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Part 210: Pre-Intermission

Robot Roll Call


Theme Song

The R-1 is one of my favorite mechs in the game. It's attacks at first aren't that powerful, but it's cheap to upgrade. The one major flaw it has is that almost all of it's attacks have a range of 1. The GT Revolver, TK Burst Sword (Which requires 130 Will) and the Boosted Rifle MAP attack are the only ranged options it has. It can also transform into the R-Wing.


Pre-Mission Adjustments

Pilot Reassignments.

Poe is moved to the White Ark.

Suit Adjustments


EN | 110 -> 220 MAXED

Parts removed:

Parts added:
Minovsky craft


Parts added:
New Alloy Z (Taken from the Iron gear)

White Ark

Parts removed:
Chobham Armor

Parts added:


Eagail(Corin's mech)


: Yes, sir... They've made contact with the humans' battleship several times in Eisia's Far East.

: Hmph... After lurking all this time, they've finally made their move.

: What shall we do about them?

: Leave no stone unturned. Find their base, the Earth Cradle. The moment it's found, we'll crush it with Machineland...!

: Yes, sir. I've finished gathering data on the Ancestors from the last fight... I already have a countermeasure in the works to deal with them.

: You understand that they must be disposed of before they use that abominable poison mist.

: Yes, sir. I'll ascertain their stronghold's location at all costs.

: Mm. We can't afford any mistakes with the atmospheric modification plan, either.


: (How many millennia has it been since the last time we fought with the Ancestors... The poison mist they spread did massively destructive damage to the Mycenae Empire... The Emperor of Darkness has long been missing... The seven generals are scattered, the remnants, including me, are very few... But I won't let it end like this. I shall defeat Mazinger and the Ancestors without fail... And see to it that one day, the Mycenae Empire is revived...!)


: Ghingnham, what are you looking at?

: The Black History data we got from D.O.M.E. It's rather fascinating. Hmph... Amuro Ray, Char Aznable... Or, Quattro Bajeena, hm. So they were notable enough to be named in the Black History. Hahaha... Now those are suitable opponents.

: Admiral, reporting.

: Midgard. Is this a status report for the Lost Mountain excavation?

: Mwahahaha! The Earth is truly a black armory... No, a treasure box!

: Well, Milord, what is it?

: I heard the Frost brothers used a nuke. That is going too far.

: There's no such thing as going too far in a battle.

: It is enough to crush the Innocent and the Diana Counter, and demonstrate the Ghingnham Fleet and the Turn X's power to the populace. There is no need whatsoever to contaminate the Earth with nuclear weaponry.

: The Turn types supposedly possess a function that can clean away that contamination...

: But the Moonlight Butterfly possesses even greater destructive power than that of a nuke.

: Hmph... So Milord analyzed the Turn-A's data.

: Mass-producing the Turn-A? Now that's an amusing thought.

: Amusing, is it? The Turn-A was worshiped by the people as the White Doll... If we could mass-produce it, it would be a simple matter to manipulate the human spirit.

: Hahaha! Gwen Rhineford, you're a real feudal lord, aren't you!

: You see, Marybell... I'd like to show your admiral that there are ways other than brute force to manipulate human hearts.

: This, from the guy who brought us the
Irregulars' combat data.

: Their battle power cannot be underestimated. I know that all too well after having worked with them.

: Are you saying we'll lose to them?

: I'm just saying that it is a possibility.

: .........

: It is my role to offer a hand of salvation to those driven into a corner. Do you know the tale of the sun and the north wind?

: That old fairy tale?

: Reality is cruel, so people are drawn to the sun.

: *giggle* (This smug twit must have a thing for making others look like idiots...)

: All right. Then you'll take command of the first wave.

: Why? Couldn't you just let me take care of them!?

: What can a child who only knows how to fuss do?

: What'd you say!?

: That's enough, Marybell.

: Gr......

: Katejina Luce... You know that if you defeat them, your torment will also disappear.

: (.........)

: Then, see to it.

: ...I don't need you to tell me that.

: Who is this woman?

: She's called Katejina Luce... She's a woman the Frost brothers picked up on Earth.

: (.........)

: She's lost her memories of the past, but... She seems to have some connection to the Irregulars.

: Th-then...?

: Yes... She has something resembling Newtype power. It could very well be that she's also an Irregular.

: (.........)

: All right, inform all troops! We will now attack the Preventers, and crush Diana Sorrel!!


: Hang in there, Elche...

: Elche...

: Elche...

: How's she holding up?

: ...Due to the aftereffects, she still hasn't regained conciousness.

: I see...

: Tex and Medic said the rest is up to Elche herself...

: (.........)

: Damnit! That bastard Kashim's got to pay...! What does he think of humans as!?

: Ugaaaah!!

: (.........) Even so, humans... No matter how much time passes, they do the same things, huh...

: Akira......

: When I first came to this time... Looking at the town of Vicinity made me feel at peace, but... Then immediately afterwards, the Diana Counter came, and war broke out.

: (.........)

: And... Seeing what happened to Caris at Fort Severn...

: (.........)

: Then this time, on top of everything else, we get nuclear weapons...

: (.........)

: (He's right... Even in the future, there are still people trying to use Newtypes as tools of warfare...)

: I think it's unavoidable for people to make the same mistakes. But if there are people who realize that... who can put a stop to it...

: She's right, Akira. We just have to stop all that repetition of mistakes.

: Hyouma...

: E-er... I don't think that's a good example...

: Well, whatever the case... If someone keeps making the same mistake, just keep stoppin' 'em.

: Yes. If we can do that...

: (.........)


: (...That girl... Rosamy has probably been captured by Kashim and the Innocent... And... probably subjected to the same things as Caris and Elche... Can I... Can I save Rosamy?)

: Kamille...

: Fa? What's the matter?

: (.........) I'm sorry, forget it...

Fa leaves

: (.........)

: Kamille, there you are. Are you going to finish analyzing the Ancestors' machines?

: R-right...


: Yes. D.O.M.E.'s defense systems used G-Bits, mass-produced Huckebein Mk-IIs, and Grungust Type-2s.

: I do recall those two types being deployed for the Moon Cradle's defenses during its construction... It's a wonder they're still around this far in the future...

: Huckebein and Grungust... Those are the names of the humanoid mobile weapons built on the surface called Personal Troopers, yes?

: Yes, that's right.

: So... Kamille, what did you notice about the Ancestors' machines?

: ...Could you have a look at the data for these two units?

: (.........) This data... These are Ancestor machines, right?

: Yes, it was gathered when we made contact with them.

: (.........) I heard these two machines' names during my time at S-Point.

: The Bergelmir was packing a rifle, so it must be a long-distance combat type... The Thrudgelmir had drills and a giant sword. We can assume it's a close-range combat type, right

: Yes...

: Captain, the Moon Cradle and Earth Cradle were both built as part of Project Ark, right?

: Yes, but the Earth Cradle had its construction suspended indefinitely... Mao Industries and the lunar cities took over construction of the Moon Cradle.

: ...Sure, that's a safe assumption.

: (.........) If the Earth Cradle is still left in this time... And the Bergelmir and Thrudgelmir are being deployed as its defenses...

: ! I follow you...

: ...I see what Kamille's getting at now.

: Let's reconsider these two units' data, taking Kamille's hypothesis into consideration.


: There is no mistaking that they are drastically augmenting their forces.

: And at the core of all this is the Turn X... It also has the Moonlight Butterfly that once destroyed civilization, right?

: The Turn X has yet to demonstrate that ability, but... Most likely, yes.

: Then if someone screws up, the possibility of the same thing happening again is...

: That's what makes the Turn X as much of a danger as the Dinosaur Empire or the Ancestors. Our primary target is the Turn X. As soon as we confirm its presence, launch a concentrated attack on it.

: (.........) In the prior battle, the Moonlight Butterfly was triggered when the Turn-A made contact with the Turn X... Going by that, it might be best not to sortie the Turn-A this time...

: But according to Ghingnham, the scar on the Turn X's chest was apparently inflicted by the Turn-A. To defeat the Turn X, we might have to send the Turn-A out.

: (.........)

: And what happens if the Moonlight Butterfly is activated as a result?

: ...It'll probably be our turn then.

: (.........)


: Finally, the decisive battle...

: Yeah.

: All right, let's get to our cockpits and stand by.

: Shinobu, don't do anything crazy.

: Save that line for the guy across from me, dumbass.

: That's all semantics. As long as you're not plannin' on dying out there, I guess.

: Of course not! After the fight's over, I want to have an air race with you and Hikaru's group!

: Oh, hey... Sounds like fun.

: Yeah, we've still got a lot on our plate, both stuff we have to do, and stuff we want to do. Isn't that right, Masaki?

: Yeah. No way I'm gonna buy the farm here. I'm going back to our time... To save the Earth, and La Gias.

: That's all I needed to hear.

: Okay, later, guys. Don't act unreasonable either, Heero.

: I don't think telling him that will accomplish much...

: You guys, too.

: Don't be ridiculous! We can't let you go out on the front lines by yourself!

: This fight is different from the others we've dealt with!

: Loran... It's a little late to be saying that now. We've come this far fighting together!

: B-but... If the Moonlight Butterfly gets activated...

: Aren't you the one who said it depends on how a tool is used?

: (.........)

: In that case, just do it the way you said you would.

: Why... How can you say that? Miss, you're...

: I don't want this war to keep going any longer! Sis and Diana have both been working hard to keep that from happening, right? We have to be able to do something to help! We can't just sit by on the sidelines!

: (...Miss......)

: K-Kenichi...?

: Don't worry about the Moonlight Butterfly. If anything happens, we'll be sure to stop it.

: (.........)

: Yeah! You should have a little more trust in us.

: If you're that worried, I'll pilot the White Doll...

: ...No, Miss Sochie... I will pilot the White Doll.

: Loran......

: For Lady Diana... For everyone's sakes, I'll deal with the Turn X. And I'll sever the tie that binds the Turn-A and the Turn X... the tie that binds the moon and the Earth.

: (.........)

: Kenichi, if anything happens...

: Yes, I know. But... If everyone doesn't come back alive, there won't be any point. Just don't forget that, okay?

: ...Right.


: So they're here. What about the Turn X!?

: Unable to confirm!

: Strange... I thought Ghingnham was the type who liked to lead from the front.

: That's how he was on the moon, but it could be that the Turn X and Turn-A both haven't displayed their full capabilities.

: Quite possible.

: Lieutenant Burning, Lieutenant Harry. Have our forces launch.

: Roger that.

: Lieutenant......!

: (.........)

: (...Please... stay safe...)

: ...Let us hurry, Lieutenant Burning.

: Right.


: What is it?

: I may be speaking out of place here, but try not to leave any lingering regrets when parting ways.

: (.........)

: (.........) ...I separated from my wife without ever really being able to convey my own feelings... Times like these can lead to regrets later. Well, it could be my age catching up to me, too.

: (.........) ...I understand what it is that you're trying to say.

: ...Ahh. Good enough, then.

: ...Let's hurry and sortie.

: Yeah...


: (Like before, on the moon, Ghingnham's assault squadron... Katejina is in it... Like us, she was sent to this world... Can I... Can I save someone who's lost their memories...?)

: (...Or......)