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by Tobias Grant

Part 194: Mission part 2

: The Dinosaur Empire... Did they come to fight it out to the finish!?

: And I prepared something special for just such an occasion.

: What's a Gilgilgan?

: It's a vicious monster said to come from outer space.

: Don't tell me... Even something like that was buried here?

: Indeed. We've been excavating the ruins you call Mountain Cycles too.

: But Gallery, what you don't know is that we've already crushed it once!

: Hahaha... Then this should be familiar to you as well.

: !?

: Gilgilgan, unleash the Magnet Anchor Wave!

: Th-this is!?

: That's not the only problem! All the gauges are off the freakin' charts!

: Not good! Gilgilgan's sending out a powerful electromagnetic wave...!

: I-it's no use! My machine... can't move!!

: Wh-what's going on!?

: Only Gilgilgan and the Mechasuaruses can move in this magnetic field... Thanks to the protective devices I installed on them.

: Argh! If this keeps up...!!

: Hyouma!

: Yeah, I got it!

Suddenly, Combattler and Voltes begin to move as if unaffected by the wave!

: What? You can move within the confines of the electromagnetic field?

: For Combattler or Voltes, dealing with this kind of field is simple!

: Sorry to burst your bubble, but it looks like you've underestimated us!

: Wh-why yoouu...!

: Hold on guys! We'll take Gilgilgan out and get rid of that field!

: Fool! Taking out Gilgilgan with two machines!? Commence attack! Crush them in front of their immobile friends!

: Like you could!

: All units, concentrate on defense until they destroy Gilgilgan!

: We're countin' on you, Hyouma, Kenichi! Our lives are in your hands!

: Right, leave it to us!

: OK, Kenichi... Let's show 'em what Double Choudenji Robots can do!!

Despite what you might think, the others are far from helpless, since they can still attack and counter attack. they just can't move anywhere.

Dealing with Gilgilgan, however, might be a problem seeing as how little I've used Voltes up to this point. I'm pretty much forced to have both of them use Alert every turn so that they don't take any significant damage.

: Let's try something out, shall we...

The massive Mechasuarus army slowly moves towards the immobile group.

Thanks to Alert, GilliganGilgilgan's attack misses.

Gilgilcan also comes with Large Health and EN regen. It's almost impossible to consistently outdamage his regen at this point, so don't even try.

The Dino-jet's are the first to engage our immobile allies.

You can probably guess how well that worked out.

FA Walker Gallier's stats.

After another turn...

: Oh no...! If this keeps up, we'll be on the losing side!

: Hahaha... Give up your futile resistance.

: I never give up! Not as long as we have friends who believe in us!

: You may talk big, but I've already found your weak point.


A giant bolt of energy comes down and hits both Voltes and Combattler!


: Wh-what the!?

: The electromagnetic weight cannon's output is rising dramatically!?

: Yes. Your generator will overload itself, and cause you to self-destruct.

: Wh-what did you say!?

: He figured out our weakness...!?

: Not good! We really will self destruct if we can't keep the energy in check!!

: Wh-what should we do...!?

: .........! Hyouma! Bring Combattler near Voltes!!

: S-say what!? If I do that, we'll both self-destruct!!

: I've got an idea! Hurry!!

: .........

: ...Alright! Kenichi, I'll put my trust in you!!

: Useless struggling... It's too late now!

: No it isn't! Hiyoshi, Kosuke! Send all your energy into the cannon!!

: Eeh!?

: Then, throw a Choudenji Ball at Gilgilgan!!

: I get it!

: Expelling all the overloaded energy, right, Kenichi!?

: Right! Hurry!!

: Alright! I like the way you think!!

: Let's do it!!

: Look! Gilgilgan's recoiling!

: We did it! It's a success!

: What the heck's goin' on!?

: Adding the 2 cannons' power, we made an anti-Magnet Anchor Wave!

: I see! Interfering with Gilgilgan's magnetism and immobilizing it instead!

: Yeah. I used this trick against the Boazan Beast Namazungo... Now Gilgilgan shouldn't be able to move for a little while!

: According to my calculations, we should last another 3 minutes!

: Okay! Now it's our turn!

: Let's go, Kenichi!

: Right! We'll finish him! Hiyoshi, Kosuke! Give us all the energy left!!

Voltes and Combattlers HP and EN is fully restored, as well as getting 150 Will!

: Hyouma, Kenichi! The Machines have 3 minutes at max power! You've got to finish Gilgilgan before then, at all costs!

: That's plenty of time! Just you watch, Dinosuar Empire!

: We'll show them what we and the Choudenji Robots are made of!

That was from one Valored attack and support attack. Holy shit.


Now let's see how the others are doing.

And that's the FA Walker Gallier's best attack, the Boomerang Idiom, It's got massive range, as well as four shots and no Will requirement compared to the the ICBM toss' 1 shot and 140 Will requirement. However, it's weaker then the ICBM and just isn't as cool as throwing a nuke on someone.

Either way, they're holding their own against the enemy. This won't take long.

Gallery begins to move out on this turn. Nothing else happened on the enemies turn other than them losing more units to counter attacks.

Let's hurry up and finish Gilgilgan off.

Ohh so close.

Combattler with the assist!

There we go!

: You did it!

: No, not yet! He should transform!!

But before that, there's something I want to show you. I want you to think back to last mission on the Moon route where Akira went up like 7 levels after defeating one enemy. You may remember me mentioning as to wishing that I could have used Gain for that. Well...

Here's what can happen when you DO use Gain. that is a Fifteen level increase just from a single boss enemy. It also wasn't just one character that went up, everyone on Voltes V went up as well, which means a single enemy gave me seventy-five levels in total.

What I'm trying to say is that the experience system in Alpha Gaiden is broken as hell, and I love it.

Where were we? Oh right, Gilgilgan...

: Wh-what the!?

: He can DO that!?

: Humans, I commend you for doing so well up to this point. But Choudenji Energy won't defeat Mecha Gilgilgan when at it's very limits.

: True, we might not do much alone against Mecha Gilgilgan...

: That' right, fools.

: But still... We accomplished our true objective!!

: What!?

: ! O-oh no... The transformation used up all of it's energy...!?

: Now then... The real show begins.

: Gallery! We'll pay you back in spades for what you put us through!