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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 193: Mission part 1

Pre-Mission Adjustments

Walker Gallier

Equiped the Full Armor Module

Limit | 334 -> 396

Xabungle (FA)

Limit | 330 -> 360


Parts added:


Parts removed:
VR Helmet

Parts added:
New Alloy Z ( +1500 HP, +200 Armor)


: I-I offer no excuse. Next time, I won't fail...

: (.........) ...You seem somewhat tired. I order you to remain on standby for the time being.

: W-wait a moment, please! I can still...!

: Back down and rest your body, General Bat.

: E-Emperor Gore...!

Bat leaves

: I suppose Getter and its group won't be defeated with half-hearted measures...

: Emperor Gore, reporting.

: What is it?

: I've approximated the humans' destination. They're heading close to where Japan once was.

: What...?

: They must want to excavate the weapons buried there...

: Mm... We can't allow that.

: Please be at ease, Emperor. I am working on a plan that is certain to defeat them.

: Hoh... You sound confident.

: Of course. This brain of mine is the Dinosaur Empire's finest...

: Fine. Then the next operation shall be placed under your responsibility.

: On that note, I have a favor to ask.

: A favor?


: ...Do it.

: (.........)

: You're looking well, Elche Cargo. But I'm not Biel. I'm Arthur Rank.

: Sir Arthur? I like it! Good men should be called sir.

: Miss... She's talking like her old self...

: Well? Would you like to speak with me alone?

: I would, I would, Arthur Biel! Are you doing well, Sir Arthur?

: She's mixing up what she's saying...

: She is... But she seems fine otherwise, right?

: No, this is just one facet of Elche. Any unexpected triggers could cause a berserk personality to surface.

: You've fought well for the Innocent. We're imprisoned now, but I, too, want to keep fighting to the death.

: Oh, so do I!

: So... Do remember that you used to be a girl who fought against the Innocent?

: Well, life can change in unexpected ways...

: Yes, and this world is changing as well... Right now, I wonder if Kashim might be our true enemy...

: (.........)

: ...I've come to the conclusion that I want to see Kashim taken down, even if it means my death.

: You expect me to take him down!?

: Elche!

: Oh, no! She's going berserk!

: ...Those words... Did Kashim say that...

: Let go! Release me! I'll kill you... I'll kill you!

: Oh, dear! Any further agitation could be dangerous! Medic, the tranquilizer!

: R-right!

: Gh! Urgh...

Elche falls unconcious...

: Having no other way to deal with her than drugging her... this is pathetic, if I do say so myself.

: (.........)

: So, Arthur, did you figure anything out?

: Mm... Medic, could you show me Elche's most recent electrocardiogram?

: It looks like this...

: This isn't my specialty, but I can tell that these patterns aren't the normal result of conditioning...

: Wh-what'd you say...? How could someone do something so horrible...!

: S-so... Can Elche return to normal again?

: ...A person who has something forced into them from the outside won't completely change. They'll try to return back to normal... For that, we'll have to send her back, kindly and gently...

: Elche...

: Medic... I will remain with Elche for a little while. I may be able to discern a clue on how to resolve this.

: Understood.

: Arthur, Doc Medic... You guys are the only ones I can count on now. Take good care of Elche...


: Thanks a lot, Ropet.

: Okay, then I'll get that program entered into Combattler.

: Hmm... Combattler and Voltes... They seem to have a similar relation to Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger.

: Yup. They're both robots running on the same energy.

: Well, if you call one side Double Mazinger, I guess ours is Double Chodenji Robots.

: Combo finisher attack?

: Yeah, something like Chodenji Spin V-Slash. You like it?

: What's that supposed to be?

: Use the Chodenji Tatsumaki to hold the enemy in place, then slash through the spin with a V-Slash.

: That's a pretty vicious finisher.

: Hmm... Using them separately isn't an issue... But using them at the same time might make energy regulation tricky...

: Oh, come on. What about that Chodenji Gravity Cannon?

: Well... Right now, the Chodenji Gravity Cannon's energy consumption has dropped below 70%.

: How come?

: 'Cause the energy required to use the Chodenji Gravity Cannon isn't consistent. If we can't keep it in tip-top condition, there's the risk of it sucking up all of Voltes's energy.

: That's true, Voltes did run out of energy when it was testing the Chodenji Ball.

: Yes... The Chodenji Gravity Cannon still has a lot of kinks to work out. As such, for the time being I have removed the warp navigation device to which it is linked...

: So that means the Chodenji Spin V-Slash has another chance to shine?

Suddenly, the alarms come to life!

: We're under attack!?

: Sure sounds that way!

: All right! Everyone, move out!