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Part 188: Post-Intermission

: Yeah, that Gorgon guy totally fell for your bluff.

: (.........) No... I was serious.

: Eh?

: (.........)

: Maybe not Musashi, Sayaka, or Dr. Anzai... but I was ready to shoot Beauty's group.

: What!? But, then Beauty's group would've been...

: Of course, they've all been prepared for that from the start.

: (.........)

: That's the sort of tie that binds us...


: Sayaka... Thank God you're safe...

: Yeah... You too, Kouji...

: Musashi, where've you been all this time?

: Me 'n Sayaka got sent near some sea... We wandered for a while, then found the island where Dai Sarumaru's group was staying.

: Yep. They met up with us at Zondar Epta.

: After that, we got captured by Duke Gorgon's Myceros, and things got pretty hairy...

: Yes, it's thanks to Garrison's quick thinking that we're all in one piece.

: Well, we've found Ryusei's group, too... What a huge relief.

: Yeah...

: Yeah?

: I brought you lunch, just like Masaki asked.

: Kouji, have you been spending time with another woman while I've been gone...!?

: N-no, you've got the wrong idea!

: By the way, what'd you make for lunch, Maria?

: This.

: Wh-what's this...?

: Sauteed sandlizard.

: Th-this is... for me?

: Yes. Please, help yourself.

: U-urgh...

: (...This is especially bad for Musashi... Given the special training he went through just to get over his fear of reptiles...)


: Terribly sorry, sir. Had there been a bit more time...

: Nah, forget about it. How did the investigation at Zondar Epta go?

: Dr. Anzai did some detailed analysis of the strata, and verified a new truth.

: A new truth?

: Yes. This world was assaulted during the great disaster in the past, or so they claim, but...

: What'd you say...?

: It wasn't just once...?

: Correct... in our investigation, we found two strata with traces of nanomachine remains. Judging from this... We can conjecture that the Earth was struck by disaster at least three times.

: Three disasters...!

: We've also established that someone spread nanomachines in order to restore the Earth.

: (.........)

: Assuming the first disaster was the shockwave from the ultragravitational collapse... What would the remaining two be?

: That part... We're not sure about yet.

: Wait, hold on...

: What is it?

: I remember the legend of Zora that Magus told us about...


: But then, one day came a calamitous wind that swept across the skies. Zora was seriously damaged by it, but that wasn't the only disaster to occur. Countless demons rose from the depths in the confusion following the great calamity. The result of that was shattered lands, and dried-up oceans. The demons invaded the surface world, driving many people to their deaths. Furthermore, the demons' poisonous breath caused many plants to wither and die. The handful of survivors left abandoned Zora, fleeing to the moon, or to other planets. And Zora, with no people left, became a planet ruled by the demons. But upon Zora, saviors appeared. They were mechanical giants of steel... and the guardians of the land. They fought gallantly against the demons spread across the surface... And ultimately, they succeeded in driving them back to the depths from whence they came. But their final battle was a bitter struggle indeed... The mechanical giants' strength was completely exhausted. Then their bodies were scattered across the lands of Zora... They became shining stones, blue in color...

: That was a summary of the legend passed down in Zora.


: That accounts for one disaster. Then the demons that rose from the depths would probably be the underground invaders, like the Dinosaur Empire, for one... They succeeded in conquering the surface.

: That accounts for the second disaster...

: The people who fled to the moon then were the forefathers of the Moon Race and the Innocent. Then the underground forces fell to the ones referred to as the guardians of the land...

: And after that, someone spread nanomachines across the land to restore the ruined Earth...

: That's probably right. No idea who the guardians of the land are, though... No idea who spread all the nanomachines, either.

: Then what was the third disaster?

: The legend of Zora ends before that point... Sir Arthur might be able to tell us more about what happened after that...


: Then, do you know anything about the third disaster?

: (.........) ...That was something caused by the final war between the Moon Race and the Innocent, long, long ago.

: (Would that be... the war that Jamil participated in...?)

: ...Both sides threw all of their resources into fighting the war... It is said that many humanoid weapons were made then...

: (.........)

: The one most feared out of those was the humanoid machine that released the moonlight...

: Moonlight...!? You mean the GX and its Satellite Cannon...!

: Yes... That boy named Garrod was piloting it, wasn't he? That machine once engulfed the old Zora in hellfire...

: (.........)

: And the final war between the moon and the Earth was ended by a single humanoid machine...

: And that was?

: The one whose 'Moonlight Butterfly' turned everything on Earth into dust... The humanoid machine called the Turn-A.

: The Turn-A...!!

: Yes. The mechanical doll that Loran referred to as the White Doll.

: (......!)

: (.........)