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by Tobias Grant

Part 149: Mission

: Jiron! Just use your bazooka and wipe the floor with her!

: ...No, the bazooka goes to the winner. I won't use it here!

: Okay, then how about using the rifle to...

: No firearms. We settle this the old-fashioned way, with hand-to-hand combat!!

: Now it's on!!

A quick note about Tron. She's actually a secret pilot that we can get only on the Hard route, and there are two ways to go about getting her. The first way is by winning the duel with her by only using the Punch attack.

...Unfortunately, this is incredibly hard to do, since she will block all of your attacks.

: But this little duel's just the thing Jron needs to grow used to the Gallier.

: Jiron, do your best! I've got money riding on you winning this!

: Nrgh, that's easy for you to say!

: Heheh... I won't even have to break a sweat at the pace this is going.

: What!?

: What's this handicap you're talking about!?

: I won't attack.
(Because the Caprico has no melee attacks of it's own )

: Why you! Don't underestimate me! Just give me one more mnute to settle this!!

Believe me when I say I've tried multiple times to beat her. I just could not do enough damage to destroy her Caprico no matter what I did, even with Valor. It's best to just save your SP in any case, since the second way to recruit her is much easier.

: D-damniiitt!

Suddenly, the two of them get bombarded by artillery from afar.

: Gah!?

: !

: No fair, Tron! You can't call for backup in a one-on-one duel!

: I'm no coward! They're coming from over there!

Crap, we're surrounded.

: The Iron Gear!?

: Is that the same model as this ship!?

: But that's...!

: It's not everyday you see a flagship that's identical to your own.

: Well, it's possible... The Innocent built the Iron Gear, after all!

: Bet you weren't expecting to have to fight the same ship as your own!

: Is that Karas Karas!?

: Does that make him that old lady in the flying Walker machine's husband!?

: Exactly! Husband to Greta, and brother to Gary, both of whom you killed! I'll avenge both of them by destroying you with this ship, the Greta Gary.

: Hey, this isn't good! The Iron Gear's been through a lot of stress lately!

: Just hurry up and launch already!

: Back the Iron Gear up! We can't transform with the damage we've taken!

: Of all the possible times to pick, this was the absolute worst!

: We'll handle things somehow, but... That Karas made a deal with the Innocent!

: Whining and moaning won't make it any better. Let's do it guys!!

: I don't much care for the Innocent myself. I'll help you out!

: Thanks, I owe you one!

: Hola! I'll overlook your failure, but this time give it all you've got!

: Greta, Gary... I'll avenge you both, mark my words!

And so Tron joins us for the rest of the mission as an AI ally. If you fail to beat her during the duel, you can still recruit her by keeping her alive for the rest of the mission. And don't worry about any damage you deal to her during the duel, she'll heal herself back to full once Karas shows up.

The Assault V2 stats. Apparently the Assault parts also give it a B rank in air and an A rank on the ground. Oh well, seems like an acceptable tradeoff for more weapons and better HP and Armor.

Here's another feature in the game I want to show off. See that little star icon next to Kamille's kill count? After he hit 50 kills, he became an "ace." Ace units get to start off with 5 extra Will at the start of the battle, which is great for Kamille, since the Zeta's Hyper Mega Launcher requires 105 will to use.

I sent the majority of my forces after Hola's Galapagos Squad.

Daitarn, Getter, and the Dendrobium went after the group behind us.

On the enemies turn, Geraba somehow managed to hit Fokker. Not that I'm complaining, because Guts will unsure that Fokker won't get hit ever again.

On the eastern side of things, half of the group makes a beeline for the Iron Gear, while the other half attack my units.

On my next turn, Jiron makes contact with Karas' Promeus squad.

I also try to get a little fancy with one of the Dendrobiums MAP attacks, but it only manages to destroy one of the targets while damaging the others.

Mazinger Z grabs the last container.

on the southern side of things, Duo defeats Geraba... who was carrying around a doll of a pop singer from thousands of years ago... I don't know either.

(The doll is a part that increases a pilot's starting Will, IIRC.)

All in all, the southern front looks under control, so I sent a few units up to deal with Karas.

Karas sends the flying Walker Machines after me on the second turn, but as you can see, they're not all that effective.

This is where I realize I made a big mistake bringing the Iron Gear so close to the enemy. I didn't realize that the Iron Gear's health wasn't at full and almost got it destroyed. Luckily I managed to defend against the Promeus' attacks and still survive, but I was still in a bad spot.

Showing off one of the V2's new attacks.

the eastern side has pretty much been taken care of at this point.

After the enemy's turn, a cutscene happens.

After he transforms.

: Got you, Iron Gear!

Karas moves the Greta Gary next to the Iron Gear!

: This is for my wife and my brother! Say your prayers!

A scripted fight occurs

: Cotset!

: Th-this isn't good! We're really in a jam!

: How's that, Iron Gear!? I'll smash you up with all I've got!

Shit, he completely surrounds the Iron Gear with more enemy reinforcements!

: You must be joking! This Iron Gear's on the verge of being totaled!

: This is it, Iron Gear! I'll trample you to pieces!

: D-damnit!!

Luckily, A familiar face appears, as well as a few new ones.

: Valcione! Is that Ryune!?

: Looks that way. I dunno the details, but they must be on our side.

: Ryune, you can see what's going on! Help us defend the Iron Gear!

: Just to confirm, the Iron Gear's the red one, right!?

: Yeah, don't get 'em mixed up!

: Roger! You both get that, Birin? Maria?

: Of course! If the Iron Gear sank here, there's be no point in how far I've come!

: Friends of my enemy are my enemy! Men, crush them as well!

I replenish the Iron Gear's HP with a couple of Vigor's and Trust's, and have him use Guard. The next turn is going to get very messy, but first...

The stats for the two in the Dugger.

To get the Skill Point for this mission, I have to defeat the Greta Gary before turn 7, but not before it transforms.

Ryune attacks Hola, but I underestimate his armor. Luckily she dodges his attacks.

: That doesn't change the fact that the Iron Gear killed my wife and brother!

The Greta Gary is a tough nut to crack. It has 35000 HP and Karas is smart enough to defend against any attack outside of his attack range.

I keep Amuro and Duo down south to take care of the Landship there while everyone else tries to save the Iron Gear.

On the enemy's turn, Hola goes after Fokker. It did not end well for him.

: Idiot! This Iron Gear's got way more in terms of maintenance!!

As expected, Almost every enemy within range of the Iron Gear takes a shot at it. If I had not used Guard, I would have lost even if I did defend every attack.

Looking at the situation as it stood, I got a little desperate. Sure I could heal it back up with a couple of Trusts, but it seemed like a massive waste of SP at the time. However, I also had a plan. The first step was to have the Maria use Trust once to heal the Iron gear up as a safety net.

Step two, hit my own units with the MAP attack version of Wings of Light from the V2

With spectacular results. Don't worry, The trust ensured the Iron Gear would survive, the White Ark and Double X had Alert up, and Mazinger Z is too tough to take any significant damage.

Next, have Cotset use the last of his SP and cast Strike, then fire the Poton Canon at the remaining grunts. I managed to angle it just right so that it would only hit enemy targets this time.

It only destroyed to enemies this time, but it's better than nothing.

And that's how I managed to completely turn the battle around.

To add insult to injury, Quattro shoved his beam cannon up Greta Gary's backside.

It doesn't take long to defeat the rest of the grunts and bring the Greta Gary's health down so I can finish it off.

Now for the finisher!





Moving along...

Fuck yeah!

The Greta Gary pops back up after being defeated.

: Wh-why you...! I won't die yet! Not until I avenge my wife and brother!!

: What!? He's still alive!?

: Wow, that's one impressive Iron Gear!

: This is no time for praises! We're on the verge of getting scrapped here!

Greta Gary makes a run for it

: Ah! He's trying to run!

: It's his fault the Iron gear is like this! I'll make him go out with a bang! Iron Gear, CHARGE!

The Iron Gear charges after the Greta Gary and rams it!

the Greta Gary explodes, while the Iron Gear only takes considerable damage.

: You did it! Way to go, Cotset!

: Whew... Your ability to totally wreck things never ceases to amaze me...

: Hey, Tron... How come you helped us out...?

: I told you, I don't like putting up with the way the Innocent run things.

: Well then, wanna fight together with us from now on?

: ...Sure. I picked a fight to test you guys out, I guess I can join up... ...It's be my pleasure, Jiron.

: Welcome aboard!