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by Tobias Grant

Part 170: Mission part 2

: Battlefields always change... You won't win by relying on formations.

Heero managed to evade Swesson's attack.

Unfortunately, a few of the others manage to hit him. Heero has Prevail though, so this actually works out for the better.

Bryger take the full brunt of the lower formation's attacks. I have him use Guts on my next turn to heal him up.

: A Newtype Mobile Suit!?

Oh Gym, you just made a big mistake.

God damn I-Field!

Of course, it's not like that miniscule amount of damage really matters right now. the Turn X has Large Health and EN regeneration, and the Skill Point for this mission is to bring the Turn X down to 70% of it's health. The enemies will all retreat on the ninth enemy turn.

Hard to tell what happened, but she shot one of her back claw-things which the Tallgeese evaded.

On the seventh turn, I bring Heero down and have him finish off a wounded Mahiro. I wanted to destroy as many enemies as I could by the 9th turn, to which I would then concentrate on Gym so I could get the SP.

Mahiro's are tough little bastards, so I didn't manage to destroy any others that turn.

I have the two Valks attack the remaining WaDoms.

As usual, the lower formation goes after Bryger, luckily I also had him use Guard so none of the attacks were very damaging.

The same couldn't be said for the Mahiro's.

Gym will always attack the DX, and thanks to Guts, Garrod dodges them all.

since I wanted to save EN, I just had him defend and reduce the damage taken even more.

on the Eighth turn, I wanted to weaken the Mahiro's above us as much as I could.

...Unfortunately, I got unlucky and Guld was shot down.

A quick Bless and Valor on Heero and...

The only one to survive that TBR shot was Swesson.

This was quickly remedied by a counter attack from Isamu.

the last Mahiro from the lower formation goes down to a counter attack as well.

Now it's the ninth turn, and I realize that I don't have as many guys near Gym as I should. So I'm going to have to be smart about my next couple of moves.

Hey, who wants to watch me make two very stupid moves?

My first stupid move was to use the single target version of the TSC. What I should have done was use the MAP version, since Gym can't defend against that. (Did I mention that Gym will defend against all incoming attacks? Because he does.)

: How rude. In that case, your life should be enough to appease me!

My second stupid move was to use the Tallgeese III's strongest attack, which is a beam attack and thus its damage was lowered by the Turn-X's I-field. Should have used the Heat Rod to get around that.

I finish off the Mahiros for a little extra cash and XP.

Now the only one left that can attack Gym Ghingnham is Bryger. Luckily, after looking over it's Spirit set, I see that Isaac has Zeal, as well as two other pilots with enough SP to use Valor. And funnily enough, the Bry-Cannon doesn't count as a beam! It's going to be close...

: What's up with this anachronistic guy!?

: You've gotta deal straight-up with this type, no point in wasting time.

: It doesn't look like he'll make it that simple for us!

Attack number one...

Attack number 2...

Fuck yeah!

: Hm, not bad.

: This will suffice for a startup test. I've gotten some excellent data.

: This has been a perfect warmup for the Turn-A, hahahahaha!!

All remaining enemies retreat.

: Garrod, what's a Turn-A...?

: Oh yeah, you wouldn't know, huh? It's what they call Loran's White Doll.

: The Turn X... What an incredibly powerful Mobile Suit that was...

: The Turn X and Turn-A... How are they related...?

Normally I wouldn't show this screen, but I just want to point out that as of right now, I now have enough Skill Points to finish the game on the Hard Route, so I could just ignore the rest of the Skill Points in the game. I'm not going to, though, because I'm just that good.