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Part 212: Mission part 2

At this point, the only enemies left are three Almayers, the two Adrastea, Katejina, the four Bandits surrounding her, and Benkei's punching bag.

: There's no real reason to do this!!

: You think you can act like buddies with me now!? I don't want that!!

: !!

: Gym gave me a reason and place to live! Can you replace that!?

: Th-that's not it! I'm...!!

: You just want to mold me as you please, you're no better than a child.

: .........!

: I won't let you trap me like that!!

Since I don't want to do any damage to Katejina right now, I have Usso dodge her attacks.

With what has probably already become an running theme with Bryger, it just barely survives this round.

On my next turn, Benkei defeats his rival.

Not much else happened that turn other than me weakening the Almayers.

: .........

: It's pure luck that you survived and we could meet here like this! Fighting in a place like this... It's just putting all of that to waste!!

: Then I'll make it so that you can fight me, like it or not...

: !?

: Wh-why...! Why would you go that far, Katejina!?

: You wouldn't understand... The pain of losing yourself, your memories...!

: To wipe that away, I have to kill you, Usso!!

: !!

: Katejina... Did you just say my name...!?

: Begone!!

Rather than take any chances, I have Usso defend rather than evade.

This is another attack I'll have to show of in video, the animation is just amazing.

Weakening the Adrastea battleships for later.

I finish off the Almayer ships.

I also make sure to destroy this one Bandit. The most observent of you can probably see what I have planned here.

I do a small amount of damage to the rest of them.

Now it's time to finish this with style.

Fuck yeah.

: .........!

: Katejina! Abandon your machine and get out of there!! Katejina, hurry!!

: .........

: Katejina!!


: The Turn X!!

: Only dying soldiers should call out the names of loved ones!!

: Y... you did that to Katejina!!

Usso moves up to challenge Ghingnham!

: That's your reasoning!?

: Well, I did take advantage of the machine's psycommu influence!!

: What do you think of people as!?

: Tools of warfare! Is that wrong!?

Ghingnham moves up to attack Usso.

: !!

: Usso!!

Suddenly, Katejina starts moving...

...and takes the hit meant for Usso...

: Katejina!!

: Aah......!

: Y-you... Covered me...!?

: !!

: D-did she save Usso...?

: Th-that's... That can't be right, Katejina...!!


: Hmph... Looks like we have some interference. Forget the small fry...

: All we have to do is attack the figurehead, thier idol Diana Sorrel!

: !!

: I'll destroy everything with the Turn X, and begin a new age!!

: Ghingnham! I won't let you cause a repeat of the Black History!!

: Yeah! We're gonna stop you before you get the chance!!

: ......... Katejina... No matter what she thought of me... She didn't have to fight anymore. But then you... you!!

: You want to try to seal me off with the Turn X and Black history!?

We both spend a turn moving towards each other.

Although Gym draws first blood.

There's not really much to say here, just beat down on Gym until he's health reaches Zero.

Besides, Gym Ghingnham is just toying with us in this fight.

But then again, I'm doing the same to him.

Quattro lands the final blow.

: Not bad at all, Irregulars!!

The Turn X explodes

: Did we beat him!?

: No, hold on! All his parts are...!!

: They're joining back together again...!!

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Here is the same scene as above from the show. Seriously, watch this.