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Part 208: Mission part 2

: The Ghingnham Army's reached Aysia too!?

: Deal...!? With Lady Diana!?

: Yes. She's no longer necessary, after all.

: If she was gone, who would settle things between the moon and the Earth!?

: Yeah! This is no time for human beings to fight each other!!

: No... people are incapable of giving up disputes.

: Yes... And we deny all others aside from ourselves...

: !?

: If we take you and Diana out, full-blown war will erupt again...

: Remember, Garrod Ran. If war breaks out, we brothers come out on top...

: What'd you say!?

: Ah...!

: What's wrong, Tifa!?

: ...I sense a terrible hatred from them. Enough to want the world destroyed!

: Enough to want the world destroyed...?

: You mean, they don't want to rule the moon or the Earth...

: ...They want to destroy the world itself!?

: Why!? Why would you want to do something that drastic to the world!?

: We were born with a special power...

: But the Flash System didn't respond to that power at all.

: For that reason alone, we were treated with contempt, ignored!

: That's your reason for wanting to change the world!?

: Yes... It's more than enough reason for us.

: .........

: You wouldn't know how it hurts to be better than others, yet be cast aside...

: The humiliation, the misery we endured... We'll destroy the world and the one who labelled us as Category-F, Ghingnham.

: And after everything is destroyed, a new race of Man will build a new order.

: Those are nothing more than delusions! Like what D.O.M.E. told us...!

: Yes! We should be striving for a future without any factions!

: !

: Wh-what did you say!?

: Sir Gwen did what...!?

: He's turned on us!?

: He just realized that way is what allows men to make any progress...

: Even you try to shape the future through victory in battle, through sacrifices.

: Maybe so. But people like you are the reason we fight at all!

: It's not like we're fighting this way because we want to!!

: Yeah! If you guys weren't abusing your power, things wouldn't be this way!

: Someone like you couldn't begin to understand our suffering!!

: No, I don't understand it! But I do know this... There are others who got used because they had special powers like you!

: Used as experiments, having memories stolen... Yet they fight for this world!!

: Unlike us... We use our own power to pave the way for a new world...

: What'd you say!?

: Yes, like now!

: Then we'll destroy all of you here!

: yes... For the sake of our new world!

To get the skill point for this mission, you have to destroy both Shagia and Olba with a single MAP attack. This caused me some... problems that I'll go into later.

For now, We've got to deal with these guys. Three Almeyers and six Mahiros. If you weren't expecting these guys, it's very possible to lose here.

I go ahead and finish Hola off.

I used a funnel MAP attack here to speed things up.

Funny story, when I played this mission on my first playthrough of the game, these guys caught me off guard and a Mahiro managed to sneak past me.

While I had a few guys chasing after it, there was no way I could've destroy it in time before it reached the Ra Cailum.

So the inevitable happened, and the Mahiro got within firing range of the Ra Cailum. The only chance I had was to try and dodge it, and anyone whose played these games know that flagships have absolutely horrible evasion rates.

But hey, it's all I can do, right? So I set the Ra Cailum to dodge, and the enemies hit rate was in the high 90's. Fuck it. I hit Start Battle and pray.

The Mahiro fucking missed.

When I saw the Ra Cailum swiftly dodge the incoming attack, I just started laughing. Once I finished laughing, I ground the offending Mahiro into a fine paste and I continued on with the game.

Anyway, You need to keep at least one of these guys alive, or else the battle will end and the Frost Brothers get away.

Normally I would have just used the DX's TSC to easily score the SP for this mission, but since it's day-time that option is out. So I'm going to have to get creative.

First thing I do, is crowd everyone who has Rouse (Which does exactly what the screenshot above says) around Puru 2 and bring her Will up. Her Funnel MAP attack is the strongest one I have access to.

I also give Puru 2 some more SP with Faith so she can cast both Spirit and Valor.

Now to lower their health.

...Whoops. Let's try again without Valor this time...

...Nope, still too much. Seems like the point where they run away is somewhere near 4500.

: Quiet! I won't let people who play with others' lives get off easy!

: Then bring it on! If you won't understand, I'll beat it into you all!

Right in the eye!

: You want to destroy the world for such a self-centered reason!?

: Could someone like you ever comprehend our suffering!?

: Like I would!!

: The world casts us aside, so we're going to destroy it!

...Okay, that seems good enough. Let's fire the Funnels!

...O-oh... it's... It's not enough...

We-well, not all is lost! Usso's V2 has a relatively powerful one, and Soul might make all the difference!

...I guess it didn't...

I want you stare at this picture. Because it was in this exact moment that I realized that I had no hope of getting the Skill Point with this group, and had to make a choice. Either continue on with the game while missing one Skill Point, or restart the mission from the Loadout screen, denying me all of the money and EXP I got so far.

Naturally, I went with option 2. I said I was getting them all, and by god that's what I'm going to do!

So looking around, my units, I realized my MAP options were... limited. So say hello to...

The Double Zeta! A unit I barely ever used or upgraded! It's High Mega Cannon's power is 350 points higher than that Qubelay's MAP funnels. I also put Amuro in it since he has Soul, and every little bit will help. I gave it an HP targetter (+30 to to-hit rate) and a generator (+100 max EN) to help it out.

I also change my roster, I kicked the White Ark and Dendrobium out, and replaced them with Bryger and Combattler V.

...For some reason, my emulator screwed up, and the clouds are glitched out. Nothing else was affected though.

The beginning of the mission played out the same.

Now the preparation begins. Chiru and Bowie use up all of their SP using Daunt on Shagia and Olba to weaken their defense. Juuzo used Faith on Chiru as well so I can get an additional use of Daunt.

Here's where they stand.

As before, I raised Amuro's Will to max and lowered their health as much as I could.

Here goes nothing...


After this, I restarted my emulator to fix the pink lines so I could get better screenshots.

: Did we do it!?

: No, hold on! They're still alive!!

They pop back up.

: ...Are you alright, Olba...?

: Y-yes... The machine can still move, Brother. More importantly...

: Trump!? What the hell's your trump!?

: Captain! We've got an object approaching our airspace at high speeds!

: Enemy reinforcements!?

: No, not that! It's...!!

: Th-that's!!

: Yes, this is our trump card.

: Y... you'd resort to THAT!?

: You've got no room to talk. Besides, this is the Lost Mountain area of Aysia... A place destroyed many times throughout the ages... a fitting tomb for all of you.

: No...! If you use a nuke here, the Innocent and the Moon Race will go to war!

: Now then... Let's do it, Brother. The opening act for our era.

: We want there to be war.

: That's why all of you are impeding us.

: Glory to the new race of Man!

The Missile moves ever closer to the Ra Cailum, when...

: Using nukes... Why must Man repeat the same mistakes time and time again...

: Polluting, restoring, then polluting one's own land again... Such troubled people. Without even realizing who it was that saved this planet long ago...

: Don't be hasty. We have to deal with the nuke first and foremost. Magus doesn't want our planet polluted any further.

: Those are... They were working under Magus at S-Point...

: The boy called Egret...? But why are there three of them...!?

: What was that we just witnessed!? D-don't tell me...!

: I-it's like...

: The Moonlight Butterfly...?

: .........

: Olba, this is where we pull back...!

: But, Brother!

: We don't know what they're capable of...! And we haven't left the stage yet...!

: A-alright...

The Frost Brothers leave.

: ...And our job is done.

The following conversation is mostly the same as the one in Mission 34 of the Earth route. This is mostly here for the benefit of those who went through the Moon Route. So here's a quick version of it.

: Go to Machineland and, like, beat the Dinosaur Empire or something.

: Later, we've got more important things to do.

: Fuck you guys then.


: Dude, I totally agree with him.

: 'Kay.

: !!

: Wh-what's with them!? They're saying and doing two different things!

: Hey! I thought they weren't gonna interfere with us!?

: I'm more concerned with them attacking us!!

: This isn't good! If they use those Machine Cells, we'll be...!


A Doran launches from the Ra Cailum.

: A Doran type!? Who's driving it!?

The Doran flys towards the Egret triplets!

: What's this!?

: !?

: ...Belongs to Jiron... Loran... and the others...


: Eeh!?

: Arthur Rank!!

: Wh-what're you planning to do!? Arthur!!

: J-Jiron... I've learned what the personality taking over Elche was...

: !!

: Wh-what'd you say!?

: It's no use... I'll fall under his personality's control... Before that...!

: What are you trying to do!?

: Stop! Stop it!! ARTHUR!!

: Th-that's......

: .........

: H-how could he self-destruct like that...!

: Wh-why you...! Self-destructing... inflicting wounds on me... You'll pay!!

: Stop. Even machine Cells need time to repair that damage. Pull back.

: NO! I'm going to kil them!!

: Are you ignoring my command, Thurisaz...?

: Agh......

: That's right, Thurisaz. Uruz gets scary when you defy him... hahaha.

: I-I know that, Ansuz...

: let's return to the Earth Cradle... In honor of the man who sacrificed his life...

The Egrets leave.

: ...Arthur Rank... You were...... (sob)...

: D-damn you, Kashim...... ...You're gonna pay for this...