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by Tobias Grant

Part 164: Pre-Intermission

Robot Roll Call

Hi-nu Gundam.

Theme song

The Hi-nu Gundam is an excellent mech, but it shares the same problems as the original Nu Gundam, such it only having a B rank in Land and Air.


Theme song

At first glance, the Qubeley looks like a souped-up version of the Qubeley Mk-II. However, it is notable in being one of the few mechs that has a MAP attack that can be used post-movement, which is VERY useful since one of the biggest drawbacks to MAP weapons is that they can't be used post-movement.

Meet the Pilots

Puru 2

A great pilot for the Qubeley, or anything else that uses funnels since one use of Spirit will allow her to use Funnels right off the bat.


Pre-Mission Adjustments


5 Thruster Modules (A-rank in space)

Pilot Reassignments

Loran moved into the Turn A
Kou moved into the White Ark

Suit Adjustments

Hi-Nu Gundam

Parts added:
Minovsky Craft (A Rank in air, allows unit to fly)

Nu Gundam

Parts added:
Hovercraft (Ignore ground terrain)

Tallgeese 3

Parts added:
Computer core (+10 speed, +15 Limit)


Speed | 95 -> 109

parts added:
Megabooster (+2 movement)
Generator (+100 EN)


: Does she show any reaction to D.O.M.E.?

: Yes, according to Shagia Frost's report.

: By the way, what of the Turn A?

: Kashim even resorted to nuclear weapons, but failed to destroy the Turn A.

: What! That man... He used nukes!?

: Yes, sir...

: (.........) Foolish Earthnoids! In the end, they're all savages who can't repress their own bloodlust... And if it didn't even destroy the Í, then there was no point! Indeed, we must ensure that those savages never leave the Earth.

: (.........)

: Forget that. What are the whereabouts of the real Diana Sorrel?

: She seems to be moving alongside the Irregulars.

: (.........) ...You and Ghingnham are acting separately, right?

: Yes, sir. I am currently in Knox, in North Ameria.

: That's perfect... Use this chance to send the source of this fighting and catastrophe, Queen Diana, to Gengnham.

: You wish for Lady Diana to be returned to the moon?

: As insurance that the Diana Counter, invigorated by Earth life, won't attack the moon. Even if the Soleil and Almeyer aren't capable of escaping the Earth's atmosphere... We mustn't discount the possibility of them excavating boosters from Mountain Cycles.

: Very good, sir...

Agrippa ends the call.

: (.........) With the Turn A and GX both reactivated, it could mean the second coming of the Black History... We must use Ghingnham's Turn X to dispose of them...

Agrippa is suddenly surprised to see someone that's been MIA for a very long time...

: Ah, our guest. I hope you've recovered from the fatigue of your long trip...?

: (.........)

: Incidentally, what is the status of the so-called Irregulars of whom you spoke?

: They've currently split their forces, and one side is brazenly trying to reach space.

: Hoh... In that case, I shall take a small ciesta, and await their arrival.

: As soon as the Irregulars so much as try to disturb the moon's tranquility...

: I know. I returned to this land in order to meet with them again, after all...


: Any movement from the Diana Counter?

: Nothing as of yet.

: I see...

: It feels like it's been ages since we left.

: Yeah, a lot happened back on Gallia.

: I hope Lady Lily and the Militia are doing okay.

: Captain, we've gotten a transmission from Lord Gwen. The Militia is nearby.

: ...This is pretty far from Kingsley, though...

: Do you think...?


: Yes. The Militia was crushed when they raided Kingsley... They had no choice but to retreat.

: Aw, come on...! Does that mean we can't go into space!?

: It wouldn't be right to blame Sir Gwen. The Militia's mechanical dolls resisted with everything they had...

: I'm terribly sorry that things turned out this way...

: So, where's the Ra Cailum now?

: ...In Knox, which has been occupied by the Diana Counter.

: D-damnit...! Now we can't save Tifa!!

: Gawd, you give up way too easy, kid.

: What'd you say!?

: If someone steals something, just steal it back. That goes for Tifa, and for the Ra Cailum, too.

: Oh, I get it...

: With Laura having returned, that is entirely possible.

: Sir Gwen, it might be best not to ask too much of Laura.

: What makes you say that?

: Laura isn't your angel.

: Then, what is she?

: A young, beautiful panther, I would think.

: A panther, hm...

: Yes, although it would seem the two of you have yet to realize that fact... This time, those sharp claws could tear you apart, Sir Gwen.


: But it should allow us to gain a bit more time. Please, use that time to take back the Ra Cailum.

: Ah, Diana... Is it possible you want to return to the moon?

: (.........) This doesn't apply to you all, but there is one here who is quite ambitious.

: (Is she talking about Sir Gwen...?)

: Allowing someone like that to come to the moon would be dangerous. And, more importantly... We must rescue Kihel, who is in the Soleil, and Tifa, who was taken to the moon. We must also stop Ghingnham and Agrippa from breaking the seal on D.O.M.E., at all costs.

: But the way things stand now, Lady Diana, returning to the Soleil is far too dangerous!

: I shall accompany her onto the Soleil, of course.

: Even so, that doesn't change the fact that it's dangerous.

: Loran... in all of this fighting, you must have come to realize how meaningless this conflict is.

: Yes... That is...

: For two peoples to become one, first, someone must make a path.

: And that's your role...?

: That is my intent. By keeping company with all of you, I myself have learned many things. The Earth's history, the moon's history... Things that battles cause, and things that cause battle... I intend to completely rethink Operation Earth Homecoming.

: Lady Diana...

: Besides which... I cannot continue to impose upon Kihel forever.

: Lady Diana...

: I thank you for the many experiences I shared. Loran, keep an open heart as an Earthnoid.

: Yes, ma'am. Harry, please take good care of Lady Diana.

: Certainly. Leave it to me.


: A booster? For atmospheric escape?

: Probably.

: Placing boosters at the same locations as the Ra Cailum would seem to be the way to do it.

: Yes, otherwise they wouldn't be able to use them in space.

Noin enters the room.

: Captain Bright, Queen Diana has returned to the Soleil, along with Lieutenant Harry of the royal guard.

: What!? Under these circumstances? What on Earth for?

: In order to put a stop to the Diana Counter's combat actions, it seems.

: That's too reckless... It's the same as jumping right into the middle of the enemy!

: But, this could be our chance.

: Yes. Her return to the Soleil will throw the Diana Counter into temporary disorder.

: ...Which gives us a shot at hijacking the Ra Cailum, huh.

: But, there is one other thing worth pointing out.

: What's that?

: If they come under attack, the enemy could take Queen Diana onto the Ra Cailum and escape past the atmosphere.

: (.........)

: In which case, we should prepare some pursuit.

: Pursuit...?

: Yes, at least one machine with the power to break out of the atmosphere...

: What are our options here?

: My Tallgeese III, for one... The Wing Zero Custom... Isamu's YF-19, Guld's YF-21... Garrod's Gundam Double X, combined with Para's G-Falcon... And the J9's Brystar.

: (.........)

: So we can send those members up into space ahead of the rest of us?

: Yes, sir.

: Right. Have the members you elected get ready to sortie. Isaac, what about you?

: ...If you request it, we'll accept.

: Certainly. Got to take all the big jobs we can get, right?

: (.........) ...Then, place your claim with the Haran Conglomerate.

: You sure about this, Captain...?

: ...Our forces don't have that kind of money. I'll explain it to Banjou later...

: Then that should take care of our negotiations.

: Lieutenant Burning, have the other pilots prepare to sortie, please.

: Roger that.

: Then, we will now head for Knox... and commence Operation Ra Cailum Hijack.


: Those are Agrippa Maintainer's orders. We're taking Lady Diana to the moon.

: Are you suggesting a lunar city administrator holds greater authority than Lady Diana!?

: (.........) We've gotten reports that the Diana Sorrel currently here isn't the real one...

: ......!

: If it's a battleship you need, just get one from the Ghingnham Fleet up in lunar orbit!

: That isn't possible. There is not a moment to spare. Besides, we know about the booster you excavated from the Mountain Cycle for atmospheric breakaway.

: Rgh...!

: Then we'll fit the Ra Cailum we took from the Militia with the booster. Use that.

: No, not that ship...

Poe runs into the room.

: Lieutenant Commander Phil!

: We're in war council right now! What's happened!?

: What!?

: The real Diana...!? I'll be at the perimeter garrison shortly!

: (...This is just perfect...)


: You truly... truly must have been through so much.

: Lady Diana, you must have also been through much in your time outside...

: The trouble I bear is trouble that I invite upon myself. But you, Kihel, you've done an amazing job stalling the Soleil here while contending with an army that makes unreasonable demands. It's thanks to you that the Diana Counter hasn't committed any further wrongdoing.

: That's very gracious of you to say, your Highness...

: Please, do not address me so formally, Kihel.

: Yes, Lady Diana... It must have been quite difficult for you to learn about the moon, the military, and all of my connections. Yes, I learned how to read computer data in order to deal with that. And... I took the liberty of reading a bit of your private data as well, Lady Diana.

: That would only be natural for Diana to do.

: One needn't go that far. I have other data that I didn't bring with me. I've had plenty of enjoyable experiences in the past as well.

: Lady Diana...

: You've done a fine job of keeping the Soleil in one place this long. Thank you.

There's a knock on the door

: Who's there?

: Lieutenant Harry Ord.

: Enter.

: Is it all right?

: Of course it is, First Lieutenant.

: First Lieutenant...?

: A reward, for his fine job of protecting you...

: (.........)

: I have returned as promised.

: Thank you, First Lieutenant Harry...

: And, what brings you here?

: Ma'am... It seems Lieutenant Commander Phil's group has returned to the Soleil.

: Very well. Let us meet them without delay... So that I may fulfill my responsibility.

: Lady Diana...

: Before that, let us return to our former clothes...

: Yes...

And so Diana is back to being Diana, and Kihel is back to being Kihel.


: Even here, we detected the nuclear detonation on Gallia.

: (.........)

: (.........)

: Bound by taboo as we are, we cannot prepare any such weapon, but... If the Innocent use them in battle, it's a different story. Against that, Lady Diana, your limp-wristed diplomacy will be of no use.

: The entire reason for the Moon Race's existence, and the Earth's full restoration... Is because Arthur Rank the Sixth and I held a conference in which nuclear weapons were banned.

: Against both the Earthnoids and our own bad apples, Ghingnham and Agrippa, your attitude doesn't cut it.

: (.........)

: Furthermore, it's because of you that the the Moon Race people living in the lunar city... Must rely on a completely unknown element, D.O.M.E. in the Moon Cradle, for their very life support.

: (.........) Supposing I did yield political power. In what manner would you intend to wield it?

: Creating a two-tier state, where the Moon Race rules over both Innocent and Civilians.

: That would lead to even more bloodshed than there has been already.

: ...That might be so if the enemy was human like us, but... There are grotesque creatures dwelling beneath the Earth's surface! Someone has to gather all of the Earth's military might and defeat them... Or humanity will become extinct!

: (.........) That task is one which the ones known as Irregulars will fulfill... I believe that to be the reason they've appeared in our time.

: (.........)

: (I see... That's an interesting way of looking at it.)

: But the fact remains that by not conducting an armed invasion upon the Innocent on Earth to start with... We've brought this situation upon ourselves.

: (.........)

: Our return to Earth to start with was something your Highness requested. In which case, we must make that a reality as soon as we can. Even with all your hesitating, your patience must be running thin.

: I will not hand over political power to you.

: You don't care!?

: A two-tier state? How trite. That would regress us all back to ancient times.

: Executed......!?

: What!? Damn them, they must be after the Ra Cailum! Move the Soleil towards Knox! Make immediate preparations to intercept!!

: (Looks like Commander Bright's group has begun their attack.)

: Lieutenant Harry, act as guard for Kihel Heim.

: But I must not be separated from your side, your Highness...

: Now that I have returned, she is in the utmost danger. Take the other Diana Sorrel, wait for an opening, and escape from here.

: Your Highness... You don't plan to head for the moon alone...?

: (.........) Harry... This is an order. Look after Kihel Heim.

: (...Very well, your Highness.)