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by Tobias Grant

Part 162: Pre-Intermission/Mission

Pre-Mission Adjustments

Pilot Reassignments

Amuro moved to the Hi-Nu Gundam

Harry moved to the Turn-A Gundam

Suit Upgrades

Hi-Nu Gundam

Parts added:
Psycoframe (+20 speed, +30 Limit)
Dust Filter (A rank on ground)


Parts added:
Solar Panel

Getter Dragon

HP | 7650 -> 8200

Weapon power increased by 400


: No, not quite. Jop isn't the Innocent's main stronghold.

: So it was just one of many?

: Yes. According to Moon Race records, the Innocent's true base of power... Is far away from here, somewhere on the continent of Eisia.

: Eisia...

: They say there's a ruins there, filled with many lost taboo weapons... A place with many Lost Mountains. If Kashim King's group survived... They would undoubtedly head that way.

: Is it okay to ignore them, Brother? If they make it there, the Innocent could gain forbidden power.

: (.........) ...Our escort will be arriving shortly. We're to take Tifa and return to the moon.

: ! Then, at last...

: D.O.M.E.... the demon that dwells within the Moon Cradle...

: If we could gain its power, no one could stop us...


: What about the Innocent and Breakers in the dome?

: The remaining Breakers have all scattered and disappeared.

: So Birin was right, they were just hired help...

: When the money dries up, no sense in sticking around. The J9 are a lot the same way...

: How rude! Relax, we've received ample commission from Master Bright, so you're fine.

: I-I didn't even notice you there...

: What about the Innocent?

: We're currently still searching, but we haven't seen any signs of movement. Maybe they've already run away...?

: Strange... Even after losing their own leader and main stronghold?

The alarms suddenly come to life!

: From the upper atmosphere!?

: There also seem to be mobile suits!

: Is it the Moon Race!? Tell all hands to cease investigation and prepare to intercept!


: So it would seem, Brother.

: Those are the Frost Brothers! Could Tifa be with them!?

: That's right, Garrod. Tifa is in my custody.

: ...Garrod......

: Tifa!!

: Those stooges didn't join up with Hola and the rest of those stooges!?

: Where are you trying to take Tifa!?

: We're going to the moon...

: Yes, to arrange a meeting between Tifa and the Devil of the Moon.

: Devil of... the Moon!?

: ! No, you don't mean...!!

: You said the Moon Cradle!?

: (So that must mean the Moon Cradle is still around, even in this time...!)

: Olba, get Tifa to the Almeyer quickly. I'll buy you some time.

: Alright, Brother...

: Damnit! I've gotta stop the Ashtaron, whatever it takes!!

: Garrod, do you copy!? If the Ashtaron gets shot down, Tifa dies with it!

: I know! So just damage the Ashtaron until it can't move, right!?

Before we get into the mission, here are the Qubeley and Puru 2's stats. If you only manage to get one of the requirements for the Qubeley, you just get another crappy Mk-II. If you fail to get all of them, Puru 2 will join without a mech of her own. I'll get into what makes this Qubeley special later.

Hi-Nu Gundam's stats.

To get the Skill Point for this mission, I have to damage the Ashtaron down to below 10% of it's HP before it can escape. This is made difficult in that Olba will defend or evade against every attack aimed at him.

Nothing really happens on the first turn, just a whole bunch of movement.

Harry finally gets some much needed use with the Turn-A.

Puru 2 is the first to scratch the Ashtaron's paintjob.

Even an upgraded Getter Beam is having trouble breaking through his defenses.

Daitarn grabs another box of loot.

Shagia moves out and attacks Usso, who dodges the attack.

Usso's counter attack hits.

Kouji takes a hit that was aimed at Jamil.

Jamil's counter attack missed.

My next turn, I keep whittling away at the Ashtaron. Valor speeds things up quite nicely.

I'm going to have to post a video of the Hi-Nu Gundam's attacks, because it's animations are some of the best.

The units that aren't currently engaging Olba continue destroying any grunts they can.

After a concentrated attack, I have Olba on the ropes. I'll be able to end this on the next turn.

Olba continues to try and run away.

On the next turn, I destroy as many grunts as I can.

Jamil manages to push Olba below 10% of his health.

Fuck yeah.

: Gah... I'd expect nothing less of our fated rivals...! But I can still make it... I'll use the Overboost to get clear of here fast...!

: H-hold on!!

: If you want Tifa back, come to the moon. Of course, that's if you can make it...

All enemies retreat...

This isn't over yet...

: What!? Is it the Innocent!?

: A Garuda-class ship! They even dug one of those up!?

: If the Ra Cailum is buried underground, no reason those couldn't be!!

: Arthur! Is it safe for you to be up and about!?

: Sir...

: What's the time limit on that thing?

: I-it's been set for 5 minutes...!

: Th-that's given out on a need-to-know basis...!

: C-Could Elche or Kashim be in there!?

: Farewell, Irregulars. You, Arthur, and Jop Point can be obliterated together.

Kashim's ship leaves.

: Oh no... Kashim is using that! Captain Bright, get away from Jop now...!

: What are you talking about!? What's 'that'!?

: .........

: !!

: A-a nuke...!?

: ...Kashim King must intend to wipe us all out at once, along with Jop Point!! Hurry... We must get away from here quickly!

: Torres! Get me a time estimate on the Garuda's escape trajectory! NOW!!

: Y-yes sir!!

: ...So the Innocent, the rulers of the Earth, would use nukes...!

: Aren't these nuke things just bombs!? We should forget about that and focus on pursuit!!

: If just one went off, it would be enough to wipe Knox City of the map!

: So can't we just use a barrier or something to block it!?

: They poison the land for centuries! We don't have time to be fighting!!

: I've got an estimate here! It should detonate in approximately 5 minutes!!

: All units!! You've got to get away from here! Anywhere else is fine!

What he means is to move a unit to the edge of the map so it can escape. I'll spare you with the details, and just tell you I escaped with time to spare.

And then everything goes white...