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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 200: Pre-Intermission

Pre-Mission Adjustments

Pilot Reassignments

Fatman becomes the main pilot of the Walker Gallier, and Jiron becomes the sub-pilot.

Puru 2 becomes the main pilot of the Super Gundam, and Puru becomes the sub-pilot.

Amuro and Quattro are moved into GM Customs

Sochie is moved into the V2 Assualt Buster Gundam

Fa is moved into the Hi-Nu Gundam

Keith and Katz are moved into Borjarnons

Burning is moved into the Gold SUMO

Kamille is moved into the Jegan

Harry is moved into the Methuss

I've also put a massive amount of parts into all of the above mechs, but listing them all here would easily make the update twice as long. If you want a list, I'll post it separately in the thread.


: All that's left is to bring Machineland to the surface and release the atmospheric gasses that are poisonous to the humans.

: How many hours will it take to make them extinct?

: Somewhere in the area of approximately 40 hours.

: Hahaha... This time, we, the Dinosaur Empire, shall once more become the masters of the Earth. I can see those monkeys writhing in agony on the surface now...

: Reporting, sir!

: What is it?

: When General Bat and Duke Gorgon headed for Eisia, they discovered an unidentified production plant!

: An unidentified plant? One of those things the humans call a Mountain Cycle?

: The details are currently under investigation.

: (.........)

: ...Mm. The Eisia continent, isn't that...

: Yes, sir, it used to be called Asia. The area Gorgon headed to was in the far east there...

: The Far East... Where Japan once was, hm...


: (.........)

: The former given the job of the moon's defense... the latter known in legend as guardians of the land... Originally, both groups surpassed human knowledge, and existed for the purpose of protecting mankind... Is making peace with them not possible?

: (.........) ...Correct. In the fighting we've been through, I have learned that all too well.

: (.........)


: Yes, sir...

: Where is it located?

: In the Far East region of Eisia... Where Japan used to be.

: Is that true!?

: Yes...

: Japan, hm... That was the area where the EOT Facilities were concentrated, wasn't it.

: Yes. It's possible those could have turned into Lost Mountains.

: Can you tell anything about the nature of the energy readings?

: Getter rays, Photonic energy, Mutron, Chodenji energy... we're working with a lot of possibilities.

: We can't be certain until we investigate it for ourselves.

: Captain, this sounds like it could warrant some investigation.

: All right... We'll head for the Lost Mountain now.


: Hmmmm......

: Guess we'll have to divvy up the work and check over each section again...

: ...What's everybody gathered here for?

: I was making some adjustments to Getter Dragon's energy output, when...

: What'd you say...!?

: Can we assume it was the safety kicking in after picking up abnormal Getter energy output

: No, the energy used wasn't that much.

: (.........)

: Ryouma...

: What is it, Tifa?

: ...Please be careful...

: Something frightening...?

: That should not be...?

: (.........)

Suddenly, the alarms go off!

: !

: Guys! Mechabeasts appeared at the Mountain Cycle just ahead!

: Is that true!?

: Yeah! We've got orders to launch!?

: All right, let's move out!

: Easy there, Ryou. We can't launch, remember?

: ! O-oh, yeah...!

: Ryou, Hayato... Let us take care of this. You guys just get Dragon fixed up ASAP.

: R-right... Got it...!

: (.........)