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by Tobias Grant

Part 17: Mission Part 1

The skull squadron shows up

And are quickly surrounded by enemies.

: Uh? Hikaru, don't tell me you've got cold feet over the Titans?

: That's not it! Let's get out of here and head for Dakar, where the Macross is.

: Huh, you're startin' to sound like a real commander, kid.

: You all heard the man. We'll take out the pursuit and raid Dakar!

uh, would any Macross goons like to explain what Miclonized means?

Kaboom Dragoon posted:

'Miclonization' (or 'Micronization' in Robotech and some translations) is the process that lets the Zentradi, normally about 50-foot tall shrink down to normal human size.

Also, new unit and status screens.

First, I sent Kakizaki to grab some loot.

then began my attack.

Valkyrie's can change into three different forms. The first was fighter mode. Here is Gerwalk mode.

And here is Battloid form. Each has it's advantages, but it's usually best to leave it in plane mode or Gerwalk mode, unless you need to use the Battloid's stronger attacks.

not that they're really needed against these mooks.

The Gerwalk can also hover over water, where the Battloid would just sink.

after a few turns, enemy reinforcements show up and...wait, is that what I think it is?

IT IS! Oh happy day, a Gespenst!

To bad about having to fight it though.

: Which means... The ones riding them are...

: (Hmph, right on schedule)

: Right, all you have to do is keep them occupied.

: (What's his deal? Gettin' all formal... Not like he usually is.) Uraki, Keith! You know the drill. Go easy on 'em and it'll be your hides!

: No buts! While Bright and Burning are hostages, we've got no choice!

: .........

: Or do you just not give a damn if something happens to them!?

: But... The Skull Squadron used to be our teammates, we can't fight them...!

: Ryusei, Rai! What about you guys!? Will you let the Titans get away with this!?
Goddamnit Uraki, didn't you hear the whole "Titans are holding people hostage" thing?

: ...That's exactly it. You have to get serious here, got it?

: ...roger.

: (If you don't, we can't fool Bask or buy ourselves some time.)
Seems like Irm has a plan

: Skull Leader here. Take them on, but don't aim for the cockpits!

: I understand not aiming for the cockpits, but still...

: Just play your part in Irm's little drama, got it?

: Drama... ? Oh, I get it, so that's what what all this is.

: Yup. Just pretend to exchange blows for a while.

Note that holding back only applies to Ryusei, Rai, and the 0083 team. everyone else are valid targets for missile spam.

It's best to just evade than bother with countering or defending.

Both Monsha and Kou attack Kakizaki with Vulcans, and neither hit.

The Macross gang continue to chew through the enemy grunts.

The next turn, I wipe them all out...

and send the rest of my squad over here.

Oh hi Bask.

: Lt. Cmdr Fokker! They've sent out a doll squad!

: hoh... Quite the farewell bash they've set up for us.

: It seems they've got no intent of letting us escape, no matter what.

: Hm... It could actually work out better for us this way.

: (So Bask has come out in person... and he's headed this way. You have made a mistake by not bringing out the hostages...)

For some reason, Bask and the dolls don't move.

Ben pipes up at the start of my next round. I don't know why, since the dolls look normal to m-

...Never mind.

Whoa, who's this?