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Part 161: Frontal Assault bonus part 2

Hola didn't last for long.

Neither did Geraba. I also moved Kamille up ahead of everyone else, hoping to lure as many enemies as I could next to him.

A few of them took the bait, but not nearly as much as I was hoping.

Oh well, still took out quite a few.

Since I don't have to persuade her with Judau this time around, I just defeat Puru 2 as quickly as possible.

I finally defeat Vickman's Galapagos squad, although it took longer than expected since they were dodging most of my attacks.

: Because you all came, the Innocent's order has been thrown into chaos... We can't survive without the Innocent. So I can't let you off.

: Then what about Jiron, who's fighting against the Innocent!? Even without the Innocent's Government, you could still live!!

Now to destroy Vickman's Landship.

On the enemy's turn, It seems that the enemy had a change of heart and almost all of them moved towards Kamille, although their main target was Burning's Xamel, which survived the attack and dealt quite a bit of damage with counter attacks.

Fantastic, unfortunately, Kamille was out of SP at this point, and I couldn't use Valor, so the results weren't as high as it could have been.

The damaged enemies made for easy pickings though, and Katz managed to score his first kill!

Vickman soon goes down to the combined powers of the Iron Gear, Raideen, and Great Mazinger.

Now I was able to concentrate my entire force on the remaining Dorans.

Those numbers look a lot less intimidating now.

Timp and Elche the Great begin to move on the enemy's turn.

In all this excitement, I had completely forgotten about Greta.

It probably would have been for the best if it had remained that way.

In a last-ditch attempt at beating me, the remaining Dorans attack the Iron Gear, which survives the attack. A quick heal from Jinguji ensures that their efforts were made in vain.

I went a little overboard in destroying the remaining Dorans.

In my carelessness, Loran got shot down. Should have paid a little more attention to the hit percentages of the enemy counter attacks...

Katz arrives to avenge Loran's defeat.

I get my units in position to deal with Timp and Elche next turn.

To make my life a little easier, I had Jinguji use the HP restoring version of Faith, since almost all of my units had taken damage by this point, and needed healing.

Timp's the first to feel my wrath.

I know all of you were waiting for this.

And there goes Timp.

Elche's a bit more dangerous compared to Timp since her attacks a lot more accurate.

She even manages to take down Kamille in the V2 Gundam!

Luckily he's got a Core fighter, and is still technically in. Although he won't be of much use, since the core fighter only has a crappy little Vulcan.

And down goes Elche!

Like before, Elche will run into the domes.

Amusingly enough, he detaches from Chiru and goes after her with only the bottom half of the Gallier (Although it combines again for the second part of the mission, with Chiru still being the main pilot.)

It also occurs to me that I forgot to mention what the Skill Point for the frontal attack was, which was to Kill everyone!


I'm not going to show off the second half, since it's the same as the night raid attack.