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Part 213: Mission part 3

: The Moonlight Butterfly!?

: That light... That's the light that repainted the Earth's history black...!


: Th-the situation is... unknown!

: The light... It's spreading...!

: !! The Turn X is moving! It's trying to rejoin its main forces!

: Pursue it! Take down the Turn X at all costs!!

I recommend you start playing this song and keep it on a loop if you can. Black history will continuously play over the course of the mission, even during battle scenes. It's pretty chilling.

: The sky's filling up with light... This is the Moonlight Butterfly's power!?

: ...Just one mobile suit alone can cause all of this...!

: If this keeps spreading at this rate... It's going to get really nasty!!

: It won't destroy the Earth, but... the nanites will dissolve manmade structures!

: Hold on here! You mean we'd go before the Earth does!?

: Wh-what'd you say!?

: Kosuke! Calculate how much longer out machines can hold out!!

: R-right!!

: .........

: We only have that much time...!?

: So, to stop this... We'll have to make scrap outta the Turn X!!

: Concentrate your attacks on the Turn X!! Don't forget the time limit!!

: (...Am I going to have to use the Turn-A's Moonlight Butterfly to stop the Turn X...!?)

Finally, at long last! The Turn-A has reached it's full potential! it now has the Beam Drive Unit attack, and both a Single-target and MAP version of Moonlight Butterfly. (The power of the single target version is around 4500)

Since we're on a strict time limit, let's rush right in!

Click here to listen to this conversation!

: To be able to fight with such people... is a warrior's highest honor!

: Repeating the Black History means destroying mankind! Why don't you get that?

: Hah! You were involved in the first one, you have no right to intervene!

: True... But I can't sit back and watch the same tragedy play itself out.

: Absurd! Your being here means that a new Black History is upon us!

: You could call this mankind's eternal fate!

: So you're saying that Man couldn't survive without fighting...!?

: But we're going to try and change fates like that!

The battle backgrounds for this mission are fantastic.

The Bandits are my biggest concern right now, since they have a respectable amount of HP, and are pretty dodgy little bastards.

Here's where we are at the end of turn 2.

: For old allies in the fight for the moon to face each other like this!

: I'll take you down and put a stop to the Black history, once and for all!

: you pulled the trigger on that nightmare, you have no room to talk!!

: I accepted the past... and found the future. I'll give up everything for that!

Jamil dodged Ghingnham's attack, but took a nasty blow from a supporting Zanneck.

Ryusei got taken down into the red, activating his Guts skill.

: If it's really a machine, then it should be there for everyone's sake!

: Are you saying the Turn-A turned benevolent in it's sleep!? Don't mock me!!

: There's no reason to be found to destroy the Earth as it is now!!

: Yes there is! The conflict from the Innocent's rule awakened the Turn-A, boy! It could have even summoned the Irregulars to this time!

: That's not true!!

: Then why did the Earthnoids reject Diana's homecoming operation!?

: Why...!?

: The times are wrong. Mankind can't forget the idea of battle!

: We won't allow that to happen!!

I have Diana give a Will boost to the Getter team, Kouji, Jiron, and J9.

Poe also restores the GX's health.

And we begin our slow push towards the Turn X.

On the enemies third turn, reinforcements arrive.

: That's what you came here for? You've gone to quite some trouble.

: Sir Gwen...!? Is it true!?

: I had a revelation, Luara. I'll return the Earth's civilization to how it was... And modernize Galia, Efrico, and Aysia as well, with Moon Race technology.

: .........

: He saw that Diana Sorrel was just a monkey who forgets the destructive past...

: ...You would speak that harshly about her!?

: Look at the land where the Innocent's forefathers once landed on Earth...

: .........

: This was... The Innocent's...!?

: Capital...!?

: It was their heart of civilization before getting destroyed three times over. But the Moon Race and Innocent dismissed it as a conclusion to a final war. It was shut off in the realm of distant memory as the Lost Mountain. Diana and Agrippa forgot that and just added more dead to the tally.

: And Gwen taught me one thing - Taboos are there to be broken.

: .........

: But Diana herself has broken taboos. There's no need for us to protect you!

: Fool. Don't you realize what you're doing by repeating the Black History?

: If you can't heed my words... Moustache! Let's settle things here!!

: So you admit it, Gwen Rhineford...

: Ha, hahaha... Mass production of the Turn-A... Preposterous!

: Especially for Earthnoids! You could never hope to replicate the Turn-A!!

Gym Ghingnham attacks Harry.

: Not a chance, dog of Diana!!

: Those who cross Lady Diana must pay, no amtter how many people it takes!! You shall face the judgement of Diana's law!!

Click here to see the Turn X's ultimate attack!

Gym Ghingnham is no longer playing around.