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by Tobias Grant

Part 219: Mission part 2

: Dr. Mane, that Newtype should come in handy, right?

: With her strong conditioning, the Irregulars are completely hostile targets. With the Newtype MS we dug up, she should be a major obstacle to them.

: Very well. Eradicate all the Irregulars and Civilians who oppose us.

: Is Rosamy the one piloting it!?

: Yes, she is... There's no doubt in my mind!

: Kamille...!!

: Rosamy! It's me! Kamille Bidan!!

: .........

: Your big brother!!

: .........

: Rosamy, get down from that machine! You mustn't pilot that!!

: .........

: (Why doesn't she respond!? Four and Puru 2 still had their senses...)

: Wh-what's that...? The Psyco Gundam's psycommu isn't what's binding Rosamy!!

: You mean she's not being controlled by the machine...!?

: Tifa! Can you figure anything out!?

: .........

: Her mind is... being erased...

: Wh-what!?

: ...It's become a part of the Gundam's system......

: And D.O.M.E.... H-her personality is being erased...!?

: Th-that's...! No one should have the right to do that to Rosamy, or to anyone...! But yet they...!!

: Kamille, don't give up. Lucille regained her senses even in the L-System!

: Yes, and the same thing happened with D.O.M.E....!

: .........

: We'll have to get her out of that Gundam before we can snap her out of it!

: I'll help, Kamille!

: We will too!

: I owe you, guys...!

So, Rosamy... Rosamy is a complete pushover.

On your turn, all she will do is defend against your attacks. And since she's all by herself, there's only one attack during the enemies turn.

Plus, if you sortied Kamille out in the Zeta, you need only bring her down to 50% of her HP. An event will happen at that point.

: Rosamy!!

: (.........)

: Rosamy! If there's even a trace of your mind left... Listen to me!!

: (That pilot no longer hears our voices. She's been made into a battle machine...!)

: (.........)

: Rosamy! Everyone's waiting, come back to the white ship!!

: That's right! Snap out of it, fight it!

: B-but then my precious research sample will be...!

: You won't be doing any research if X-Point falls! Get a move on!!

: Y-yes, sir!

The Psyco Gundam moves towards the Soliel!

: Wh-what the!? The Psyco Gundam's...!!

: Take emergency evasive action!!

: No good, we're not gonna make it!!

: Stop, Rosamy!! Stop, please!!

: .........

Click here to see the death of Rosamy.

: A-aaah.

: ...Have we... repeated the same mistake again...!?

: A-argh... R-Rosamy...!! D... did I have... any other choice...!?

: ...Kamille...

: Biram! The Psyco Gundam's been defeated too!? What's going on!?

: Sir! I'll launch the Black History excavated weapons immediately!!

: Argh! I can't rely on any of you! I'm going out in a Landship too!!

: Eeh!?

This... could be bad.

: Timp! Didn't you run off!?

: You'd think I would, but I've gotta at least act the part of a rival.

: It's a little late to be bringing out that Gallier machine now!!

: Yeah! Your turn in the spotlight is over!!

: That's why I came out like this! I'm not lettin' you hog all the spotlight!

: isn't that out of character!? Get outta here and scram!!

: You don't have to tell me twice. I'm gone as soon as I'm through with Melonhead.

: Caris, that's...!

: And G-bits on top of that! Why here of all places...!?

: They dug G-Bits up at Zonder Epta. This could be another Lost Mountain...

: I'll show 'em what we did at Dakar, that unmanned machines have nothing on us!

: Fools! These aren't our only trump cards!

You have to be kidding me...

: missiles, Jiron!

: Th-those are...!!

: Nuclear missiles!!

: Nuclear!? Are those the bombs they dug up at Jop Point!?

: Yes...! They loaded them on ultra long-range missiles!

: What are they thinking!? They'll be caught too if they use nukes here!

: No, judging from their trajectory, they're not aiming at us!

: What'd you say!?

: I just calculated it. They're most likely headed for Ameria and Galia!

: Eeh!?

: Are they trying to destroy out continents... or destroy the world!?

: The Civilians are failures. We'll have to start over from ground zero.

: Failures...!? How do you reach that conclusion!?

: !

: making people, then calling them failures...! Using them as tools of warfare! You don't have that right... No one does!!

: We revived this world and made the Civilians to start with, outsider! What's wrong with doing what you want with your creations!? It's our world!!

: What!?

: Haven't you realized how greatly Civilians outnumber the Innocent? You may be technically superior, but the Civilians wield far more clout.

: .........!

: And they've grown strong through overcoming all the trials you gave them.

: .........

: .........

: While you live in a closed-off society, withering like so many dry seeds.

: .........

: The Moon Race is like that too, but they didn't just line in shut-off cities... They decided to return to the Earth to seize a new future for themselves.

: .........

: You should've realized by now, the Earth belongs to those whom you've ruled.

: That's right...! It's no longer time for the moon and the Earth to wage war! We should live the way Arthur and Lady Diana wants us to, joining hands!

: S-silence! Without the Innocent's rule, humanity couldn't survive!!

: Looks like simple words aren't getting through to you...

: Yeah, Banjou! Give him the usual!!

: In that case!

The usual

: S-sun!? Ridiculous! You think you can stop the missiles I've fired!?

: As a matter of fact, yes, I think we can!!

: Amuro, explain to everyone how to stop a nuclear missile.

: Right!

: Oh yeah... Amuro stopped a Zeon hydrogen bomb missile back in the One Year War...

: Listen up! Destroy the missiles propulsion, and you'll make it crash!

: So... Do a certain amount of damage to it without setting the missile off?

hint hint

: Right. They're headed in all directions. Make sure to follow their course! And whatever you do, DON'T blow the missile up!

: Useless resistance! You can't stop the missiles while my weapons attack!

: ...Kashim King...!

: !!

: I'll make you pay for using Newtypes as tools of warfare...! I can't allow more people to suffer the same fate Rosamy and Puru 2 did!!

The Zeta Gundam gains a massive amount of power!

: Wh-what the...!?

: You who uses people like toys wouldn't understand the power flowing through me!

: What nonsense are you talking about...!?

After that scene, the Zeta Gundam receives a nice little stat boost, as well as a new attack, the Waverider Crash/Assault.

The Waverider Assault is the Zeta Gundam's most powerful attack. However, you can't use it while in Waverider form, and if you've been using the Zeta Gundam like I have been (As a mobile sniper) than Kamille's melee stat will be somewhat atrophied, which the WA relies on. the Waverider Assault can be used post-movement, however, which is very useful

The Zeta Gundam also has a new theme song. Unfortunately, I had to get it from the Sound select mode, since I don't have an MP3 of it.

Kamille one-shots a Ghost to start us off.

To get the Skill Point for this mission, you have to stop all of the Missiles within three turns of their arrival.

Speaking of the Missiles, in order to stop them, you have to bring them down to within 10% of their HP (1000). The missiles will only respond to your attacks by defending, although if an attack will kill them outright, they will evade, take this as a hint to use a weaker attack.

And that's one missile down! It's best to just concentrate on the missiles for now.

Although I did destroy a G-bit to give Poe an escape route.

Either way you look at it, the last half is gonna be a drag.

Elche is surrounded by enemies, but thanks to Prevail (And all the parts I put on Xabungle), she can hold her own.

The soliel attracts the attention of a few Ghosts

Fortunately, I had Milan use Strike during my turn, so the Soliel destroys the two Ghosts that attacked it.

Bryger destroys one as well.

: A deal!?

: Yeah. You guarantee my safety, and I won't get in your way.

: You really want to surrender...?

: Yeah. I've got nothin' to gain from killin' anyone at this point.

: Jiron, no! It's obvious it's a trap! He killed your parents like animals!

: Be quiet, lady!

: You don't have to tell me that! Timp! I'm not lettin' you off that easy!

: Tch... You're gonna do it anyway, huh!? You're a dead man, Pardner!

: This is it!

The missiles move after everyone else.

Let's continue with Missile duty.

As Omachi hinted at, this is one of the few places where Mercy comes in handy.

One turn later...

And we're down to one missile.

Kashim's attacks are nothing compared to MazinKaiser's armor!

Thanks to Xabungle's reinforced armor, and Elche's prevail, the Ghost's attacks are useless.

The same can't be said for the Ghosts.

Oh look at that, the missile moved right next to my Super Robots.

And that's the last of them!

Fuck yeah!

: Alright, now all the missiles have been stopped! All that's left is to get rid of all the enemy's forces!!