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Part 160: Frontal Assault bonus part 1

The request to put Burning in the Xamel came before the request to put him in the Turn A, so that's what I put him in. Hopefully you'll like who I put in the Turn A in his place.


Pre-Mission Adjustments

Pilot Reassignments

Amuro and Quattro have both moved into Borjarnons

Loran and Sochie have moved into the Super Gundam

Chiru became the Walker Gallier's main pilot and Jiron became the sub pilot.

Kamille moved into the V2 Assault Gundam

Kouji moved into Great Mazinger

Tetsuya moved into Mazinger Z

Burning moved into the Xamel

Witz moved into the G-Falcon

Katz moved into the Turn A Gundam


There's no real difference in the Intermission when you choose the Frontal Attack option, so let's skip right to the battle.

Alot more enemies are out this time around.

Chiru gets the first attack and takes some counter damage. Unlike Jiron, Chiru does not have Guts, so having low health gives her no benefit.

Next was Kamille in the V2.

Katz, being the fuckup that he is, failed in his attempt to finish him off.

On the enemies turn, most of them went after Jinguji, who easily dodged their attacks.

Burning took a bit of damage from a counter attack.

I was a bit disappointed that Roybea and Witz don't have any special dialogue if you put one of them into the G-Falcon. Oh well.

Kouji and Tetsuya seem to have gotten used to their new machines.

Meanwhile, Katz is still a fuckup.

Loran damages a nearby Promeus.

Amuro and Quattro finish the job.

On the enemy's turn, Vickman moves toward us.

And Jinguji becomes the Caprico's main target.

A Valored attack ensures Burning some EXP.

A Miracle has happened! Katz actually hit something!

Unfortunately, so did the Caprico.

The remaining Caprico's don't take long to destroy.

After I finally get Hola alone...

Reinforcements arrive... And there are more of them this time.

I almost manage to destroy Hola's ship with the few units that could still move, but alas, I failed.

On the enemy's turn, Puru 2 shows up, right on schedule.

Vickman and his group make Burning their priority target, and they almost manage to take him out, but he survives with just a shred of health left. Fortunately, Burning has Guts, so this will actually help him out in the long run.

The reinforcements also start moving toward us, as does Puru 2.

I move Burning away from the Galapagos squad, and send a few units after them to hopefully distract them.

Chiru takes a few shots at Hola.

Combattler V comes in with a support attack and finishes him off.

This is new...

: Then I'll have to seize my honor back with a Walker machine!

After their Landship blows up, two Galapagos show up.

: So you cut right to the chase this time and came out in a Walker Machine!

: Quiet, Melonhead! I'm sick and tired of seein' your mug!!

: I should be saying that! It wouldn't be this way if you hadn't taken Elche!!

: I had no idea what would happen to Elche!!

: Shut up! I'm taken Elche back!!