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by Tobias Grant

Part 157: Mission part 2

Surprisingly, Puru 2 attacks Jiron first. I was expecting her to go after Judau since he's right next to her.

At the start of the fourth turn, the Freeden arrives.

: It's a little late to figure that out now.

: All units! Our ship's objective is that innermost dome.

: Freeden, lift off and head for the destination dome!!

: Roger! Freeden, moving out!

: Guys, make sure to back us up!

In order to get the skill point for the 'stealth' version of this mission, the Freeden has to make it to it's destination by turn 6. Thanks to one of the pilots having Accel, this is easy enough to get.

Isamu deals the finishing blow to Hola's landship.

Greta falls to Mazinger Z.

Some of you may recall me having Puru and Judau persuade Puru 2 during Mission 9. On this mission, you want to have Judau persuade Puru 2 again in order to get the best secret mech that's available to her.

: Puru 2! Why are you piloting that machine!? Are the Innocent forcing you!?

: Silence! Don't show your face in front of me!!

: !! You ARE being controlled by the Innocent, aren't you!!

: I have memories of you all trying to kill me!

: No... Even your memories of Neo Zeon and the Titans are distorted...!!

: I hate you all! All of you, just go away!

: No, Puru 2!!

Puru 2's will goes up by ten!

: Damnit... It's not working!

: Judau!

: Don't give up, Judau!

(1): Judau, please!

: Yeah... I know. Guys, destroy the Quin Mantha and save Puru 2!!

You also want to have Jiron persuade Elche on this mission, as well.

: It's not insolence. I just want you to wake up and come back, Elche.

: Don't get friendly with me, you're the enemy I despise!

: I like you as you are. You can stay like that all you like, just come home.

: What do you dare to presume!? You're the enemy!

: Come on, Elche... Just drop it and...

: Enough talk!! Jiron Amos! If you force my hand, I'll crush you with the Gear Gear!

Elche transforms the Gear Gear into a Walker Machine!

: Gah, it transformed!? Damnit, I'll just have to get Elche out by force!

Have I mentioned that Cotset is the best? Because he is.

On the enemy's turn, Elche attacks Jiron.

: Drat... I can't save Elche under this kind of bombardment.

All of the grunts, as well as Vickman and Puru 2, will go after the Freeden after it arrives. There's no real danger of it getting boxed in if you've killed enough grunts though.

As usual, someone will keep pointing out the destination at the beginning of your turn.

The Freeden is within spitting distance of the domes.

Since I've got little time left spare, I brought out the big guns for Timp.

I finished him off with style. You'd think that with everyone shitting themselves over the GP02, they'd say something about Jiron casually tossing nukes at anyone who even looks at him funny.

Vickman was next on my hit-list.

I couldn't quite finish off Puru 2, unfortunately. Luckily, we still have a turn left to fix that.

Another turn goes by with the enemies all going after the Freeden.

On turn 6, Cotset is the one who destroys the Quin Mantha.

: Puru 2!

: It's okay, Puru! She might've passed out, but we got the cockpit block out.

: Thank goodness... Puru 2...

I clear out most of the remaining grunts, and start to get worried that I might not be able to destroy the Gear Gear.

Luckily, Amuro has this spirit. Zeal does exactly what it says it does, allows a unit to move twice in one turn.

Elche got a double helping of Gundam Hammer, one with Valor and one without.

which was quickly followed by a Valored Full Volley from Isamu...

Then a Valored Shine Spark...

Then a Valored Breat Fire...

And then finally a couple of Valored rifle shots from Jiron.

The Gear Gear explodes and Elche bails out.

: Jiron! Elche's running to the dome!!

: Alright, we're going after her!

: Roger!

Jiron follows after her.

Fuck yeah! Unfortunately, there was one survivor. The Freeden was the only one available that could attack it, and it's post movement attack was too weak to destroy it.

: The Freeden has arrived at it's destination!

: Please send out the second squadron!

: Alright, Skull Leader here! Breakthrough squad, launch!!

: On it!