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by Tobias Grant

Part 168: Pre-Intermission

Robot Roll Call

Jenice Enil Custom

Theme Song

Enil's Jenice is easily one of the best 'Grunt' suits in the game. Its attacks are pretty powerful and its stats are somewhat decent.

V2 Buster Module

theme song

the V2's Buster Module increases the movement and speed of the base V2, as well as adding a few weapons, most notable of which is a powerful long range cannon.

V2 Assault-Buster Module

The V2 can equip both the Assault and Buster modules at the same time, giving it a wide variety of weapons to use, as well as greatly increasing its health. Unfortunately, this causes the V2 to lose a bit of Movement, speed, and slightly reduces the additional armor that the Assault module gives it. The positives still out-weigh the negatives though, IMO.

Meet the Pilots

Enil El

Despite being one of my favorite characters from Gundam X, I haven't used her much.


Pre-Mission Adjustments

V2 Assault Gundam

Buster Module equipped


EN | 200 -> 240


EN | 110 -> 165

Speed | 120 -> 130

Hi-Nu Gundam

EN | 130 -> 195

Speed | 115 -> 129

Wing Gundam Zero

Parts added:
VR Helmet (+20% to to-hit percentages)
Solar panel


: This is the first time in history that the lunar capital, Gengnham, has ever lost power! How deplorable!

The lights turn back on

: (.........)

: Even I wasn't expecting it to cause this much of a disruption.

: ...You must be aware of the dangers that electrical problems pose for the lunar city, correct?

: It would just get rid of a few of the people sleeping in the winter palace, wouldn't it?

: (.........) You also know why I entrusted the Turn X to you, when it took that much merely to activate it.

: Of course. To crush the ?Turn-A and the Earthnoids coming from the planet... That is the duty of my Ghingnham clan, which has presided over the moon's warriors for 3,000 years.

: Listen. The moon must not be allowed to become a place of battle.

: You can tell the Earthnoids that. I'm simply going to intercept the enemy.

: (.........)

: Of course, all for the sake of the moon's eternal tranquility.

: If you say that much, why do you not bring Tifa Adil before me?

: Sir, you jest. To break D.O.M.E.'s seal, one more key is still needed.

: (.........)

: That key's name is Diana Sorrel...

: (.........)

: No need to fret. The queen is scheduled to make contact with our fleet shortly.

: Wh-what...?

: How does this sound? My Ghingnham Fleet only naturally guarantees her Majesty's safety... And this way, I can finally break the seal upon D.O.M.E. which even my fleet has never been able to approach, not for thousands of years.

: Y-you're...!

: On the day that the Moon Cradle falls into my hands, we could invade the Earth in a mere day!

: (.........)


: He'll try to keep me from contacting D.O.M.E., but it'll never work.

: (.........)

: Hohoh, so you're the one...

: (.........)

: That's right. You're to treat her hospitably.

: (.........)

: Hmm... Newtype, huh. She's just a kid.

: (......!)

: (.........)

: Well, they're a decent enough race even when there's no war around, right?

: According to the Black History's records, yes. But in the world of today, people with special abilities aren't needed.

: (.........)