well, you know how this kinda thing goes. Here's the plan. Surround the Iron Gear with me and 3 others to stall it. Make sure not to fire on it until after Jiron and company get clear.

Garrod flies out to join the group.

: Garrod!

: Garrod... Are you holding up okay?

: Yeah, I won't get Tifa back by locking myself in my room and moping. I'll just have to beat a confession out of the Innocent to find her!

: Garrod...

: That's the spirit! Don't let stuff like that get you down!

Starting off, Isamu grabs a container.

In order to get the Skill Point of this mission, I have to trap the Iron Gear within 3 turns.

After I move my units, an event happens.

: They talk big, but they're men too... They're worried about the hostage.

: But they're gonna catch us at this rate.

: Don't worry, Dowas promised to send us some backup. ...See, they're here!

: Wh-what!? This is the first I've heard of any flying Walker Machine types!

: So they gave the non-flying types to civilians, and kept those for themselves... Definitely the kind of tactics used by rulers to suppress their subjects.

: B-besides that, how could the Innocent leave their dome to attack us...

: And I don't recall issuing orders for the Dome Guard to launch!

: Someone tried to cause an uprising.

: Uprising...? Ridiculous! Dowas, what in the world are you thinking!?

: .........

: Civilians must fight one another in order to evolve. Direct intervention goes against the Innocents entire doctrine!

: ...Is that doctrine really correct to begin with, I wonder?

: What? You're...

: According to Kashim King, that doctrine has already lost all meaning...

: You're just being misled by Kashim. That man wants Arthur to be... What...!?

: I'll entrust you with Karas Karas, the Breaker. Please head for Jop Point.

: You... Are you trying to usurp my authority!?

: It's Kashim's orders. After disposing of Jiron and company, I'll follow with Elche.

: You're defecting...!? No, I get it now... You've worked for Kashim King all along? The Civilians've begun to awaken. Stopping that will spell the end for mankind.

One of the enemy Landships takes a shot at Getter Liger, who was too far away to retaliate.

Jamil becomes the target of the Automated Guards.

He deals quite a bit of damage to the group...

...But I underestimate them, and they eventually take Jamil down, much to my embarrassment.

The Governments all go after Getter Liger, but he manages to survive the assault.

The flyers stay behind for this turn.

Next turn, another one pops up.

: Enemy reinforcements!?

: But it's just one machine!

: It looks like that Walker Machine is trying to run away from here...

: The Iron Gear comes first right now. Leave the runner alone!

: (Jiron Amos, the future of Zora is in the hands of you and your friends...)

The lone machine leaves the field.

Garrod gets revenge for Jamil.

I get to work opening a path to the Iron Gear.

And my work pays off, when I manage to almost completely box it in, unfortunately, Daitarn couldn't move far enough for me get the Skill Point right then and there.

On the enemy's turn, the Iron Gear moves exactly where I want it to.

It also takes a shot at Isamu, who easily dodges it.

The drones find a new target in Fokker.

It did not end well for them.

The flying machines join the fray this time.

Although their choice of targets are a little... questionable.

They did one thing right, they surrounded the Iron Gear to make the Skill Point a little harder to get.

Although not by much. Fuck Yeah.

Daitarn Grapples with the Iron Gear.

: Go for it, Daitarn!

: B-Bro!

: Drat, stupid oversized junkheap! It's overpowering us through brute strength!

: We can't get our output any higher than it already is!

: Double drat...!

: Jiron! You didn't escape!?

: Argh!

: You don't get to be a big-shot by missing major scenes. C'mon, Chiru!

: Jirooon! Raaag!

: Chiru... We put you through a real scare, huh?

: Nah! I knew you would come and rescue me!

: Bail out, Jiron! Chiru!

: They're mocking me at every turn! geraba! Floor it and shake that hulk offa us!

: But the engine can't take much more of this...

: Who cares if it overheats! Just give it one solid push and transform!

: R-Roger!

The Iron Gear's engine revs up and manages to shake off Daitarn.

: What the!?

: What!?

: Is that Jiron and the rest!?

: That machine... That's the new model that Hola was riding in!

: Heheh... I'm not sure what kinda model it is, but... It should have gas, right?

Jiron revs up the new Machine's engine

: Ooh, this sounds like a 16-cylinder engine! Whoa, incredible! Moving, even! I see... This joins with Rag's half to make a Walker Machine. It's like Xabungle! It even has 4 Gatling guns... So it's called the Gallier. Rag, let's dock!

: We can give it a shot. It's a new model, but it seems simple enough!

And so they dock in order to form...

The Walker Gallier!

: Alright! Let's test what this baby can do!

: Why, you dirty rat! I got that especially from the Innocent!


: Agh! The engine block took a direct hit!?

: A-amazing! This Walker Gallier packs more power than Xabungle!

: Bro! We can't get our speed any higher than this!

: Damnit... If they back me into a corner, I'll just crush them all underfoot!

The Iron Gear then heals back the damage it lost in the cutscene.

: Cotset! Sorry, but I'm taking the Iron Gear down!

: Agh... We have no choice! If you've got to do it, do a thorough job!

Unfortunately, more enemies have arrived.

: bro! That's part of Karas Karas's gang!

: Which means that old lady in the goofy makeup must be his wife, Greta Karas!

: ...I heard all of that, Droopy-eyes!

: Eh!? E-er... You have my most sincere gratitude, Missus Karas...

: You won't get anywhere tryin' to placate me now! ...But me 'n Paw have an old score to settle with those Iron Gear folk...

: Avenging who!?

: Is this about that Breaker we beat before Jiron joined, Gary Karas!?

: Hold on a sec! That was WAY longer than three days ago!

: The three-day limit has nothing to do with it! By my name, I'll avenge Gary!

: Your brother died in a turf war, didn't he!? Vowing revenge for that is stupid!

: Quiet! My Darlin's outrage is my outrage! You won't get away alive!

Before I deal with the Iron gear, I wanted to get rid of the remainder of the dome guards.

The Iron Gear takes a shot at Combattler V.

It get's hit with a Grandasher in return.

on my turn, Usso grabs the last container.

Fokker fires of a Valored Reactor missile at one of the Landships.

The two Delavasgalen landships didn't last very long after that.

When the Iron Gear takes enough damage, Hola will use Guts and heal himself back to full. Luckily this is a one-time thing.

: The Iron Gear belongs to Elche! Keep your filthy paws off of it!

: Excuse me!? It should have been mine, after Elche and I got married!

: Don't make me laugh! No way you could've ever been captain of the Iron Gear!

Hola will defend every attack aimed at him that's not a counter attack, which makes him an annoying enemy to fight.

On the enemies turn, Greta attacked Jiron.

: Heheh... It's so adorable to see people giving it all they've got.

: Wh-what's a middle-aged woman doing out here...

: Middle-aged!? How dare you call me the M-word! I'll show you how gorgeous and frightenin' a mature lady can be!

Ol' Greta misses her attack and takes a bazooka shot to the face.

Daitarn takes on the rest of the grunts alone.

On my next turn, I finish off Greta with Garrod and Kamille.

Another shot with the Reactor Missile, and I'm ready to finish off the Iron gear!

Click here to watch Jiron throw a nuke.

: Damnit! Is this it!?

: Bro! We'd better bail out quick!

: I'm not bailing, it's just a temporary withdrawal!!

And so this Iron Gear blows up.

: Hooray! ...Though I guess it's not much to cheer about...

: Yeah... Since we totalled Elche's and our own ship...

You can probably imagine how the rest of the mission went after that.

: There's no choice. We'll abandon this dome and evacuate! Go get Elche!

: Look! It's the Innocent's flying machine!

The ship leaves the field.

: ...The Innocent are turning tail and running...

: .........