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by Tobias Grant

Part 190: Mission

: One after another, huh. And here we've kept the Iron Gear the whole time.

: !

: Elche!!

: I'll send you all to Hell with this Landship, the Calling!

: The Calling!?

: Cotset! She said the Calling...

: Yeah, it's her father's name!

: S-so... That means Elche still has some memories left... In that case!!

The Walker Gallier sorties.

: Elche! I'll get you out of there! Just wait!

: So you've shown yourself, Jiron Amos! We'll settle things today!

: Alright, let's get a move on too!

: Greta! Keep it together out there!

: I'd do that without you telling me to! What an irritating woman.

: Greta Karas again!?

: Eh!? That half-naked old lady!? Ugh, she makes me wanna puke!

: Some people just don't know when to give up...

: The three-day law won't stop her either.

: Hey! When you insult people who never give up, that insults me too!! Guys! I'm gonna try and persuade Elche! I hate to ask, but please back me up!!

: Roger that!!

Before we get started, here are the stats for the Full Armor Xabungle. A bit late to show them off now, but better late than never. I'll show off the Full Armor Walker Gallier next mission, since I forgot to equip them for this one.

I'll admit, I got somewhat sloppy during this mission, but you won't exactly see the results until later.

On the plus side, the enemies were nice enough to put Jiron down into the red right off the bat.

Getter Dragon also took some heavy damage from the Recarls.

Next turn, I got some loot.

As well as a whole lotta punching.

So far, so good.

Greta continues to be a minor nuisence at best.

Xabungle suits have the best miss animations

'course they don't tend to live for long.

Mio and Fatman also went into red, activating their own Guts ability.

Bye, Greta!

Fatman continues to dominate everything in his path.

A Potan cannon shot does some minor damage to the Dorans.

I've almost cleared out the grunts by this point, hopefully my luck will still hold out...

...Well shit.

Fortunately Fatman is still going strong!

Now let's deal with Elche's Xamel guard.

Just as you would expect, Elche will support guard the Xamel's around her, so use some weak attacks to use them up.

There we go.

Now we just need Jiron to persuade Elche.

: How could a warrior of the Innocent like me ever love a melonhead like you...

: A-argh...! M-my head...! My head hurts...!

: Elche! Has your memory returned!?

: N-no! Jiron Amos is the Innocent's... my enemy! An enemy... I must fight!!

: I-it's not working!?

: A-argh...!

: I'll have to destroy this Landship and take her by force then!!

: A-oh no you don't! Jiron... Destroy Jiron Amos at all costs!!

Welp, guess I'll just destroy the rest of the rabble before fighting Elche's ship.

Oh come on...

A neat little thing with the FA Xabungle is that the Xabungle Full Power Attack with have the Xabungle fire one of it's shoulder mounted cannons at the end of the attack animation.

After defeating a majority of her troops...

: Alright! Just a little more!

: Hold on, Jiron! There's another Landship!

: What!?

Take a wild guess about who it is...

Hey Hola.

Hola's ship moves forward.

: Is that Hola in that Landship!?

: Bro... Er, Captain! We've spotted the Iron Gear and Elche's ship!

: Elche! I'll stall them here. You fall back to the rear in the Gavalier!

: Don't order me around, Hola! This isn't your mission! What are you doing here!?

: Well, er... I got worried about you, and...

: It's obviously 'cause he's head over heels in love. right, Bro?

: Don't steal my lines, moron!!

: S-sorry!

: Hola! Elche's been brainwashed by the Innocent! If you wanna help her, then lend us a hand!

: I'm all too aware of that! That's why I came out here to protect her! I won't let the Innocent keep her. She'll marry me and live with me!

: What'd you say!?

: That droopy-eyed dope's persistent. He still hasn't given up...

: Hola! I won't give Elche over to you!!

: That's my line!!

: .........!

Elche's ship moves behind Hola's ship and deploys more guards.

...Although due to a hilarious coincidence, Daitarn is in the spot she's supposed to be, and it looks like Caprico's are guarding Daitarn.

Needless to say, this will make things much easier in the long run.

: Elche...! Is she trying to retreat!?

: Jiron! Go after Elche! Get to the ship and get her out!!

: We won't get another chance! Pull Elche out by force if you have to!

: Alright, got it!!

: Oh no you don't Walker Machines, deploy ahead of us, don't let Jiron get close!

To get the Skill Point for this mission, you have to destroy every enemy before finally moving Jiron next to the Calling.

Everyone was running a little low on health by this point, so I had Jinguji use the health restoring version of Faith for a much needed health boost.

First order of business is to cut off Elche escape route any way I can.

A quick Psy-flash to get in some major early damage.

There's not much left to show for this mission, honestly. Just trap Elche betweed a few units, destroy everyone else, and then move Jiron next to Elche.

: Shut yer trap! If I beat you, Elche would look at me in a different light!

: Would you settle for Elche as she is, being brainwashed!?

Jiron almost destroys everyone with counter attacks.

A Caprico kills himself by trying to get an attack in on Getter Dragon. This works out great for me since I won't have to wear away at Elche's support defends just to get at him.

Now that I've got Elche surrounded, I can breath easy.

: Don't talk down to me when you'll never come close to my greatness!

: Oh, you went there! I'll drag you outta that ship and slap you silly!


Anyway, eventually I kill of the rest of the grunt suits, now I just need to deal with Hola and the two Delavasgalens.

Bye Hola.

Bye Delasvasgalens.

Hi Skill Point. Fuck yeah.

: Jiron Amos! The way you cling to me is incorrigible!

: Get back, Elche!

Jiron destroys the Calling!

: I won't let you fall!

Jiron catches Elche.

: Agh...!

: Jiron! Nice catch!

: Okay! Now we've got Elche back!!

: C'mon, Elche... Let's head back to the Iron Gear. Cotset, Fatman, and everyone is waiting...