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by Tobias Grant

Part 153: Mission Part 2

: Elche! What in the world are you babbling about!?

: What's the deal here!? Great!? Come on!

: T-it's like she's a different person...!

: (...her personality has changed too drastically. Was it... altered?)

: Jiron, get back! Elche isn't herself right now!

: H-how could...!!

: D-don't tell me... They did to Elche what they tried to do to Caris...!?

: (The way Elche is...! It's like... when Puru 2 was with Neo Zeon...!

: You dirty lowdown Innocent! What did you do to Elche!?

: .........

: Just sit back and observe how a chosen warrior of the Innocent fights!

: Jiroooonnn, what do we do!?

: Isn't it obvious!? We'll save Elche!

: How!? Elche views us as enemies now, doesn't she!?

: Then I'll talk her out of it! If we talk rationally, Elche's sure to understand!! Please, guys! Don't hurt Elche's Iron Gear!!

: Jiron Amos...! I won't let you make it to Jop Point!

Now for the second step in order to get the Skill Point. I have to destroy all enemies except Elche's Gear Gear (Yes, that's what it's actually called.)

It's still the enemy's turn, so Max takes another hit from a Buran. Luckily the Buran's weapons are terrible underwater, so the don't do much damage. The last Buran then gets destroyed by Max's counter attack.

Bryger also goes into the red after being attacked by most of Caloon's remaining squad.

Max also gets attacked by Elche's squad, but he easily holds his own.

I move Garrod up here so that the enemy would attack him, both because I wanted to get some Will for the Twin Satellite Cannon attack, and to raise Pala's level.

Daitarn easily defeats Caloon.

Elche moves up to attack Garrod, who easily dodges the attack.

the rest of Elche's group attacks Garrod as well. Just what I was hoping for.

Guld destroys the last unit of Caloon's group.

After destroying that grunt, Max learned Love. Love will heal all of your units back to full HP. There's also a similar spirit (Faith, I think?) that will only heal your units by 50%. Both are very useful in the late game.

Since night maps on hard are a rare occurrence, I wanted to use the Twin Satellite Cannon.

Oddly enough, Tifa will pop-up for this line every time you use the TSC, even when she's been kidnapped.

He never stood a chance.

Unfortunately, two grunts managed to survive for another turn.

: Snap out of it, Elche!!

Jiron easily dodges her attack.

Next turn, the last grunts are easily dispatched. Step Two, complete.

Now for step three. There are actually two ways of going about step three, one way is to bring Elche's health down to below 50%. The other way is to have Jiron persuade her twice. Talking to her will open op a potential secret later in the game, so that's what I did.

: I have nothing to discuss with the enemy!

: I'm your enemy, Elche!? Do you really mean that!?

: Jiron Amos is a fool who defies the Innocent... In short, you're my enemy!

: J-Jiron... It's not working at all!

: Damn! One more time! I'll try one more time!

And so I wait for the next turn.

Cotset apparently wanted to try and pick a fight with someone his size.

: I'll show your how much stronger this Gear Gear is than your ship!

: Hyaaahahahaha!!

Second time's the charm.

: I was born a warrior of the Innocent! Don't compare me to you civilians!

: Born... say what!? You're Elche! Elche Cargo, Captain of the Iron Gear!!

: Argh, shut up!

: Elche, remember! You've come all this way with us in the Iron Gear!

: Be silent!

Suddenly, Elche starts having headaches.

: A-argh... My head...!

: What's wrong, Elche!? Are you in pain? Are you in torment!?

: Argh... My head, it hurts...! What is this awful migraine!?

: Elche!!

: J-Jiron Amos is... My enemy... My enemy...!!

: Elche! Get a hold of yourself!!

: ......!

: Elche! You came back to your senses!?

Only for a moment though, because...

: I-it's not working...!?

: Argh! Fall back, withdraw!!

The Gear Gear leaves.

Fuck Yeah.


: Elche... left us... She left us......

: Awrgh... Why... Why'd things have to end up this way...!