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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 189: Pre-intermission

Pre-Mission Adjustments

Pilot Reassignments

Tron and Birin swap seats in the Xabungle

Suit Adjustments


EN | 110 -> 187

Parts removed:

Parts added :


HP | 4200 -> 4620

EN | 154 -> 220

Speed | 117 -> 129

Limit | 377 -> 425

Valcione R

EN | 100 -> 150

Speed | 85 -> 93

Limit | 310 -> 356

Parts added:

R-Gun Powered

EN | 150 -> 180

Speed | 103 -> 117

Limit | 330 -> 396

parts added:
Solar panel

Blugar (Jinguji)

Speed | 110 -> 132

Limit | 330 -> 396


Parts added:
Chobham armor

Gespenst Mk-II

Parts added:
Overlimiter (+50 Limit)

Xabungle 2

Parts added:
Computer core
Chobham armor

Xabungle 1

Equipped with Full Armor Module

Parts added:
Chobham armor
Reinforced armor (+300 Armor)

Iron Gear

Parts added:
Alloy Z (+1000 max HP, +200 Armor)
HP targetter (+30 to hit rate with all weapons.)


: (Arthur's talk, and Garrison's report... When combining the information from both of them... All signs point to the third disaster having been caused by the Moonlight Butterfly...)

: (As evidenced by the Mountain Cycles, the Earth of long ago clearly developed nanotechnology.)

: (The Moonlight Butterfly must have been a system which used nanomachines... But, for it to hold enough power to remold the very Earth itself...)

: (The Turn-A was sleeping inside the idol of the White Doll... In Loran and Sochie's town, it was worshipped as a god... That could be because, having used the Moonlight Butterfly, the Turn-A became deified in legend like in Magus's tale.)

: By the way, Chiru, what have you been doing this whole time?

: I wanted to ask you something, but you didn't seem like you wanted to talk much...

: Ah, sorry about that. I was just thinking about something. What did you want to ask me?

: That place we're going, X-Point on the Eisia continent... What kind of place is it?

: What kind of place...? Hmm, I've never been there myself...

: Of course you haven't.

: I could tell its location from a map, but... A map! That's it...!!

: Wh-what's wrong?

: Chiru, could you call Birin and Ryouma and the others in here?

: Um, sure...

Some time later...

: Thanks. Okay, guys, have a look at this map. In particular, take a good, long look at the right side.

: Is there something special about this spot?

: Doesn't it look pretty similar to the shape of Mexico back in our time?

: Now that you mention it... So, does that mean North Ameria is supposed to be North America?

: Next, have a look at the left.

: This spot looks like Africa's western coastline. This means Gallia consists of southern Europe and northern Africa.

: I follow you...

: The oceans have dried a lot, but this definitely proves that Zora is our Earth...

: Our current destination is X-Point, on the eastern side of Eisia. On the map, it'd be right about...

: Hey, that spot's...

: That's right. Eastern Eisia equates to our old Far East Asia, and...

: (.........)

: So, the Lost Mountains in Eisia...

: They could be what became of Japan's EOT Facility...

: (.........)

: (.........)


: Arthur... You're the Innocent's leader. You must know a way to save Elche, right?

: ...Going by what I've heard from all of you... There's no doubt that Elche Cargo is receiving mental conditioning from the Innocent.

: (.........)

: But... I'm sorry. I don't know very much about that offhand.

: There's no way to cure her!? So, does that mean that it's pointless to even bother trying to save Elche!?

: Jiron...

: Calm down, Jiron. Taking your anger out on Arthur won't solve anything.

: But!!

: The root of this evil is Kashim King. He tried to have Arthur killed too, you know.

: Urgh...

: No... As the Innocent's leader, I must apologize for the inhumane actions of my subordinates...

: Arthur...

: Please, don't make that face. Right now, Queen Diana is also taking action to fulfill her own duty...

: I can't remain sleeping on the sidelines while everyone else is struggling...

: Jiron... If you want to get back someone close to you... No matter what obstacles you face, you must never give up.

: Kenichi...

: My father was once captured by the enemy, too. That made our fight tougher than ever before... But thanks to everyone lending their strength, we somehow managed to save my father.

: (.........)

: We'll help you rescue Elche. So, you can't give up.

: Jiron, he's right. I'm going to fulfill my duty, and you're going to save Elche Cargo from the Innocent's clutches.

: (.........) All right. I'll never give up!

: That's the spirit, Jiron. Say it like that!

: (......... Jiron Amos... When I look at you, I can truly feel it... The new human race, the one meant for us to hand over Zora to, has already been perfected...)


: She's been that way for a little while now.

: !

Elche starts to take her frustration out on a nearby object.

: You're free to have a fit of the vapors if you like, but... It'd sure be nice if ya didn't scratch up this shiny new Innocent battleship, y'know.

: Shut up! A captain doesn't need to hear an adjutant's whining!

: Whoa, there.

: (......... This woman... I know I've seen her before...)

: Well, ya can pull rank if ya like, but... Gosh, it sure would be nice to see ya act more like a Cap'n.

: Like a Captain...

: Yup. Take this ship, fer example... Ya still haven't even christened her yet, have ya?

: (.........)

: Huh!?

: The Calling... that has a nice ring to it, huh? Gentle, yet strong... Cultured, yet stubborn... I like it.

Calling (or Carr[y]ing if you're into stupid puns) is the name of Elche's father, In case you forgot

: Besides, it's good being new... Both for ships, and for people.

: Well, I never... A Landship, sure, but there's a little thing called mature charm that women should have.

: (.........)

: Don't you agree?

: Y-yes'm.

: P-please don't tease me, Missus!

: Shucks, don't call me Missus. Just call me Greta.

: If you have time for goofing around, get out there and search for the Iron Gear!

: I got it. Welp, I'm taking the Doran out for a spin, then.

: Report back to me, the moment you find them! (Jiron Amos... This time, we settle this...!)