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by Tobias Grant

Part 191: Post-Intermission

Elche begins tearing up the room.

: H-hold on, now! Miss!

: Calm down, Elche!

: Shut up, be quiet! Stay away from me!

: Th-there's no keeping her down!

: We can't give her treatment like this!

: There's no choice... I'll give her a tranquilizer shot. Daisaku, Daijirou, hold Elche down!

: Got it!

: Leave it to me!

: Don't touch me!

: Agh!

: Whoa!

: Elche threw them both off!?

: Elche's stopped...?

: Quick, Doc, the tranquilizer!

: Okay!

: Ah! Ugh...

Elche falls unconcious.

: All right, Jiron... Take Elche to a bed, nice and easy.

: Sorry, Elche... We had to do it...

: But what made Elche freeze up like that?

: Maybe because she saw Fatman?

: That outfit is one that Elche made for Fatman, on her 12th birthday.

: Fatman's been with Elche that long?

: Yeah... He was saved by the Calling family once, and became Miss's bodyguard.

: (.........)

: Wow... So Fatman's been with Elche way longer than any of us...

: (.........)

: Fatman's always treasured that one nice suit of his, and only wears it on special occasions. Seeing it must have made Elche remember the time she spent back then with the master...

: Elche...