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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 197: Mission part 1

Pre-Mission Adjustments

Combattler V

HP | 9000 -> 9680

EN | 225 -> 300

Parts removed:
Solar Panel

Parts added:
HPHGCP (30% EN regen per turn)

FA Walker Gallier

Weapon power increased by 150


: You look pretty happy, Gym Ghingnham!

: Marybell... You can tell my blood is boiling?

: Yup. You've been chipper ever since starting up the Turn X!

: (.........) After glimpsing the Black History in D.O.M.E., and giving up on Diana... No one can stop my battle. Midgard, have the ship make descent over Eisia.

: Sir.

: Then occupy the Lost Mountain, and start excavation of the Black History weapons there.

: We can finally start a war with the Innocent and Irregulars, huh?

: It's time to unleash the combat instincts in humans that have been kept suppressed all these years... By D.O.M.E., Diana Sorrel, and Agrippa Maintainer... My 3,000 year-old dream will come true... With the coming of a world filled with real combat! Mwahahahaha!


: Yes, sir. Judging from its size, it would appear to be a battleship.

: Is it the Ra Cailum?

: No, sir... This object is surrounded in a special field that makes discernment impossible for us.

: A mystery object, huh...

: If it's coming from space, then that at least rules the Innocent out.

: The Moon Race, then... Have they begun an invasion of Earth?

: I have a hard time believing that Captain Bright's group wouldn't have been able to prevent that...

: I seriously doubt it, but you don't think it's aliens, do you?

: There haven't been any extraterrestrial attacks since we came here. I doubt it.

: (.........)


Sorry about the last two updates being short. However, this is a good time for me to put in a request. Does anyone have a save game that starts on Mission 15 of the Fort Severn route? I want to replace the Satellite Cannon video with a new one.

Ones for Mission 6 (Either route) and Mission 9 would also be appreciated, but not really necessary.