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Part 175: Mission part 3

: Th-that's!!

: Khamen Khamen...!

: H-hey! You've gotta be kidding me! What's HE doing here!? With fossil-beasts!?

: Maybe he's been alive all this time?

: Yeah, right! Even a mummy would've crumbled between then and now! He's no reptilian, how could he live that long?

: My life spans aeons... An eternal life bestowed upon me by the great Atum...

: ...There you have it, folks. Either way, this is the real deal, huh?

: ..........

: Sorry, I changed my mind.

: Wh... What did you say!?

: To further the Great Atum Plan, I shall use their power...

: Y-you're...!

: I'd leave this area if I were you. I'll at least offer this much as a favor...

: Argh, forget it. Set the ship's course for the Moon Cradle!

Agrippa leaves the field.

: Now then... With that out of the way, you can be sacrifices to my god, Atum.

: So it would seem.

: Interesting... In that case, I'll take you on!

The second way to get the Skill Point for this mission is to destroy Khamen Khamen's Ship.

The Fossil-Beasts can either be difficult or easy, depending on how much EN, Ammo, and Spirit Points you still have after beating Ghingnham.

Fokker and Isamu destroyed all of the Bees with counter attacks.

I love the designs on some of these monsters. Most of them are absolutely ridiculous.

...Although this one is pretty nightmarish.

It doesn't take long to get rid of most of the Fossil Beasts.

: What'd you say...!?

: You've been waiting for us!?

: Yes. You are the very power needed for my Great Atum Plan...

: Er, no, it's nothing.

: Were you thinking naughty thoughts about a cute girl?

At the start of the next turn, I take care of the final Fossil Beast.

Then I lowered Khamen Khamen's health as much as I dared.

Then I moved Usso next to Garrod, since Garrod had just learned Support after defeating the Frost Brothers, and Usso was the only one who still had Ammo for his strongest attack, as well as enough SP to use Valor.

Before I try and destroy his ship, I have Bowie use Daunt, which lowers an enemy's Will, making them slightly weaker.

Here goes nothing...


: I should head to Earth and gather up the remainder of it...

Khamen Khamen leaves the field.

: Son of a bitch... He ran off.

: Hey, Isaac. What is it Khamen Khamen's after, the Great Atum Plan?

: ......... We don't know enough at this point to say. But I can tell you this much... It would be extremely dangerous to just leave him to his own devices.

: Alright... All units, pull back. The main ship will head for the Moon Cradle!