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Part 216: Flagships and You

Bonus Update: Flagships and You!

You may have noticed that I haven't been including Flagships in my Robot Roll Call updates, that is because I wanted to include all of them into a single update so you can see each one's strengths and weaknesses.

Ra Cailum

Theme Song


: Vigor(30%HP recovery), Trust(2000HP to targeted ally), Accel(+3 Movement), Strike(100% chance to hit until the next turn), Valor(next attack deals double damage), Faith (50% HP recovery for all allies maybe)

Strengths: Uhh... It can fly?

Weakness: Everything else

Yeah, I can't really think of any reason you should use the Ra Cailum other than if you're a really big fan of Bright. Everything it can do, the other flagships can do better.

Iron Gear

Theme Song


: Vigor, Accel, Strike, Guard(All incoming attacks only do 25% of their damage), Valor, Replen(Targeted ally recovers all EN and Ammo)

Strengths: Has the highest damage potential out of all the Flagships, awesome transformation.

Weakness: All but useless against flying enemies, Can easily run out of ammo.

The Iron Gear is my second favorite out of the Flagships since it can do some heavy damage. Unfortunately, you need to give it a Minovsky craft in order to keep it useful for the end game.


Theme Song


: Trust, Accel, Gain(Receive double EXP from the next attack), Strike, Faith(Give targeted ally 50 SP to all pilots Maybe), Love(Full HP recovery to all allies)

: Vigor, Scan(Give detailed information on targeted enemy), Bless(Targeted ally receives double funds from next attack), Valor, Confuse(All enemies take a 50% accuracy penalty), Rouse(Adjacent allies receive 10 Will)

: Guts(Full HP recovery), Luck(Receive double funds from next attack), Trust, Guard, Enable(Allow targeted ally to move again), Replen.

Strengths: Large pool of Spirits to choose from.

Weakness: Crappy weapons.

The Freeden has the greatest pool of Spirits out of all the Flagships, but since it will take some serious work in order to level it up so you can gain access to them all.


Actual HP/Armor rating is 18000/1200

Theme Song


: Bless, Gain, Faith, Trust, Enable, Rouse

: Scan, Strike, Confuse, Accel, Enable, Replen

Strengths: Massive amount of HP, Pilots have almost every support Spirit in the game, powerful beam weapon. I-Field.

Weakness: Diana has poor stats, No offensive Spirits other than Strike.

The Soliel is, IMO, the best Flagship in the game. It is a supportive monster and can take a massive amount of damage.

Viewer Input

Broken Loose posted:

I should note that since Sarah gets Gain, all it takes is a well-placed support attack and suddenly the Freeden is the best battleship in the game. Any Hope (Faith2) users are totally welcome in my playthroughs-- I pretty much run everybody's SP into the ground. Not to mention all the other amazing spells.