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by Tobias Grant

Part 166: Mission part 2

The shore team grabs the remaining containers.

A Valored Funnel MAP attack does some serious damage right off the bat, I opted to just have Jamil cast Alert and dodge instead of moving him because I wanted to keep his Divider attack available.

A WaDom gets a double helping of Fin Funnels.

Heero destroys the last SUMO.

Harry deals with the final Bound Doc.

It won't take me long to wrap this up.

On the enemy's turn, a few more reinforcements arrive.

: Ah, that Mobile Suit...

: Corin Nander!?

: Who's that?

: He's a Moon Race Sergeant with a grudge against Gundams!

: Guess it takes all kinds... 'specially in Heero and Duo's cases.

I missed you too.

The Moon Race will use the Ra Cailum against us when we get close to it. Be careful that you don't accidentally counter attack it.

Kou became the enemy's main target this turn, and only barely made it though alive.

Like the Ra Cailum, the Soleil will also attack us.

: Sgt. Corin!?

: Watch, Princess! I'll smite the White Devil that threatens your Heaven!

Make sure you have Loran in the Turn A, or else the following event won't occur.

: Hm!?

: You over there! Your enemy, the White Devil, still exists!

: What're you doing, Loran!? Don't provoke him into attacking you!

: Now, come! Strike the White Devil down!

: Gundam... I won't let you get away... with ruining Heaven!

A scripted fight occurs

: I did it! I defeated the White Devil... I took out the Gundam!

: ......... Gundam, you shouldn't be here. Even if everyone else forgets... You'll still be stuck in my head... You're the White Devil, after all.

: (Is that really true...?)

Now, two things can happen after this event. If you went down the Turn A route, you have a chance to recruit Corin Nander right here and now, if you had done the required conditions. If you are like me and took the Gundam X routes, however...

: Now my mission is over...

: Ah, hold on!

Corin retreats, never to be seen again...

Garrod and Loran attack the WaDom's Corin showed up with.

I also sent Harry and Enil as a precaution, since I have to destroy all enemies by the end of the next turn.

The main force quickly destroy the remaining WaDoms. All that remains are the Almeyers...

Only one battle ship left...

The enemy caught me off guard here by using the Ra Cailum's MAP attack. Fortunately it missed everyone but Bryger, who only took minor damage, and Kou, who was shot down.

Garrod and Enil deal with the last of the WaDoms.

And Jamil destroys the last battleship.

Fuck yeah.

: Experience, buddy. We've fought off entire alien armadas before.

: Argh...

: The mission's a success for now. Omachi, open a comm line.

: OK!

: This is Isaac Godonov, of Cosmo Ranger J9. Soleil, surrender immediately.

: S-surrender...!? (M-must I use Lady Diana as a shield to flee...? But if I do that, I'll be...!)

: Lt. Harry, for the war between the Diana Counter and the Militia, this means...

: The flagship falling should mark the beginning of the end. Now all that's left is to escort Lady Diana from the Soleil.

Where did that battleship come from?

: An Almeyer!? They still have battleships left!?

: H-hey! That ship's got atmospheric escape boosters attached!!

: ! It couldn't be...!?

: Midgard!? You weren't aboard the Ra Cailum!?

: It was obvious the Irregulars would go after it. So I used the Almeyer. But I should thank you for giving me the time to prepare for launch.

: Don't tell me... Lady Diana is aboard that ship!?

: I suppose this means... You're going to the moon.

: But I shall most certainly return. This is our homeland, after all.

: Lady Diana!!

: That's right, Lt. Harry... We depart for the moon at once. Lift off!

The Almeyar escapes

: WAIT!! Agh...!

: Not good... that ship is accelerating to orbital escape velocity.

: L-Lady Diana...!!

: Now's our chance, fall back from here!!

The Soleil escapes as well

: .........!!

: How could this happen... We've lost our chance...!

: ...We took it too easy...

: Garrod!?

: I'll try to catch up to them with the DX and G-Falcon!!

: Yes... Do it, Garrod!

: ...As per the plan, pursuit members will follow that battleship!

: OK! Time for this kitten to show her stuff!

: The YF-19 can break orbit too, y'know!

: Heero, you know the drill, right?

: Yeah...

: Para! Gimme the G-Falcon's highest thruster output!!

: Alright, leave it to me!!


All units capable of breaking orbit leave the field.