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by Tobias Grant

Part 181: Mission part 1

: Quite possibly. We haven't gotten word yet from the other teams.

: (......... What a shock to see the place we lived in wind up like this... ...Can we even get back to our own time...? Where Shiro and the Professor are...)

: Got it.

: Oh, and, Kosuke... Um... I have a favor to ask...

: ?

: If you don't mind... Could I get you to let me control the Battle Craft?

: Huh? H-how come?

: W-well, It just seems fun to borrow into the earth... I want to see what it's like...

: S-sorry... The Battle Machines register the pilots' brainwaves, no one else can...

: I see. I-I'm sorry to ask something so odd...

: Er, no not at all.

: Guys, there's an energy reading from the mountain over there.

: Energy reading?

: Let's go check it out!

It's a trap!

I am so sorry...

: A-aagh!!

: Battle Beasts and Mechabeasts!? W-we're trapped!!

: D-duke Gorgon!?

: There's a dangerous man-made object buried here... I knew you'd investigate it.

: S-so... This really is...?

: Heheh... No need for you to know that. Since you'll perish here!!

: Pfft! You can go ahead and tray!

: K-Kouji, we've got problems!!

: What's wrong, Sayaka!?

: The other teams are also under attack...!!

: Wh-what!? We're not the only ones that encountered enemies!?

: S-so then... We can't expect backup...?

: Give up your useless struggling and resign yourselves already...

: .........!

: Wh-what do we do, Kouji...!?

: .........

: You will...!? What are you going to do!?

: Leave that to me, I've got an idea! You guys just worry about getting away!

: Kouji, what's this idea of your!?

: If it's that good, we can help out too!!

: Forget it! Watch Sayaka 'n Kosuke's backs and get out of here!!

: B-but!!

: Come on, let me handle this!

: Kouji! Just what is this great idea of yours!?

: Heh, I'm tellin' ya, don't sweat it! Just leave everything to me!

I can't remember if I showed Sayaka and Diana A's stats or not, so here they are.

Anyway, our goal for the first part of this mission is to have everyone but Kouji reach the edge of the map. Yup, this is an escort mission.

Luckily, Kosuke has this handy little Spirit which halves the enemies accuracy for a turn. You WILL want to use this on the first turn, otherwise there is a very high chance that one of your slower units will get ganged up on and be destroyed. You also want to try and take advantage of the terrain bonuses the nearby mountains give.

Anyway, we're going to have to break through this encirclement if we want to live.

There we go.

For the first few turns the only ones that will actually attack you are the ones on the left and right of you. the others will just sit there for now.

Some of the enemies will go after Getter-1, which is bad because it's a pretty fragile unit this late in the game.

Be sure to make full use of the Diana A and Shinguji's healing.

Bye Kosuke.

The Diana A has trouble navigating through the mountains, so it's worth keeping Getter-1 and Shinguji around a little longer for some support.

Before moving the rest of the group to the edge, make sure you have Kouji up to full health, as well as have him put Guard up.

: Okay, you get going too, Sayaka! I'll buy some time for you guys!

: Kouji... Will you really be alright?

: Don't worry! I've got it under control! I'll take 'em out and follow soon!!

: You really mean that!?

: Yeah, so don't worry, just get moving!

: ......... Alright. I'll be back with backup soon, so don't you dare do anything stupid!

Sayaka leaves

: ......... Great, my plan worked perfectly.

: Plan...? Are you saying you have a plan to defeat us here?

: .........

: .........

Theme of Z

: What!?

: My plan was to get Sayaka and the others outta here.

: .........

: I had to talk like that... Otherwise they would've stayed behind...

: now I can settle this without them havin' to see it.

: An admirable spirit. Using yourself to shield you companions? In deference to that, I'll spill your blood first!!

: Don't make me laugh! Mazinger Z's more than enough to deal with you!!

: Hmph, Great or Getter might come to save you like before, so... I'll settle this in one fell swoop!!

A large group of enemy reinforcements arrive!

: You STILL had Battle Beasts and Mechabeasts tucked away...!?

And so begins one of the most parts in the entire game, Mazinger Z versus an entire army of Mechabeasts and Battle Beasts!

Mountains are even more important than before, as well as getting as many enemy units within range of Mazinger Z's Rocket Punch as you can while still staying on a mountain.

It is also highly recommended you use Guard every turn you can.

If nothing else, this mission really hammers in just how powerful Kouji Kabuto and Mazinger Z can be. Never underestimate the 'Younger Brother.'

Damn, only have enough SP for one more use of Guard...

: Heh, not too bad!

: But I'm not dyin' here! I'm gonna live... And get back to my own time!!

After the enemies turn...

: I'm just gettin' warmed up!!


Reinforcements arrive! ...But... Where did...

: S-so that's it...! Maybe Ryou 'n company managed to dig it up...

: Whew, I'm saved! Ryou, hate to ask you, but lend me a hand here!

Shin Getter flies over to Kouji... and targets him!

: Wh-what!? What're you doing piloting that!?

General Bat attacks Kouji Kabuto!

: Hoh... So you withstood Shin Getter's attack.

: ......... I-impossible...! Why... is Shin Getter...... Why is General Bat piloting Shin Getter...!?