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Part 217: Pre-Intermission

: We confirmed a phenomenon resembling that of the Moonlight Butterfly from Innocent lore... But it has currently settled down.

: So even the mechanical doll with the Moonlight Butterfly that once destroyed the Innocent's civilization... Has now fallen at their hands...

: Additionally... They are currently headed this way, towards X-Point.

: Rgh... They must be dead set on destroying our system of rule...

: Yes, sir. They are believed to be carrying out Arthur Rank's dying wish.

: Those little... This land belongs to us, the Innocent, who have continually cleansed it since ancient times. We have no reason to hand it over to the Civilians, the Moon Race, or the Irregulars.

: B-but, sir... Their power cannot be underestimated.

: (.........)

: At our current level of military strength, keeping the Irregulars in check would be next to impossible...

: (.........) ...Come with me.


: This is X-Point's central computer room.

: Central computer room...?

: What is all of this...?

: (.........) As you're already aware, X-Point was the first point built by the Innocent... It's our most critical base of power. Do you know why that is?

: Because... it's the point closest to the valley of immortality, where our founders first set foot on Earth?

: Wrong. This was the Innocent's largest base of power during the war between the moon and the Earth... And ultimately, X-Point was completely obliterated. Why do you think it was?

: Why...? Didn't you just say it was the Innocent's largest base of power?

: T-terribly sorry, sir...

: ...Ah, well. ...The reason the old X-Point was completely destroyed by the Moon Race was because...

: I-I beg your pardon...?

: The greatest Lost Mountain on Earth...?

: Yes. After the final war... This place was rebuilt over a long period of time by our predecessors... And it was rebuilt as a stronghold to use in case of emergencies.

: So there was a reason why a dome like this was built on the continent of Eisia... Where the land had already long since been cleansed by removing all of the Blue Stones from it.

: Indeed. And these computers seal off both the data on the Black History passed down by the Innocent... And the many superweapons that sleep within the Lost Mountain.

: Th-then... If we use those superweapons, we could wipe out the Civilians and the Irregulars...?

: Actually, it will make crushing the underground forces a breeze.


: Karl, I'm almost done with the cleaning, so sit still, okay?

: Ooh!...

: Don't do that, you're being too loud. You'll wake up Elche.

: Awah!

: Eh...?

: El... che!

: Elche's... regained conciousness!


: I heard Elche's regained conciousness!?

: Ugaaah!!

: Hey, all of you... This is an infirmary, please be quiet. You'll interfere with the patients.

: I can't stay quiet now! So where's Elche!?

: Elche! That voice, it's really you this time, right!?

: Miss! You're back to normal!!

: ...My head still hurts, though... I... must have been out for a while...

: Elche...

: *sob* Elche... Thank goodness... thank goodness...!

: It's a miracle... Arthur Rank has made a miracle happen...

: Aww, I'm so happy! I've never been so happy before!

: Urgh...

: Whoa, don't strain yourself, Elche.

: No... I'll be fine. I'm going to make up for all the time I've been sleeping.

: But...

: He's right, Elche. Let us handle the fighting, and you get some rest.

: I can't do that. You're going to confront Kashim, aren't you?

: W-well, yes, but...

: In that case... I have to fight in Sir Arthur's place. He sacrificed himself for me.

: Elche... You...

: What's with that face? Who in the hell do you think I am?

: The way you're talkin'... You're really back to normal, huh... I'm glad. Now my rival's made a comeback.

: Darned right I have. Sir Arthur... I will make certain to avenge him.


: Yes. Jiron's group was overjoyed about it.

: I see... That's a relief.

: (.........)

I will never get tired of these name errors

: Kamille...

: What is it?

: You were... just thinking about Rosamy, weren't you?

: !

: ...She claims she's your younger sister, but... That's a lie. You know that, right...?

: ...Yeah.

: Even still, you're going to try and save her? She could try to kill you this time, Kamille.

: ...You're probably right.

: So, what is it? What's making you so desperate to save Rosamy?

: You can tell too, can't you? She's being manipulated by the Innocent. ...She's being used as a tool of war. I can't just let that go!

: But, I don't want you to die over this, Kamille!

: Fa......

: It was like that with Four, too... You went after her with no regard for your own life...

: (.........) I can't ignore it when a child is being treated like Four or Puru 2. Someone has to save her. Someone...

: (.........)

: (.........) I-I'm sorry... I...

Fa leaves

: Fa...!

: (.........)

: (.........) Kamille, I don't have any part in this, but if I could say something... I think she's more worried about you than anyone else.

: (.........)

: And... I think the most important person to a man is unexpectedly close by.

: (.........)


: !

: Wait, Fa...

: (.........)

: ...I can tell that you're avoiding me...

: That's not...

: But, please try to be understanding about Kamille.

: (.........)

: I wouldn't be here today if Kamille hadn't saved me... So I'm very grateful to him.

: (.........)

: Kamille just wants to save people who have the same lot that I did...

: I know that...

: (.........)

After saying that, Four leaves

: Four...


: Lieutenant Burning, explain the outline of the plan.

: Roger that. First, take a look at this topographic map of the X-Point area that the Diana Counter made...

: This is...

: Several domes, with a mountain behind them... It's similar to how Jop Point was set up.

: We can assume their battle layout and base organization are the same, too.

: Correct. The plan is to send in a group centered around a battleship to infiltrate a dome and take it over.

: What, so it's another rush assault like last time? Well, if Walker Machines are all we have to worry about, it'll be a snap.

: No counting your chickens yet, Lt. Dyson. Don't forget that X-Point is the Innocent's final stronghold.

: Yes, X-Point is not a run-of-the-mill point.

: What do you mean?

: Beneath that point rests what is possibly largest-scale Mountain Cycle on the planet.

: L-largest-scale on the planet...?

: Then, from their position and layout, we can't exclude the possibility of a Lost Mountain.

: Right. Long ago, the Innocent dug up many mobile weapons from there and waged all-out war against the moon.

: So... In the last war, when you fired the Satellite Cannon, was it aimed at...

: (.........)

: So it's safe to assume that the enemy has more weapons than Walker Machines at their disposal.

: Don't even say that! What'll happen if you jinx us?

: If it happens, it happens.

: (...The Ghost X-9 is the ultimate unmanned fighter, surpassing the AVF... If data on that survives in a Mountain Cycle, it's entirely possible it could be mass-produced, huh.)

: (.........)

: What's the matter, Caris?

: Something is bothering me...

: What?

: The Patulia that I piloted at Fort Severn...

: Y-you're serious!?

: What's a Patulia?

: It's a gigantic mobile armor designed for Newtypes. When we went to Fort Severn, we had a tough fight against it, with Caris inside of it.

: (.........) The Patulia is a mobile armor developed for base defense and capture. It's quite likely that there are several of them stored in the Lost Mountain at X-Point...

: Whatever the case, this could be one of our nastiest fights yet.

: Standard practice would be to attack at night... But the enemy knows the Satellite Cannon's power, and would probably have a stronger security level at night.

: So basically, attacking at night would mean we'd get tougher enemy resistance.

: That's right. I'd like to hear the rest of your opinions on when the operation should commence.


So what shall it be? I should also mention that, unlike the other times we were given this choice, I will only be showing off one plan of attack! So make your vote count!

Voting ends on Wednesday, 12:00PM EST