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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 218: Mission part 1

Pre-Mission adjustments

Turn A Gundam

EN | 224 -> 288

Limit | 404 -> 437

Shin getter

Parts removed:
Mega Generator
Solar Panel

Parts added:
HPHGCP (30% EN regen)
HP Targetter (+30% to to-hit rates)

Xabungle 1

Parts added:
Alloy Z
Reinforced Armor (+300 Armor)

Daitarn 3

parts added:
Alloy Z
VR Helmet (+20% to to-hit rates)


: No kiddin' we've been fighting nothin' but losing battles...

: ...It's tough, but it's a rival's fate.

: In that case, we should show up all the time wearing masks, Bro.

: Don't be stupid! Today I'll defeat the Irregulars and become the main hero!!

: And get Elche as your blushing bride, eh?

: Argh! You never know when to shut up, do you!!

: (Ain't no doubt Kashim and Biram wanna use us as cannon fodder. They must be settin' up an ace in the hole. I'd better get when the gettin's good. But I won't miss my chance to deal with that melonhead first...)

: Captain Timp, they've arrived!

: How many times do I have to tell you!? Call me Captain!

: B-but... I did call you Captain...

: R-really? Well then, sorry 'bout that...

: Alright, dirtbags! Get ready to intercept!!

: Skull Leader to all units! We are now going to commence the operation!! This is for Arthur Rank, get in there and give it all you've got!!

: Hey... Are you sure about letting Elche use Xabungle, Maria?

: She's acting as a substitute for Sir Arthur. It'll be fine.

: I guess.. We've got to defeat Kashim and avenge Sir Arthur, huh.

: Elche, are you sure about this!?

: ...I'm no longer the Innocent's puppet, I can fight! I'm Elche Cargo!

: I'll defeat the source of the Innocent's animosity, Kashim King, myself!

: A-alright. Fatman, take care of Elche.

: What's the status on the Black History weapons sealed underground?

: They should be ready to launch shortly.

: Then have the Breakers buy some time until then.

: Sir.

Elche's stats. If you went on the Earth route and convinced Elche at every opportunity, you would have gotten a free Blackalley as well.

Not much happened on the first turn, just movement.

Here, I had Diana use Rouse twice to get an early Will boost.

On the second turn, my attack begins.

Unwittingly, the enemy moves into a formation that is just begging for a TSC strike.

Like with Diana, I run Haro's SP pool dry with a double-dose of Rouse.

You can probably see what my plan is from this screenshot. Still, it's gonna take a long time for it to finally come to fruition.

A few of the enemy aces take a couple of potshots at us.

Cybuster could really use some upgrades. Gonna have to fix that later

My objective is to lower the Delavasgalen's HP to at least below 8,000.

The end of my fourth turn.

Timp has finally joined in on the fun.

At the beginning of the fifth turn, I have Garrod destroy the only Delavasgalen that I can't hit with the TSC to max out his Will.

Since I'm running out of Dela's to weaken, I move on to the Emperor ships.

Cybuster takes quite a few hits during the enemies turn.

Once my turn comes around, I give them a reason to fear the Twin Satellite Cannon!

Here are the results of that attack if you don't feel like watching the above video.

Now that they're out of the way, It's time to deal with the remaining Aces.

: This again, Greta!?

: Laugh if you want, but you'll die to this woman's stubbornness!

: You don't know when to quit, lady!

: Remember, you don't have the patent on being stubborn!

: Ma'am, isn't that spirit proof that you're young?

: Young? Me? Don't mock me.

: I mean it! Add a little makeup and the guys'll all go wild.

: It's a little late for that now!

: ...Your husband's gone. Leave the past behind and try finding new love.

: A new love? Pfft... Forget it girl! I don't know what you're thinkin'!

: You can live to the end of the world with love. Here, take this compact!

: Can love bloom on the battlefield? be awakened...? New love...

: Seeya!

The Doran explodes

And that's the last we will ever see of her.

I almost manage to finish off Caloon, but she survives with just a shred of health left.

She's defeated on the next turn. Now for Hola.

: You've really gotten a handle on those generic villain lines, haven't you!?

: Quiet! Starting tomorrow after I beat you, I'll be the hero!

Thanks Hola! You're a real pal.

This won't take long.

: W-wait! Is that... Elche!?

: Long time no see, Hola! Though you must've seen me plenty!

: Thank goodness... You're back to normal!

: You've got no right to be please!!

: Bro! You don't have time to grin like an idiot out on the battlefield!!

: ...If Elche and I part ways here, we may never see each other again.

: N-not good, Bro! Looks like we're through here!

: Don't be ridiculous! This is the final climax!

Their Emperor Custom explodes...

..But Hola isn't done yet!

: It's a little late for that now, your turn is over and done with!!

: Shut up! Who decided that!?

Let's just bring his health down a bit...

: I'll show you that you all rely on the Walker Machines' power too much!

: I've heard that line before!!

: I TOLD you your turn was over and done with.

: It is not! I should get at least one, no, two more appearances!!

Farewell Hola! 'Til next time!

Now for Timp.

: Yes! Thanks to that, I can pay you all back for what you did myself!

: Boss! I'm commencing attack!

: I don't want to hurt a pretty bride, but you leave me no choice...

: Who'd be your bride!? It's down to the end and you just don't get it!

: Who'd give up the lead role to you!?

: You've got spunk. But I've fallen on hard times because of you! Today we settle this!

: I should be the one saying that!!

And down goes Timp! However...

...We are nowhere near the end...