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Part 20: Saphine Bonus

Now that we've seen what happens when we let her go, let's see what happens when we send her back to Shu in pieces.

: You won't fool us with a transparent lie like that!

: Masaki!
This time it's Fokker who gets mad at Masaki's choice.

: I know how you feel, but there's no way we can trust this one.

: She's Shu's right-hand woman, after all!

: Such severe words.

: Masking venom with honeyed words... This is it for you Saphine.

: Ooh... So you want to cross me, no matter what it takes?

: If you mean cross swords, then yes.

: Saphine! I'll beat Shu's location out of you if I have to!

: Then you'll be this Wizol's first opponents. It's okay to get a little violent.

: Wh-What's with that woman...

: ...So beautiful...

: Did you say something, Max?

: N-Nothing.

After that. the rest of the dialogue is pretty much the same, save for a few minor changes here and there.

So let's just see what the Wizol is made of.

: Talk! What's Shu plotting this time!?

: Why don't you ask him yourself? He's waiting for all of you.

: What'd you say!?

A quick shot from Jaohm an-


She at Masaki, but they miss.

: If you have the time to be chasing me, use it to put on some makeup.

: Hmph! I have no intention of looking like some old hag!

: ...Oh, you did NOT just go there!!


Saphine runs at the 3500 mark, so I reloaded a savestate after this. But I still leaving some of this pictures in because Saphine is creepy as hell.

Here's Irm's Gespenst. For reference, Ryusei and Rai's Jet Magnum has 2000 power and their Slash Ripper has 2200.

Gespensts' Jet Magnum stakes also double as beam swords, which I thought was neat.

Since I know you were disappointed by the lack of Mazinger Z in the last mission, here's a Breast Fire as an apology.

Another failed attempt at taking her down gives us another image.

: You're persistent, Yang Long! Or are you just that interested in me?

: Don't Worry, You're the opposite of my ideal type of woman.

: Heheh... I also love the ones who protest so strongly.

I made sure not to mess up this time.

And there's the reward for taking her down.

There's no change in the Intermission. So defeating her is a completely optional event.