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Part 148: Pre-Intermission

Robot Roll Call

Walker Gallier

Theme Song

The Walker Gallier is the best Walker Machine around. Its only real disadvantages are that it's stuck on the ground (Which is easily fixed by putting a Minovsky Craft on it to make it fly), its best attack only has one shot (Although you can resupply it at the cost of 10 Will from any supply unit or flagship), and it's theme song isn't as catchy.

The Full Armor module (I couldn't find a picture, so just imagine the Walker Gallier with a couple of missile launchers strapped to the top of it's head) gives it more armor and HP, but at the cost of not only it's speed and movement space, but it also loses its ICBM toss attack.

Full Armor Module for Xabungle

Theme song

Much like the Gallier version, this increases HP and Armor at the cost of speed and movement. However, unlike the Walker Gallier, it's final attack actually becomes stronger with this equipped, so it's recommended that you put it on if you plan to keep Xabungle around.

A Major disadvantage that both FA mechs suffer is the loss of the ability to use the rifle attack post-movement, forcing the Xabungle to rely on punches and kicks, and the Gallier on vulcans and punches after they move.

Assault Module for the V2 Gundam

Theme song

The Assault Module is a great addition to the V2. Not only does it increase the armor and HP, it also gives it a few more attacks. Unfortunately, it drops it's Air rank from an A down to a B, but raises the Ground rank up to an A.

Viewer Input

Broken Loose posted:

Walker Gallier FA has a built-in hovercraft (the gigantic propellor on its back) so movement was never really an issue. In fact, since it never suffered negative movement due to the hovercraft, it was better than flight because it was able to get terrain bonuses all the time.

Plus, its theme song fucking rules.

Randomzx posted:

Really? the last time I played I found out that hovering mechs in AG doesn't get terrain bonus at all and only gets the hp/en regen benefits from certain terrain.
I tested this many times with other hovering units.

I usually prefer FA Walker Gallia simply because it have more attacks and ammo, and that with its increased hp its easier to achieve full power Guts. 4000 base damage boomerang Idiom is still impressive for a real type robot.



3 Solar Panels
2 Boosters


Pre-Mission Adjustments

Walker Gallier

HP | 3600 -> 4320

Speed | 90 -> 117

Armor | 1100 -> 1265

Limit | 310 -> 341

Parts Added:
Minovsky Craft (A-Rank in air, Allows unit to fly) (Taken from Zamzeed)
Alloy Z (HP +1000, Armor +200)

Weapon power increased by 100

V2 Gundam

Parts added:
Solar Panel

Added the Assault Module

Gundam Double X

Weapon power increased by 100

Getter Dragon

Weapon power increased by 150


: Yes, sir. They apparently need to buy some parts.

: But wasn't it in the middle of an overhaul?

: They said it would be more of a pain to carry the parts back.

: I'm... having trouble figuring out whether or not that actually makes sense.

: Then, in the meantime, put the Argama and the Freeden on patrol around this point.

: Roger. Contacting the Freeden now.


: For now, I'm gonna kick back and enjoy this.

: We don't get chances like this often. How about finding a bar?

: Yeah, it's nice to spend some time in a more mature atmosphere every now and then.

: Whoa, there... You're supposed to do your drinking after doing the shopping.

: Isn't that the whole reason you tagged along, though?

: Eh, what the hey. May as well pick up a girlfriend while I'm in the area.

: Hm? Hey, that bar there looks pretty nice.

: Let's not waste time, then.


: It's not that it feels different from the Freeden's lounge, it's more like...

: Bah, don't sweat the small stuff.

Suddenly, someone starts playing the guitar to a tune that sounds an awful lot like the Bryger theme...

: Request whatever you want, rock, blues, or even opera.

: Hey, someone beat us here.

: I didn't know you played, Kid.

: A little.

: H-hey...

: What is it, Shinobu?

: That double-necked guitar Kid's got... Is that a replica of the one Ronnie Page used playing with the Raiders!?

: Strictly speaking, it's not a copy, it's a sibling model.

: Eeyup! Mr. Kid here used to play with Ronnie Page and his band, believe it or not.

: Y-you're serious!? I'm a huge fan!

: Save your autograph requests for after the show, please.

: Who's this Ronnie Page?

: He's a vocalist and guitar player for a band that's hugely popular in our time.

: Ah...

: But, man, holy crap, you really played with him, Kid?

: It was long ago... But I guess a blaster suits my style more than a guitar.

: You know the guitar Ronnie's using now, the Strutmaster? Kid built it.

: And that makes 'em siblings, huh. Hey, mind letting me play a little?

: Sure, go ahead.

[This song starts playing]

: Man! I'm gettin' numb!

: Hey, you're not half bad yourself.

: I played in a band back in my military academy days.

: Okay, Shinobu... I'll loan you my sub guitar. Let's have a jam session.

: Hell yeah! All right, a Raiders song...

[Another song starts up]

: Huh...

: Heh...

: Pretty good...

: Yeah, this is nice.

: They're pretty cool. I wasn't expecting those two to have a specialty like this...

: This kind of thing hasn't changed much from the past to the present, huh.


: Like heck! It's mine!

: You probably got a new model because you have connections with the Innocent, right? I'm way better suited to using it.

: ...You trying to pick a fight!?

: Huh...?

Tron punches Jiron!

: Whoa!

: *chuckle* No need for any deposit, boy! Give up the bazooka before you get hurt.

: It's not over yet!

Jiron punches Tron in return

: ...Oh, you've got a little spine in you? Fine, the bazooka goes to the winner. Okay?

: Fine!

The two start having a fistfight.

: N-no kidding...

: That lady's got every move Jiron makes figured out.

: How can you tell?

: Our master, despite her appearance, is a master of aikido.

: H-huh...

: Jiron doesn't stand much of a chance as things are...

: Come on, what's wrong? Done already?

: D-darn it all...

: Sure, that's just the way I want it!!