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by Tobias Grant

Part 150: Post-Intermission

: The Iron Gear's all busted up...

: No worries. We've got tons of spare parts. We'll get her back up and running in no time.

: Spare parts? You don't mean...

: Yup! The Greta Gary.

: Well, if we add up the intact parts from both ships, that should be about enough for one.

: Wouldn't it be faster to just fix up the other ship and use that one instead?

: It's kinda like how we used to keep the Lean Horse Jr. fixed up with parts from enemy ships...

: Okay, we need every handyman we've got to get on this, on the double.

: I'll lend a hand.

: Me, too.

: Thanks, that's a huge help.

: All right, let's do some weapon improvements while we're at it!

: But, what are you going to do about the color?

: The color?

: The Iron Gear and Greta Gary are different colors, aren't they?

: Bah, just paint over all of it.

: But this is a 100 meter long battleship!

: Then we can use Walker Machines to paint it!


: Man, am I ever glad you found us.

: Well, you guys have been leaving huge wrecks in your wake. It's hard not to notice.

: The Iron Gear is also famous among people who don't accept the way the Innocent run things.

: People who don't accept the way the Innocent run things...?

: Yes. It's not a large group, but they do act against the Innocent.

: Yeah, people like us.

: But, they don't have any real organization or structure yet... So I sought out this ship in order to fight the Innocent.

: But... Maria Maria, even you? You hate fighting...

: Oh, you know her, Doc?

: Yeah, I do. She worked in the fields in a village where I worked as a doctor.

: ...I spent my time there growing vegetables, avoiding social conflicts.

: ...But then I realized that averting one's eyes from conflicts doesn't solve anything.

: I see...

: And so, we'll be joining your fight.

: I'll be lending a hand, too.

: A message...?

: Eh!? Direct from an Innocent Director...?

: What does it say?

: It seems to be a request for us to come to P-Point...

: What...? All right, I'm heading for the bridge now.


: Yes. Unlike last time, this time the dome seems to be unarmed.

: If possible, I'd like to get some reliable information regarding Arthur Rank.

: Ah, right... You were carrying a letter from Queen Diana, weren't you?

: But there is the suspicion that Biel was using Kenichi and Jiron's groups. It's quite possible that this could be some sort of trap... So, I'd like to send Banjou into the dome as our representative.

: Leave it to me. Oh, also... I'm taking Jiron and Garrod with me as well.

: Why those two?

: They've got their hopes raised, and if I didn't take them, they'd probably sneak in anyway. So I may as well take them along from the start.

: If it doesn't interfere, I'd like to accompany you as well.

: All right, I'll allow it. I'm counting on you.


: It doesn't look like they have any ambushes set up this time.

: And no signs of people, either. Way different from the way it was before.

: The Innocent within the dome probably fled after the last battle.

: Hm? Well, there's someone following us, at any rate.

: What'd you say!?

: Di... er, Miss Kihel...!

: What are you doing here of all places, Miss Kihel!?

: I would also like to meet with this Biel person.

: (.........)

: But, we are walking into an enemy stronghold.

: Then, if you could please look after me, Lieutenant, sir?

: (.........) A-all right...

: Okay... Into the dome we go, then.


: Banjou Haran. I'm here as a representative of the Argama.

: It's thanks to all of you that I was able to return to this Point. You have my thanks.

: ?

: Moving on, I apologize for calling you all this way. It's not easy for us Innocent to leave our domes...

: (.........)

: Why all silent now!? You run this place, right? Don't even try to claim you don't know!

: ...I've lost my authority over this dome now.

: Say what...!?

: One moment, if you please, Jiron...

: !?

: Please allow me to converse with him.

: You are?

: ...I am Kihel Heim. I speak for Diana Sorrel.

: Diana Sorrel...!! Then...!

: Queen Diana wishes to make peace with all of you. Please convey this to your leader, Arthur Rank.

: (.........)

: And, I would request an audience between Diana Sorrel and Arthur Rank...

: You mean war between the Innocent and the Moon Race can be avoided?

: Yes, that is my belief.

: (.........)

: ...Right now is no time for humans to fight amongst themselves, right? You all must be aware of the arrival of the underground Dinosaur Empire.

: (.........)

: There must be those even among the Innocent who do not wish to fight the Moon Race... Yes... like Arthur Rank.

: If you know all of that, it should make this simple to understand. But I have no intention of handing Zora over to the Moon Race.

: !

: Project?

: Humanity... Restoration Project?

: ...A long-ago disaster rendered this planet of Zora uninhabitable for humans. Those few who survived abandoned Zora and lived out their lives in space, or on the moon. Then... After many years, Zora's environment healed, and people returned to the land.

: (...It's consistent with the tale Magus told us...)

: But the altered environment on Zora proved to be too harsh for people accustomed to living in space.

: (.........)

: That forced the people to live out their lives in protective domes.

: Those were... the Innocent's ancestors...?

: That's right. Our forefathers who returned to Zora started work to restore the land to its former state. Even after many long years, though, the Innocent began to reach their limits as a race.

: (.........)

: That's when our ancestors devised a project.

: !

: Or, to be more precise... To regain the life force that people in ancient times once had.

: People in ancient times... Do you mean Banjou and the rest of their group?

: That's assuming the Irregulars truly came from the past.

: (.........)

: I see where this is going...

: That's right. A race called the Civilians.

: What!?

: Yours is the race we raised to inherit Zora. Our hope... Our dream.

: A-are we really that great?

: Who knows...

: That's the reason we've been testing you.

: Are you talking about the three-day law...?

: (.........)

: (Creating a race to withstand harsh environments...)

: Then, you Innocent do not desire coexistence with the Moon Race?

: I can understand the Moon Race's desire to return to Zora all too well.

: (.........)

: But the Humanity Restoration Project isn't completely finished yet... The Moon Race returning now would only provoke a war. Just like before...

: (...Have I... been too impatient to return to Earth...?)

: And there are those among the Innocent who don't want to hand Zora over to the Civilians.

: People who don't want to endanger their own positions of power, huh?

: Kashim King... So he's the bad guys' head honcho, huh.

: It's safe to say that the real power among the Innocent is currently in his hands.

: ! Which means...

: Sir Arthur, who seeks to fulfill the Innocent's original purpose, to give Zora over to the Civilians... Has most likely been put into confinement by Kashim.

: ......!

: But, Sir Arthur might wish for peaceful coexistence between Innocent, Civilians... and the Moon Race.

: (.........)

: ...That's the sort of man he is.

: Then, where is Arthur Rank located?

: At Jop Point.

: Jop Point...

: If Diana Sorrel desires peace... Please, rescue him from Kashim's clutches.

: Sure. He's being held by this Kashim guy, right?

: ...Elche Cargo is also more than likely with Kashim.

: Really!?

: Wh-what'd you say!? (He doesn't know about Tifa...!? Then... Where the heck is she...?)

: (.........)

: That's all I can tell you, as things stand...

: (.........) Then, we'll set course for Jop Point.