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Part 163: Post-Intermission

: We're at our time limit!!

The ship begins to violently shake, before settling down again.

: Gr...! Check conditions in the ship's interior!!

: R-roger!!

: M-my God...!

: (.........)

: ...There's no mistaking that it's a nuke.

: A dawn in the middle of evening... Such distortions of nature must never happen.


: Jop Point has been completely wiped off the map. Nothing of note inside the ship.

: ...I see...

: ...To think, the Innocent had something like that...

: They're excavating Mountain Cycles all over Gallia. Digging up nukes along with their mobile suits is completely within the realm of possibility.

: But, actually using it, and in a place like that? They must be insane...

: Yeah...... (Nukes weren't even used in the last major conflict... So this is the only way you can secure your power, Innocent...?)

Tex enters the room.

: Jamil, if the situation has calmed a little, we need to talk...

: Talk?

: It's about Arthur Rank.

: ...All right. Let's go.

Jamil and Tex head for the Infirmiry.

: Arthur...? That's the Innocent's leader, right?

: Yes.

: (.........)


: Yes. His life signs been plunging rapidly.

: There's some kind of medicine in his bloodstream, but I don't know how many more days it will last...

: (.........)

: Why did his condition deteriorate so suddenly?

: It was probably precipitated by being exposed to the open air outside the dome.

: I get it......

: What is it, Banjou?

: Biel, back in P-Point, said... Because of a disaster in the past, the Innocent were forced to live inside domes. And life inside a dome's sterilized environment... that led to the Innocent's decline as a race.

: (.........)

: (.........)

: Basically, Innocent who haven't been augmented like Civilians can't survive outside domes. It'd be safe to say they're the weakest race of people living on this planet.

: Then, why were the Innocent at Fort Severn living outside domes?

: There must be some difference in the environments between Gallia and North Ameria.

: (.........)

: Either way, if something happens to Arthur, the Innocent and Moon Race won't make peace.

: The Argama has some antibiotics. Let's try to work something out with those.

: But, if we leave Kashim alone, there's no telling what he could pull next.

: Yes. I'm also concerned about the demon of the moon that the Frost brothers mentioned.

: (.........)

: They dropped the name of the Moon Cradle, something that existed even in our time... Jamil, would you know anything about this?

: (.........)

: (.........)

: The Moon Cradle is an artificial hibernation facility built in ancient times.

: !

: Wh-what'd you say...!?

: Ah... So it was built during your time...

: ...Yes. An artificial hibernation facility meant to preserve the seeds of humanity. It has a microwave transmitter built to be the energy source for Project Aegis. And of course, that microwave transmitter has had its energy used for the Satellite Cannon...

: (.........)

: !

: Why is that?

: There's a facility there called D.O.M.E., and demons which protect it.

: (.........)

: (...D.O.M.E.... There wasn't anything like that in the Moon Cradle back in our time...)


: Your appearance perplexed me, at first. But this was predicted far in advance.

: ...Yeah.

: Your existence itself is proof of the Gallian Civilians' evolutionary progress.

: So... what's that mean?

: It means that the time has come for the Innocent to turn over our power to you Civilians... And entrust this continent to you. Yes... Just like long ago, in North Ameria...

: But Kashim doesn't seem to want to do that.

: For that, I will bear responsibility. Do not worry.

: Bear responsibility? How?

: (.........)

: Eh, sure, whatever. Take care of yourself then, Arthur.

: (.........)


: Psst, Jiron! Is Sir Arthur in there?

: How's he feeling?

: Would he be in good enough shape to see us?

: A-all girls...

: It's not fair that you're the only one who gets to see him!

: Say what? Arthur called me here!

: That doesn't matter, just let us see him!

: H-hey, now... he's not out on display!

: E-even you, Kihel?

: ...You mean Lady Diana.

: E-er, yeah, that.

: (.........)

: Lady Diana desires an audience with Sir Arthur. I beg your pardon, ladies... Would you allow us to meet with Sir Arthur first?

: G-go right ahead...


: ...I am Arthur Rank. Please forgive me for holding audience under these conditions.

: No, please do not worry. I have a similar situation.

: (.........) ...You're as beautiful as the Arthur in the past's records claim.

: The Sir Arthur I once met with was also a wise man...

: (.........)

: You rule the Moon Race while undergoing repeated cold sleep...

: And you lead the Innocent while living up to your hereditary name...

: We both have heavy onuses placed upon us...

: Yes...

: But we must not let this first meeting in centuries go to waste.

: Yes... We must get rid of this foolish fighting between the moon and the Earth...

: Then let us both start by doing what we must...


: That's right. One force will go to space, and the other will remain on the ground.

: The Frost Brothers, whom we believe to be working for the Ghingnham Fleet... Plan to use Tifa's power in order to make the power of D.O.M.E. their own. We must put a stop to that, at all costs.

: But... How do we get to space?

: We'll use the Ra Cailum that was dug up at Kingsley in North Ameria.

: (.........)

: Also, according to Arthur Rank, Kashim is headed for their true main stronghold, X-Point.

: And the Dinosaur Empire still has yet to reveal the details of their plans. Tetsuya was right when he said we needed to follow up on them more than we have been.

: I see, so it's to deal with multiple threats at the same time.

: What is it, Masaki?

: Wendy said there was something bothering her...

: (.........)

: Wendy, what is it that bothers you?

: ...It's about Magus and Egret, the ones we met at S-Point...

: What about them?

: I believe they're hiding some sort of major secret from us.

: Secret...?

: Yes... Magus appeared friendly enough to us, but... I think there may be more than she lets on.

: ...Yeah, I got the same impression.

: I think we need to investigate more about them.

: .........

: Also, the technology they possessed seemed different from both our world's and this world's. It's possible that they could be like us, Irregulars in this time period... They may know this world's secrets, like D.O.M.E. on the moon.

: You're right... They're definitely worth looking into...

: Even assuming that's true, we don't have the time or resources to return to S-Point.

: If we happen to get another chance to meet with them... We should press them for details.

: (.........) That's assuming they treat us as friendlies.

: Yes...

: By the way, Captain Bright... What will the team split be?

: My group will include Amuro, Lt. Quattro, Lt. Burning, Monsha, Uraki, Keith, Kamille, Four, Fa, Judau, Roux, Puru, Puru 2, Usso, Marbet, Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, Zechs, Noin, Lt. Cmdr Fokker's Skull Squadron, Isamu, Guld, Loran's Militia group, J9, and Jamil's Freeden crew.

: The ground forces that Alan and I will be commanding are... Kouji, Tetsuya, Boss, Jun, the Getter Team, the Combattler Team, Akira, the Copelander team... The Voltes Team, the Cyber Beast Force, the Iron Gear crew, and Masaki's group.

: Should we go over the arrangement again?

: Maybe...

Since we don't need to repeat it, let's just move to the important question.


Here we are, the final route split in the game. So what shall we do first?

Shall we go into space, fight the Ghingnham fleet, rescue Tifa, and finally discover the truth behind the Black History, Newtypes, D.O.M.E., and the Turn A?

Or will we follow those bound for X point, fight the Dinosaur Empire and the Innocent, rescue Elche, and have another encounter with someone from S-Point?

Voting will end on Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST