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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 206: Pre-Intermission

Pre-Mission Adjustments


HP | 6500 -> 8450

EN | 170 -> 340

Armor | 1350 -> 1687

Weapon Power increased by 400

Parts added:
Generator (+100 EN)
Solar Panel

R-1 Custom

speed | 95 -> 109

Limit | 340 -> 408

Weapon power increased by 300

Parts added:
Minmay Doll (+5 to starting Will)
Haro (+2 movement, +25 Speed, +35 Limit, +25% to to-hit rate)
Hovercraft (ignore ground terrain)

Shin getter

Parts added:
Mega Generator (+150 EN)
Solar Panel

Walker Gallier

Parts added:
Hybrid Armor

Iron Gear

Parts added:
New Alloy Z (+1500 Max HP, +200 Armor)

Daitarn 3

Parts added:
Alloy Z (+1000 Max HP, +200 Armor)
VR Helmet

VF11-B Fighter

Parts added:
Chobham Armor

Pilot Reassignments

Burning moved to the Burn-ATurn-A Gundam


: (...I'm...)

: A-aagh... Wh-who is it...? Who's meddling... with my heart...!? S-stop it...! Don't touch me...! Who are you...!!


: (.........)

: How is it, Tifa...?

: ...Elche's mind is being kept suppressed by intense hatred...

: Is there nothing we can do to free her mind?

: (.........)

: It's no use, huh...

: Wh-whoa, hey! You can't go saying that!

: Jiron...

: The Moon Race has technology way more advanced than ours, right!? I mean, like... those whatsis-machines!!

: Sorry, but there's no precedent for nanomachines curing these kinds of symptoms...

: C-come on...! Tifa, can't you use your power to turn Elche back to normal!?

: (.........)

: Jiron, please calm down. This is a unique situation. We must approach it carefully and deliberately...

: Argh...! We went through all that to get Elche back... And for nothing...!

: (.........)


: Yeah... Elche wasn't just mentally conditioned by the Innocent...

: Th-that's horrible...

: Then, what about Elche's personality...?

: According to Tifa, it hasn't disappeared, but... if she stays like this...

: How awful...

: ...Hey, isn't there anything we can do to help Elche?

: Puru 2...

: We've been saved by the others all this time.

: (.........)

: I think it's our turn to save someone now...

: But... How? Even Tifa couldn't get Elche's personality back to normal.

: ...I have an idea.


: (.........)

: B-but... Can something like that really be done?

: ...It's possible if you use psycommu.

: If I may speak from a doctor's standpoint, this method would be extremely unrecommended.

: ...We used this same method to save a boy's life, once.

: But it's too much of a burden on the one sending the brainwaves.

: (.........) Lieutenant Amuro, if we were to use this psycommu device... Would we be able to link my mind to Elche's?

: It would be possible to send your thought waves into her forcefully, but...

: But, it's dangerous! You could end up just like Elche!

: ...It's all right.

: Why is that!?

: I can make a pretty good guess whose personality was transplanted into her... If my guess is right, I would be the most ideal place for that personality to move.

: Wh-what!?

: A-Arthur, are you serious!?

: This was all caused by my inability to stop Kashim's excesses.

: You're wrong, Arthur Rank... It isn't your fault.

: No, the one who bears responsibility for his cruel malice is I, and none other.

: Y-you can't ask me to do that...

: Do it, Medic. We can't give in and let Kashim have his way, can we?

: Arthur...

: Besides... I don't have long to live. If I must die, I would like that death to serve a purpose for you...

: (.........)

: If I can successfully take the personality into myself, I may start going berserk like Elche was.

: Eeh!?

: That's only reasonable, right...?

: Like heck I could do that! You've got a bunch of fans, you know!

: *chuckle* ...But if you don't, I might end up killing you...

: A-Arthur...

: ...There's no time. Please, hurry and begin making preparations...


: What do you plan to do with it?

: I-I beg your pardon!?

: The entire Earth's fate is hanging in the balance. If the Preventers, the Innocent, and Ghingnham keep fighting... the Earth won't get off easy.

: B-but, sir...!

: I also cannot endure the Earth's technology level being so far behind that of the moon's.

: What will you do about the White Doll!?

: Laura...!

: Negotiations with Gym Ghingnham...? Has Lady Diana been informed of this?

: Laura, you're the pilot of the White Doll... And starting now, commander of the Militia's mechanized units...

: Loran!

: Lord Gwen Rhineford, what you are doing is wrong!

: Laura! We must not let the Earth fall into the hands of a man like Ghingnham!

: I'll have no part in a second coming of the Black History!

: We can learn from the better parts of the Black History...!

Gwen pulls out a gun!

: Sir Gwen...! What do you intend to do with that gun!?

: Laura, you're coming with me. And...

: I respectfully decline!

: (.........)

Gwen runs away

: (.........)

: Sir Gwen...!


: It looks like the Militia guys took good care of it.

: And they even brought it all this way to us... Colonel Mikhail's got a nice side to him.

: By the way, where did the Militia go?

: Who knows? It looks like they went off separately from us a little while back...

: (.........)

: Captain, we've received a message from the Ra Cailum.

: What does it say?

: That their ship will remain in place for a while, for the purpose of giving Elche Cargo medical treatment.

: ...Roger that.

: The treatment's finally starting, huh?

: Yes. Here's hoping it goes well...

Suddenly, the alarms go off!

: What's wrong!

: An object has been detected approaching the ship from the fore!

: What's its identification!?

: The Soleil...? What's it doing here!?

: It appears to be under pursuit by a group of Breakers!

: What did you say...!?