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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 177: Pre-Intermission

Pre-Mission Adjustments


Weapon power increased by 150

Nu Gundam

Weapon power increased by 100

Hi-Nu Gundam

Limit | 370 -> 455

Weapon power increased by 150

Gundam X Divider

Weapon power increased by 100

GP03 Dendrobium

parts added:
Solar panel

VF-11B Fighter

parts added:
Magnet Coating (+5 speed, +20 Limit)

YF-19 fighter

parts added:
Magnet Coating


Mechs Purchased:
Val Varo


: D.O.M.E....? You're... D.O.M.E.? But, why me...? Because I wished for it? No, what I wish for is something else. By coming here, my wish will be granted? But, where is this...?


: She's successfully made contact with D.O.M.E.

: Will D.O.M.E. allow us in?

: That's up to D.O.M.E. to decide.

: What do you mean by that? D.O.M.E. is the Moon Cradle's administrative system, right? Why would something like that have a will?

: (...What a foolish man he is, Brother...)

: (Yes... He doesn't even know what D.O.M.E. really is...)


: About that, sir...

: What about it?

: One moment. Think this over once more, Gym Ghingnham.

: (.........)

: You are aware of what it is that you are doing?

: Of course. Freeing the Moon Race from D.O.M.E.'s rule.

: Do you jest...?

: (.........) As you are aware, Queen... Our Moon Race has been dependent on D.O.M.E. for life since our very inception.

: The lunar city's lifeline... The solar generator linked to the microwave transmitter... And, the winter palace...

: Without D.O.M.E.'s solar generator, it wouldn't be able to function. To say nothing of the moon's trench cities and canals...

: That is why disturbing D.O.M.E. becomes a matter of life and death for the entire Moon Race.

: Hah! You protest just like Agrippa Maintainer... But, of course, that's the whole reason why the Moon Race depends on D.O.M.E. for survival...

: Which is why the Moon Cradle that houses D.O.M.E. has guardians to protect it... Up until now, no one else has drawn near it.

: But that just means we're permitted to live as existences that D.O.M.E. knows nothing of.

: That could not be avoided, when we were forced to live in a lunar environment.

: But why are we fated to live on the moon? The truth of that matter is unknown.

: (.........)

: After all, it's wrapped in the veil of the Black History, and sealed away by D.O.M.E.

: Is unveiling the Black History your objective, then?

: (.........)

: The Black History is nothing more than a record of ancient Earth... Obtaining it would not change anything.

: What I want isn't the Black History... It's the power that D.O.M.E. holds.

: (.........)

: To break the seal on D.O.M.E., and get control of the microwave transmitter...

: So you are not satisfied with merely the moon, but wish to conquer the Earth as well?

: Not even close. I have no interest in conquering the Earth... My goal is to create an environment that brings out the most of Man's combat instincts, To ensure that the conflict between the moon and the Earth becomes permanent.

: (.........) You mean that you plan to prolong this war?

: Yes. As chronicled in what we know of the Black History... War itself is what leads to human progress.

: You are as ferocious a man as you have ever been.

: Ferocious! I like that.

: Someone such as yourself must not have the Turn X.

: What was that? Was that supposed to be some sort of joke?

: Gym Ghingnham, hand over the mobile suits you excavated from the Mountain Cycles.

: Oh, this is rich! Hahahaha! We dug those out. Who is better suited to pilot them... Than the ones who have governed the military for the past 2,500 years?

: ...You are not governing the military. You are using it as your plaything. If someone like that pilots the Turn X, it will lead to a repeat of past tragedies.

: Do you forget that I and the Turn X are all that can stop the ?Turn-A which destroyed all of our ancient civilization?

: That manner of speaking is what created the Black History.

: If you are ready to bear the stigma of regicide, then go ahead. All you do is bark.

: All I do is bark!?

: Or perhaps you're a puppet.

: !!

: There they are... The protectors of D.O.M.E., demons of the moon...

: You can still leave. Turn this ship around!

: It's too late now.

: All who have meddled with D.O.M.E. in the past have fallen to its protectors.

: That's why I bought you along.

: (.........)

: The Maintainer house, which distinguished itself in ancient times by building the lunar city... And the royal family, the Sorrel house, which distinguished itself by producing space provisions... Would D.O.M.E. bare its fangs at either of those?

: (.........)

: Now, with the lives of the entire Moon Race on the line...



That... That is a lot of G-bits...

: This is... the Moon Cradle, where D.O.M.E. lies...

: Yes. A sanctum left undisturbed by Man for many millennia.

: What are all of those puppets, Gym Ghingnham?

: The Demon of the Moon... the G-Bits. D.O.M.E.'s automated defense system.

: Hmph, numbers don't mean anything. The Mahiro Squad can handle them!

: Be careful, There are many who said the same thing before dying here.

: .........

: Don't worry. As long as Diana Sorrel is with us, they won't lift a finger. Well then, Your Majesty, Tifa... Would you open the door to D.O.M.E. for us?

: .........

: I command D.O.M.E., in the dame of Diana, Queen of the Moon Race. Heed my voice, and open the gateway to the Moon Cradle.

The G-Bits open a path for them to enter the Moon Cradle...

: Hahahaha... The gateway to D.O.M.E. is opening...


: What about the Ghingnham Fleet?

: They've already made it inside the Moon Cradle.

: (.........)

: All right, then we're going in, too. Sortie the mobile suits!

: (But can we win against the demons of the moon... That have protected the Moon Cradle for millennia...!?)


: (This time... This time, I have to save Tifa...!)

: Garrod, don't even think about going off and saving Tifa by yourself.

: !

: A while back, there was this girl I liked named Minmay who got abducted by the enemy.

: (.........)

: My blood ran cold... I think if Fokker and the others weren't with me, I would've been shot down.

: (.........)

: We're here to help you save Tifa. So, don't go charging in alone, whatever you do.

: ...Yeah, all right.

: Okay... Let's move out, then.

: Ah, hey...

: ?

: Um, that Minmay person...

: We saved her, of course. We're separated now, though...

: (.........)

: I know, Haro!

: Shakti, what are you doing here...!? Hurry and take shelter in the ship with Karl!

: (.........)

: !! You, too? You want to come with us!?

: ...Yes.

: A-are you kidding! The next fight will be...

: Please, Usso. I have to go...

: H-how come?

: (.........)