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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 16: Pre-intermission


Great Mazinger

HP | 6200 -> 8060

EN | 130 -> 260 MAXED

Armor | 1300 -> 1560


HP | 5500 -> 6325

EN | 110 -> 176

Armor | 1100 -> 1320

Voltes V

HP | 6900 -> 7590

EN | 160 -> 256

Armor | 1150 -> 1265


: Alright, Garrison. Have we gotten any word from the Lean Horse team yet?

: Yes, we've just now received a transmission from Sir Quatre.

: That figures... So Dekim didn't head directly for the moon?

: It would seem that the Mariemaia Army intends to part ways with the Titans.

: Yeah... Dekim Barton supports rule by the elite... I didn't think he'd lend a hand to the Titans and expect nothing in return... He may want to use the shockwave as a way to purge the Earth's population.

: He could deploy the gravitational shield at minimal power, so that the only people who survive are those he chooses.

: Ahh, I get it. Even Project Aegis's current state would be be enough to accomplish that.

: Then, why did he steal nuclear weapons?

: Naturally, to keep ourselves and the Titans busy.

Masaki decides to barge in

: My, long time no see, Masaki. I'd heard you'd come back from La Gias...

: ...Yeah.

: What is it?

: Sorry to spring this on you, but I'm going off to act separately on my own.

: Act separately?

: Yeah, I want to check out South Atalia's DC branch.

: ...To look for Shu, since he's gone missing?

: Yeah. It's pretty likely that he's somewhere on the surface world.

: The surface...? He's been missing since shortly after the Balmar War...

: And on top of that, DC Japan has been destroyed by the Titans.
Fun fact, the script and screenshot I'm using had this line being said by "Japan" while Garrison's portrait was being shown.

: What!? DC Japan!?

: Indeed. However, the doctor has taken no action.

: What on Earth could that man be plotting...?

: I've got no idea, but I've come to the surface in pursuit of him.

: Perhaps there is some connection with the incidents occurring lately where several mechs and their pilots have vanished?

: I've also gotten a report from Ring up on the Moon Cradle claiming that Ryune suddenly vanished along with Valcione...

: (! Don't tell me Ryune's also in La Gias...?)

: Does that ring any bells with you?

: (...There's also what happened with Mio. It's actually pretty possible...)

: (.........)

: Anyway, Shu may have assisted us temporarily during the Balmar War, but... He was just using us to get rid of the Aerogators, a potential threat to him.

: Yeah, we figured that much. It was obvious that his goals lay elsewhere.

: So, I'm heading to South Atalia to determine what it is that he's up to. There's a good possibility that he'll show up there.

: Alright. If we get any new information related to him, we'll contact you.

: Sorry about just going off on my own without asking anyone else first.

: Don't worry about it. We're comrades who fought through that war together, right?

: That makes me feel a lot better, thanks.

: Sir Masaki, if you would pardon my concern, I would like for you to take this.

: What's this?

: A satellite navigation system. I took the liberty of inputting South Atalia's course.

: (.........)

: Good idea, Garrison. That should be indispensable to Masaki given his directional sense, or lack thereof.

: Indispensable...? Hey!

in case you didn't know, Masaki's sense of direction sucks, so he constantly get's lost. It's been a long running gag in the SRW series, and will likely never die

: Please do be certain to let Kuro or Shiro handle the navigation controls, Sir Masaki...

: ...Fine, geez. Well, I'm off. Give everyone else my regards.

Scene change!

: Yes, and it seems that the Titans were successfully driven from the Photonic Labs.

: Thank goodness...

: Oh, and Doctor... Any word on what happened to Ryusei and the SRX Team?

: (.........) They're definitely on South Atalia Island, but... It's under Titans occupation right now.

: I see...

: The SRX Project was suspended on orders by the Federation government and most of the machines involved were appropriated by the Titans... I lucked out, since I took a business trip to the Tesla labs after the Balmar War...

: ...Alright, we're heading back to Japan. Please take care of the matter of Kaiser's auxiliary control program.

: Right... Take care.

Scene change!

: I've heard enough excuses. And the adjustments of the SRX at Dakar are lagging behind, too...

: This, coming from the one who used the Federation to take the SRX and R-Series from us... I was against separating Aya from the R3 from the start.

: ...At any rate, we're running out of time. The SRX's power source is critical to the deployment of the gravitational shield.

: Then just use Ryukoou, the Huckebein Mk-III, or the R-Gun's power sources instead.

: You know damned well that those all went missing right after the war.

: (.........)

: Petty plotting will get you nowhere. After all, South Atalia Island and the SDF are now firmly under Titans jurisdiction.

Suddenly, an explosion!

: What happened!?

: What'd you say!? Assist Ben Wooder in arresting them! Shoot them down if necessary!

: I'm terribly sorry, sir, but there's a problem with my robot... I'll send some underlings instead.

: Irm... You were taken into the Titans on the condition that all of your charges were dropped.

: Be sure not to get any funny ideas.

: ...Of course, sir. I'm well aware of my situation, Captain Bask.

Scene change!

: What is it, Kouji?

: Cybuster's IFF signal popped up on the radar.

: Has Masaki come to the surface?

: Could be. Looks like the reading's coming from South Atalia Island.

: B-but... Isn't South Atalia Island occupied by the Titans...?

: There's gotta be something going on. Sayaka, we're making a pit stop at South Atalia Island! Hold onto your britches!