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by Tobias Grant

Part 202: Mission part 2

: I knew it... That earlier energy reading...!

Mazinkaiser releases a massive amount of energy, and then moves to the other side of the map.

: Kouji! Why's MazinKaiser attacking us!?

: .........

: Don't tell me it's out of control!?

: N-no... the Pilder is in there... It should be moving in 'Z' mode!

: !! D-Duke Gorgon! You're at Kaiser's helm!?

: Yes. Even the Demon God Emperor is just a machine. If I have control, it's mine.

: !!

: Of all the things for the enemy to steal, Kaiser...!?

: Hahaha... It just means I gather better intelligence than your side.

: D-damnit...! How could Mazinger... how could Kaiser fall into enemy hands!?

: See for yourself! I control the greatest of the despicable Mazingers!! Now... This Demon God Emperor will put an end to all you humans' lives!

: Heh, that's funny. Kaiser schmaiser, I'll smash through any foe!

: .........

: K-Kabuto! Are you serious!?

: But Kaiser is the Mazinger your grandfather built!

: Argh......!

: B-but... Kaiser's fallen into enemy hands...! And... if we slip up now, we'll be screwed...!

: ......... Kouji... Are you really so sure about that?

: T-Tetsuya...

: Mazinger is our bond and soul. Would you let that be destroyed as a pawn?

: Argh...!

: yeah. Aren't Mazingers Super Robots that fight for peace...?

: Then what should we do!? We're up against MazinKaiser here!

: I'm tellin' ya... Just take it back!

: !

: Kouji, I won't give up either. Take Kaiser back, using all your might.

: ...Alright, Tetsuya... Ryusei.

Theme of Z

: That may be. The one in control makes it either a god or demon...

: But Tetsuya's right, to me, Mazinger is my soul! I can't let it fall to evil! Everyone...! It's a dangerous gamble, but lend me your strength!!

: Just the words I've been waiting to hear.

: Geez... There's no helpin' it. Guess we'll have to play along.

: Alright... Immobilize MazinKaiser first. Be careful not to blow it up!

Let's just finish our turn for now.

After MazinKaiser shows up, almost every enemy will start to make a beeline for Mazinger Z, so be sure to watch it's health.

You also don't have to defend the Mountain Cycle anymore, since Gorgon has already gotten what he needed.

Speaking of which, Gorgon and MazinKaiser will stay still for a few turns.

: ...Great could get paralyzed if you struck the center between the wings.

: !

: If Kaiser has a Scrander like Great's, the same thing might work on it.

: G-got it! I'll give it a shot, Tetsuya!!

: Sorry, but all the rest of you, lend a hand, would you?

: Alright! Got it!!

First thing I do is have Fa board the Iron Gear so she can regenerate her EN faster.

Harry takes some counter attack damage.

My main concern right now is keeping these three alive.

At this point I'm only watching the GM Custom attack animations so I can listen to The Winner.

For some reason, these guys are the only ones who don't go after Kouji and keep going towards the Mountain Cycle.

The enemies turn passes.

Here's where I stand after my last turn.

The Pikudrone is still chasing after me.

And Dante still has After Image

I finally let Fa out of the Iron Gear.

I continue to clear the field of enemy grunts.

I end my turn early, since next turn I plan to destroy the Pikudrone.

Gorgon finally gets close enough to attack.

The Super Gundam also takes some serious damage.

I start my attack on the Pikudrone. Since almost everyone on the Dancouga team has Valor, they do some very nice damage to it.

It doesn't take long to bring him into the red.

Almost there...

A Valored shot from Kamille finishes him off!

The rest of the turn is spent killing a few more grunts.

: If Kaiser succumbed to evil, I'd never be able to show my face to Grandpa!

Gorgon's MazinKaiser has no HP regen, so don't worry about your damage being healed away. You also only have to bring him down to 10% of his HP, and then move Kouji next to him to win.

Dante is the first to die.

: ...True, Kaiser does exceed Great. But that's only when the pilot joins with it!

: Like you could ever hope to draw out Mazinger's power!!

Keith kills the final grunt.

Almost there...

Quattro pushes him over the 10% mark!

Oh wow, Fire Blaster has a different animation here.

: Now, Kouji! Take Kaiser back!

: Right!

And we do just that.

: Alright, now to just land a direct hit on the back...!

: Oh no you don't!

Gorgon blasts Kouji away from MazinKaiser.

: Argh!

Mazinger Z and MazinKaiser then move towards the NE corner of the map.

: Gr...!

: Kouji Kabuto! You're finished!!

: Kouji!!

: Not on my watch!!

Tetsuya flys towards the two Mazingers!


: Tetsuya! Tetsuya...! You didn't have to shield someone like me...!!

: B-but...

: Don't make me say it again... We're brothers bound through Mazinger. So we live or die together.

: Tetsuya...!

: ...Besides, I owe you one...!

: An admirable friendship. Die together, then! Double Mazinger!!

: Chief...! This time, I'll fulfill my promise to you!!

Great Mazinger grapples with MazinKaiser!

Great Mazinger takes a hit!

: Tetsuya!

: Quick, Kouji! Go for the weak spot in the back while I hold it still!

: B-but...!

: Forget about me! Hurry! This could be your last chance! Don't you want to get back to your time and family alive!?

: !

: Sorry, Tetsuya!

Kouji flys over and hits the back of MazinKaiser!

: Now!

Kouji lands near Mazinkaizer.

: Ill be taking Kaiser back!!

: Curses!

: Say your prayers, Gorgon! I'm sending you off to the next life!

: Gwah! M-must I be forced to flee!?

Gorgon abandons MazinKaiser.

And MazinKaiser is back into the rightful hands of Kouji Kabuto!

: You did it, Kouji...

: Yeah. Thanks to everyone's help...

: ...MazinKaiser... You... You've been waiting for me...? (Over thousands... tens of thousands of years... Just for me......)

And the rest of the first half of this mission plays out the same as the one on the Moon Route.

Yup, there's still another half to go!