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Part 19: Post-intermission

: When did you figure out that Lt. Irm was fooling the enemy, Lt. Cmdr?

: Oh, I'm the one who helped them break out.

: Eh...?

: Why didn't you tell any of us what was going on!?

: W-we were right on the verge of seriously fighting Hikaru and the others...!

: Idjit, you gotta rely on your intuition, I tell ya! Like me!

: Intuition!? You're kidding!

: 'Course, it looked like that Rai boy had it all figured out.

: So, when did you realize it, Lt. Monsha?

: Ah, that was when Irm spoke respectfully to me. It was outta character.

: That's not a basis for anything!

: Don't get yer panties all in a bunch.

: I'm sorry that's out of character for me, Lieutenant.

: Well, he is famous for being a good schmoozer.

: Did that help you patch things up with Ring?

: Er......

: Wahahaha! That didn't work out for you either, punk-hair?

: Putting that aside, it's good that things went as well as they did.

: ...Though the DC HQ's a wreck now. Shu Shirakawa... He wasn't exactly trustworthy in the Balmar War either, but... From the way he sent that henchwoman in, he must be showing his true colors now.

: Yeah... To him, the DC, the SRX Project, and even the Balmar War itself... were just tools to accomplish his own objectives...

: What does that SOB think he is, some kinda god!?

: (.........) Our real enemy might be him, not the Titans, huh.


: Ah, I'd wanted to talk with Masaki, but he's having a long conversation with the new guy...

: Oh, that Yang Long person?

: Yeah, him. So, I was wondering what the big deal was.

: It'd be best not to butt in, right?

: I guess so... Maybe I'll go see Ryusei first.

Since I know you'd want to see what they are up to, I went ahead and chose the first option.


: Yeah, guess so... You guys were gone pretty much right afterwards.

: ...A lot's happened since then... The SRX Projet got suspended by the Titans... All the members involved got scattered apart... And the SRX also got taken by the Titans...

: I see...

: From what I've heard, the R-1 and R-2 both got scrapped...

: (.........)

: Well, nothing we can do about that now... Given how much Shu abused it, we might be better off without the SRX Project anyway...

: Yeah... We don't need any more people to experience what Aya's been through.

: (But, Aya aside, those two have gone missing... I sure hope they're okay...)

: (.........) For what it's worth, Dr. Ohmiya seemed to be doing fine at the Tesla labs.

: For real!?

: By the way, are Aya and Levi doing alright

: Aya!

: You're both safe!

: Aya, Levi... I thought Bask had something done to both of you. Are you two okay?

: Yes... We're fine. Father didn't do a thing to either of us.

: Yes... He just kept us both asleep.

: (......... So even that old guy has some humanity in him... And here I thought he only saw us as experimental samples.)

: What's wrong, Ryu?

: Er... Nothing.

: Well, glad to know everyone's okay. I'm going to go see Masaki, okay?

: Ah, I'll go too. I'd wanted to ask Ryune something.


: What!? You were with that useless old dude!?

: Gennaji should have gone to the capital for info. Didn't you hear about us from him?

: Nope... When he came back to Lan Gran, I insisted on borrowing Jaohm and headed straight out to the surface.

: I swear... Don't you ever consider anything other than the short term?

: Forget that, you know what all we went through because of Kirkus leaving Lan Gran...! What's the big idea, joining his side!?

: I know full well what you're getting at, and this isn't the time for it.

: So, what do you have to say for yourself!?

: While in battle with the Shutedonius Army, Ryune and I discovered something fearsome.

: Something fearsome?

: Traces of a temple devoted to the god of destruction, Sahva Volkruss.

: What'd you say!?

: We made contact with the dark priest Luozohl there, and there's no doubt that he and Shu are up to something.

: (.........)

: I have a feeling that Shu's actions are connected to the destruction of both worlds. It would be extremely dangerous to ignore him.

: (.........)

: When the existence of our very worlds is at stake... We Elemental Lord controllers must fight, casting everything else aside if necessary.

: I hear that. So that's the reason you came up to the surface.

: Yes. I'm worried about General Kirkus and Prince Feil, but I've concluded that defeating Shu must take top priority. I doubt I need to ask, but I assume your goal is the same?

: Yeah, though honestly, I didn't want to leave Lan Gran. Feil and Tyutti are there too... By the way, where's Ryune?

: Agh... Don't scare me like that!

: Masaki, don't you have anything to say to me?

: Like what?

: What was the big idea, going back to La Gias without saying a word to me?

: Why should I have to?

: It caused trouble for me, that's why! I got summoned to La Gias out of the blue...

: ! (I guess that makes Ryune the same as Mio...)

Kouji and Ryusei decide now is the time to butt in.

: You've got no idea what you're talking about, so butt out!

: No need to get so angry, geez. Or did he touch a nerve?

: Now, look here...

: Ryusei, have Aya and the others been okay?

: Yeah. Speaking of which, Ryune, any idea what's going on with Captain Viletta?

: She was at Mao Industries before I left for La Gias, I think...

: I thought so. She vanished after ordering us not to do anything stupid without instructions... By the way, who's this

: Ah, let me introduce you...

: I'm Yang Long Hwang. I control the Elemental Lord, Granveil.

: That black panther talked!?

: Ran Shao isn't a panther. He's a familiar who takes the form of a legendary creature called a Fuseiju.

: So basically... He's like Kuro and Shiro

: He's more like you-know-what than a Fuseiju.

: You-know-what?

: You know, Rodem?

: Ales too. Aren't there other familiars? Like maybe a cylindrical robot and a monster bird...?

: (.........)

: (.........)


: And you and the SRX Team will remain here?

: Yeah.

: We'll do all we can to try and restore Project Aegis's backup data, but... It's most likely already...

: No use crying over spilled milk. We'll manage something.

: I'm going with you, Lt. Cmdr... What about you two? Yang Long, Ryune?

: I'm worried about Shu too. I'm going with you guys.

: I'd rather avoid meddling in surface affairs, but given the situation...

: Going with Masaki would seem to be the best way to make contact with Shu.

: ...So he says.

: What's that supposed to mean!

: That, and it'd be good to have someone around to keep an eye on you.

: Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence.

: Alright... Let's get going then, shall we?

: Best of luck to you...