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by Tobias Grant

Part 165: Mission part 1

: So it would seem

: So they're all ready to bring their little Princess Kaguya back to the moon?

: Whoa, I wasn't expecting such an apt comparison from you.

: We don't have time for chit-chat. Commence the operation.

: Roger!

: Para, combine the G-Falcon!

: Gotcha, Partner!

The G-Falcon combines with the Double-X.

: Our mission objective is to hijack the Ra Cailum. Don't shoot it down.

: Ooh... I almost forgot. I would've gone to town on it normally.

: If you did, it would come out of your salary.

: Eeh!? C'mon, you wouldn't say that to a friend now, would ya?

: Friendship and money are separate issues.

: Oh, wouldn't that indenture you for life? Ship repairs run pretty high.

: Hey, easy now. Kid, make sure not to shoot the Ra Cailum down!

: Aye-aye. I'd rather not spend the rest of my life with you stuck as a bum.

: Oh, one thing though... You'd better tell Heero the same thing.

: How come?

: He may very well blow the ship to Kingdom Come with that Twin Buster Rifle.

: I see... Heero, let's take it nice and easy, kay?

: ...Your concern is unwarranted...

: So, can we start the mission?

: Yes. Take out all enemies other than the Ra Cailum. But judging by the circumstances, it's likely to launch within 8 minutes.

: Got it? Wipe out everything but the Ra CAilum and Soleil in 8 minutes!

: One last question! Why can't we take out the Soleil?

: Because I think Queen Diana is aboard it.

: Ah, I see. Okay, let's do this thing, shall we!

: Yeah!

In order to get the Skill Point for this mission, you have to clear all enemies in 6 turns.

This map is another one that hates ground units, so I sent out a mostly flying army, with the Nu-Gundam being the only exception because I equipped it with a Hovercraft so it could move over water.

On the first turn, the enemies will stay back with the Ra Cailum.

On the second turn, enemy reinforcements arrive.

: The Soleil's returned!!

: Are Lady Diana and Miss Kihel alright...!?

As if in response, Harry Ord appears.

: Those were Lady Diana's orders.

: But, Lady Diana is the one in the most danger. Please go back at once.

: You both give me the same kind of orders...

: You're saying that you will not obey my orders?

: ...I give you my most humble apologies.

: ......... In that case, Lt. Harry... Let us join with Loran and the rest. We shall go to the moon ahead of Milan, and address Agrippa's scheming.

: ......... An excellent idea. But, I am speaking with Miss Kihel here, am I not?

: Of course.

: (This is certainly Miss Kihel's fragrance, but... her bearing is just like Diana... ...If we stop the Soleil here, we can save Lady Diana. There's little other choice...)

: Harry Ord, you traitor! Not once, but twice you desert the Soleil!!

: Poe! I'll tell you this much. You should find yourself a better man.

: What business of yours is that!?

: What are you blabbering about!? Forget it, I'll take you out along with her!!

One last thing I want to mention. make sure you keep both Loran (In the Turn A) and Garrod near the coastline. You'll see why soon.

Puru 2 is the first to fight Poe.

Because a large majority of enemy units on this mission have I-Fields, don't expect to be doing much damage with Beam weapons.

Of course, it's not like I don't have ways of bypassing them.

A Valored heat rod ensures Poe's defeat, and my second turn ends.

On the enemies turn, look who pops up!

: Ah, that blue Jenice...!

: Is it that chick again!?

: Garrod, this time we settle things. Our duel... and my feelings.

: Quit it! I don't have the time or inclination to fight with you!! I have to go to the moon to save Tifa!!

: Tifa... Tifa Adil...

: Yes! You met her at Fort Severn, didn't you!?

: ...Yes... That girl is your...

: ...In that case, you'd better prepare yourself!

: Damnit! You just don't get it!!

For some reason, the SUMO's and WaDom's thought it would be a good idea to attack Isamu and Guld.

The Soleil and it's Almayer escort will move next to the Ra Cailum, and then hold it's ground there.

In a surprising turn of event's, The Soleil SUMO's attacked Kou, and did a decent job in holding his own.

Now for the final requirement in order to get the G-Bits, I have to have Garrod persuade Enil one last time.

: Neither do I...

: You see where I'm coming from!?

: ...But you spurned me. I can't forgive you for that!

: I'm not like I was then! I've got friends I can trust and a home to return to!

: So...?

: ! ...You want to be friends with me...?

: That's right! Come with us!

: ...Garrod... My memories of you are too harsh to just accept those words...

: Enil...?

: ...But if I can't kill you, the least I can do is repay you...

Enil... Thank you!

Now Enil has joined our side! Enil will join you no matter what, but if you did all of the Enil related events, than you get her custom Jenice along with her which is... Actually surprisingly decent for a grunt suit.

The SUMO squads have all but been destroyed at this point.

So I sent Harry down to deal with the Bound Docs.

Hmm, Maybe I underestimated the Gold SUMO...

As usually, the enemy wastes their turn attacking units that it has absolutely no chance of ever hitting, and ends up taking significant counter damage.

I Definitely underestimated the Gold SUMO...

And the last of the Soleil's SUMO guard falls before Bryger, and the enemy's third turn ends.