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by Tobias Grant

Part 156: Mission part 1

By popular vote, it seems we are going to go mount a surprise attack.


: I'm taking command of the operation to rescue Arthur after making it into the dome. Hikaru and Max, I want you to participate in that.

: Roger that.

: Also... Birin, Maria, Rag, you're coming with me.

: To look after Arthur Rank, right? Understood.

: Then we'll be borrowing the two Xabungles.

: Hey Jiron. What do we do?

: ...Elche should show up with that Iron Gear. We're moving out in stage 1.

: (.........)

: What's wrong, Puru...? Do you have a headache?

: Judau... I'm getting a bad gut feeling...

: Gut feeling...?

: This feeling... Puru 2 must be nearby...

: Wh-what!?

: Puru 2...?

: Puru's younger twin sister. She's like Caris, a Newtype enhanced for battle...

: What'd you say...!

: (...Rosamy was in Fort Severn, too... It's entirely possible Puru 2 got sent here, since she was piloting the Psyco Gundam at Dakar. And with the Jop Innocent, on top of that...?)

: (.........)

: ...Judau... This time, I'm going to...

: Yeah, I know. We'll save her. You can bet on that.

: We'll help you out.

: Jiron...

: I want to save Elche from the Innocent's clutches, too. So, c'mon...

: I'll lend a hand, too. You helped save Tifa before, right?

: Thanks, both of you...

: Puru 2... Just wait. This time, we'll save you, okay?


: My deepest apologies. Managing the Breakers we hired was more difficult than expected...

: Fool. If you can't control Civilians, what kind of Innocent are you!?

: S-sir! I offer my most sincere apologies...

: ...Deploy that Newtype in the next battle.

: B-but... That was meant to bolster our anti-Moon Race forces...

: Right now, the Irregulars are more of a threat than the Moon Race. Dispose of them, using whatever means necessary.

: Yes, sir. Understood.

: (......... I've seized power with most of the Innocent, using Arthur's name and influence... All that's left now is to deal with those meddlesome Civilians and Irregulars. And if I destroy Diana, Agrippa, up on the moon, should lose all interest in the Earth. If that can be accomplished, our Innocent rule would go completely unchallenged...)


: You're slipping into old habits again. For the last time, call me Captain!

: S-sorry...

: Listen, we've been given a cutting-edge Landship to use in defense of Jop. If we take out the Irregulars here, we'll be rolling in cash and fame.

: And maybe you could get Elche for yourself, am I right, Bro?

: W-well, maybe...

: Still, is she even the Elche we know? She acts so strong-willed...

: ...That's what I adore about her.

: Man, you just don't get it. Don't you think she's going overboard right now?

: .........You've got a point there. Those Innocent must have done something to her.

: Blasted Timp... Gettin' all high 'n mighty, who cares if the Innocent favor him.

: Everyone else, pay attention! The iron Gear and Irregulars are lawbreakers!

: (Lawbreakers, huh... The Innocents order has been collapsing all around them...)

: Out role as Innocent is to stain this snowy ground red with their blood!

The Iron Gear arrives.

: Out goal is to divert the enemy so that the Freeden can perform a surprise attack. The Freeden should show up in the snowy field in another 3 minutes or so.

: Those're the ones who did that to Elche. I'd better tighten my belt...

: Eeh!? Karas Karas's wife!?

: I never asked for anyone to make me a widow!

I sent Mio, Masaki, Puru, Loran, and the Iron Gear over to take care of Vickman's group, which is right next to our starting point.

Everyone else goes after the enemy's main group.

Not much happened on the enemy's turn, other than them losing a few more units.

Next turn, I quickly get rid of the remaining Capricos.

Now to deal with Hola.

: It's not like I did it because I wanted to! It was an order!

: I won't lose to a guy who hands over the object of his affection on an order!

Jiron and Hola exchange blows.

The others continue their battle with Vickman's group.

On the enemy's turn, everyone goes after Jiron, starting with Timp.

: Hearing praise from you doesn't make me the least bit happy!

: Izzat so? And here I was ready to offer you tribute, Pardner.

: I won't get done in before saving Elche!

I overestimated Timp's damage, and defended.

next up is the Widow.

: Karas died because he was being used by the Innocent!!

: Real me wouldn't make excuses!

: Sometimes I can act like a sissy girl!

: Girls are strong! You should act more valiant in that case!

Eventually, one of the grunts manages to do enough damage to put Jiron into the red and activate guts. The rest of the grunts never even came close to touching him after that.

Masaki, on the other hand, came very close to biting it. a quick heal from Loran, however, and he was good to go.

Next turn, the Iron gear team continues to slowly beat Vickman's group down.

After taking a few more grunts down...

Enemy reinforcements arrived.

: Whoa, enemy reinforcements, right on schedule!

: That's an Innocent stronghold for you... Don't let your guard down.

After my turn...

Another enemy unit arrives.

: That's!?

: The Quin Mantha!? They've even managed to dig up one of those!?

: This feeling... There's no mistaking it! Puru 2 is in that thing!

: Puru 2... Don't you recognize us!?

: .........

: D-don't tell me... The Innocent did something to your head too...!? Puru! I'm gonna get a hold of the Quin Mantha and get Puru 2 out of there!

: But... Puru 2's shut her mind away. What if we're too late...!!

: Don't even think about that! If we have to, we'll break her out by force!

: Alright... I'll try my best!