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Part 15: Robot Roll Call 3

It's time for another ROBOT ROLL CALL!

Combattler V

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Combattler V is a great unit, not because he's a decent unit onto himself, but the Five pilots gives it a massive SP pool. Combattler V stays great for pretty much the entire game.


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I haven't really used Raideen very much, so I can't really say much about it. It's God Voice is incredibly powerful though, and it's slightly more dodgy than the other supers thanks to Akira's psychic ability. Raideen is one of the few supers where it's a good idea to up its speed as well.

Great Mazinger

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Great Mazinger is, well, great. He loses some of his steam near the endgame, but still stays useful throught the game. Great Mazinger also has the Mazin Power ability that increases it's damage by 25% after the pilot's Will reaches 130.

Venus A

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The Venus A is a support bot capable of repairing damaged units. Since the White ark does the same thing, there's really no need to use it unless you really like it.

Boss Borot

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Despite being an undoubtedly cool robot, Boss Borot is completely worthless in this game. It has only two redeeming features, it only costs 10 funds to repair if destroyed, which goes well with Boss' spirit, and he has the replenish ability.

Voltes V

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I've never used Voltes V much,so I can't say much about it. It does have 5 pilots like Combattler though, so It's main advantage is it's large SP pool.


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Yet another super I haven't used much. It's got 4 pilots though, and Shinobu has an ability that increases it's damage when it reaches a certain Will requirement. Unfortunately, it uses cardboard for armor, and so can't take damage very well. Unlike most combiners, Dancouga's individual mechs are actually pretty useful, so once the pilot's Will reach around 130 you can seperate and have 4 somewhat decent mechs instead of 1 good one.


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The Jaohm, while being my second favorite Masoukishin mech, isn't very good in the long run. It also becomes unavailable after you get Cybuster.


Combattler Team: Hyouma Aoi, Juzo Naniya, Daisaku Nishikawa, Chizuru Nanbara, Kosuke Kita

The Combattler V pilots all decent, and since they occupy a single robot, you effectively have 5 pilots to play with.

Akira Hibiki

Akira complements Raideen's speed well, and his psychic ability makes him rather evasive. He also gets the Focus (+30% to Hit and Evade percentages) and Alert (Guaranteed evasion on the next attack) Spirit, which is a rarity among supers, at least this early in the game.

Tetsuya Tsurugi

Tetsuya will most likely end up staying with Great, since they complement each other well.

Jun Hono

I'll most likely never use her, since she'll be stuck with the Venus A.


Much like the Boss Borot, while awesome, I doubt I'll use him much. He can go on enemies thanks to his self destruct spirit though, which is kinda funny. He also learns quite a few levels of Support once he get's up in levels, so it might be useful to keep him around.

Voltes V team: Kenichi Go, Daijiro Go, Hitoshi Go, Ippei Mine, Megumi Oka

Has the sames advantages as the Combattler Team.

Dancouga team: Shinobu Fujiwara, Sara Yuki, Masato Shikibu, Ryo Shiba

The Dancouga team has four pilots, so it has a large SP pool to play with. Shinobu also has an ability which raises his damage when he hits a certain Will requirement.

Masaki Andou

Banpresto's original Original character. A great pilot to keep around, even if Cybuster is rather underwhelming.

Viewer input

Davzz posted:

Combattler V vs Voltes V:

Both of these guys are very similar to each other (same 5 pilot concept, same standard 1-3 free bread and butter attack and so on), but let's say you can only pick one of them (power-level wise, if you were trying to pick only the strongest units in the game you would want them both) and you want to know which one suits your playstyle more. Here are some differences between them

1) Combattler requires less morale to use its final attack (120 vs 130, IIRC), which makes sense I guess, since it has "combat" in its name even.

2) If you split both robots apart into their components, Voltes has a particular part that can repair and with proper manipulation, you can repair AND attack with the full mecha in a single turn, so it's sort of like a 2-for-1.

3) Voltes long-ranged attacks uses ammo, which is easier to keep track of but it's harder to replenish/upgrade, while Combattler's uses energy. The EN stat can be upgraded with money or parts, but there's always a chance you'll screw up at counting and suddenly realize you left yourself short of energy for your finisher.

4) Combattler has a powerful semi-ranged (but non post-movement) attack in Grandasher, while Voltes has like a billion range 1-only attacks that serve no particular tactical purpose, since you'll either use the cheapest or most expensive. Combined with the previous, Combattler is a lot better at taking advantage of defensive terrain.

So there you go. I suppose I could write which particular support Spirit Commands each mecha gets which is different but I'm lazy to load up my save file.

Hokuto posted:

Dancougar is pretty stupidly powerful when you consider that I think 3 out of its 4 pilots can raise morale in the late game, which gives you an immediate 25% damage bonus at like 140 morale. Shinobu gets Accelerate, and at least two of those pilots can use Valor pretty freely. Between the pilot skill pools and raw damage bonuses, Dancougar is my boss killer of choice in this game, every time. Its only major drawback is that it's a very heavy EN hog.

Davzz posted:

It's also made of paper apparently. Dancougar actually loses the Guard spirit command going from Alpha to Alpha Gaiden if I'm not wrong, which is sad, because he could really use it since it dies when anything looks at it funny.

Still, its offensive power can't be stated enough.