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by Tobias Grant

Part 167: Post-Intermission

: The battleship that Lady Diana was on board is breaking away from the atmosphere.

: What about Zechs and Isaac's group.

: They're in the middle of pursuit to capture the enemy battleship.

: I see...

: (.........) Now Inglessa has been freed from the Diana Counter's rule...

: The course they're on now doesn't go towards Inglessa or Luzianna, does it? Where on Earth do they plan to go...?

: Putting that matter aside... I must thank you again, Commander Bright.

: Don't mention it... Our main concern is to get to the Ra Cailum. If we can do that, I'd like to borrow some Militiamen for this work.

: Understood.

: All right, commence work moving into the Ra Cailum. Once that's finished, we go into space.


: No kidding...

: Hey, no slacking off. If we don't get a move on, we'll never catch up to Garrod or Para.

: Yeah, yeah.

: Judau, Katz... Hey, could you guys bring a trailer around here?

: What for?

: Well, I checked out the hangar the Moon Race was using, looking for spare booster parts...

: Why would they even have that?

: Probably dug it up along with the atmospheric escape booster, I figure.

: Well, that works out great. We're going up to space anyway.

: Yeah. Now it looks like we can fight in Super Valkyries.

: Then let's see if we can dig up anything else while we're at it.

: Also, you seen Usso around anywhere?

: What do you want Usso for?

: V2 module parts...

: You think they're the Buster parts?

: Yeah, maybe. Let's go scrounge up some parts, then!


: So it would seem... Swesson Stello's Mahiro squadron is approaching.

: That man goes against my sense of aesthetics... He displeases me, Brother.

: Yes. Moreso than Newtypes...

: (.........)

: Tifa Adil. We'll be nearing lunar orbit soon...

: ...You'll be coming with us to the Moon Cradle.

: The Moon Cradle... D.O.M.E....

: Yes... You'll be breaking D.O.M.E.'s seal for us.

: (.........) I'm... going back.

: Going back? Going back where, exactly?

Bonus Content!

The following conversation occurs when you don't do all of the requirements to recruit Enil El during the battle.

: Ugh......

: You're awake?

: Where is this...?

: The Freeden's infirmary.

: !

: Quatre's group found you collapsed from injuries, with your mech shot down, so they brought you here.

: (.........) What about the boy... Garrod...

: He went to the moon to save the two princesses. He's no longer here.

: ...I see... So I've been completely defeated...

: You were chasing Garrod, right? How come?

: I've always lived trapped in the past... since the time my father was killed when I was a little girl... I've always acted with reckless abandon. But then, I met Garrod.

: (.........)

: Seeing a boy who believed in the future, even in times like these... I thought maybe he could change my fate. But, he had Tifa... He rejected me. And I couldn't forgive him for that...

: So that's why you...

: I was that upset, I suppose. But, I've lost. Not just in battle, but in feelings as well...

: (.........)

: Even throwing away everything to live a new life, I'm just...

: ...In these times, I think it's all up to you whether you find happiness or unhappiness. That's why I just live the way I want. I walk the path I chose myself. Since it's all me, I can't complain to anyone else if I fail...

: (.........)

: But if I succeed, that happiness is all mine. I've got plenty of time to live before settling down with someone...

: (.........)

: Of course, I can't stay like this forever, but...

: Hm... You make me envious, in a way.

: (.........) ...Would you like to come with us? I think we can get along well with each other.

: But, I'm...

: It was mentioned earlier, but we have a lot of hot-blooded types rushing ahead of us into space.

: (.........)

: We need all the mobile suits we can get right now. I'll talk to Jamil and Commander Bright...