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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 22: Pre-intermission


Mazinger Z

HP | 5000 -> 6000

EN | 120 -> 192

Armor | 1200 -> 1400


: But Heero, Zechs, and the rest of their group put a stop to that real quick.

: Good, I was hoping they'd rush in to save the day.

: But it's not the whole group. Wufei Chang has sided with the Mariemaia Army...

: (.........)

: We have information claiming that the Mariemaia Army is headed for the Earth...

: They are. It looks like they're combining their forces with the Titans.

: I don't expect Dekim and Jamitov to start thinking on the same page now, though. What do you think, Garrison?

: They could be planning to use nukes as a threat to take over the Macross.

: Either way, we're following them down to Earth. What's your expected course?

: The Argama's headed for Africa at the moment. We need to rescue Commander Bright and the others being held prisoner at Aleg Base.

: You figured out where they're being held!?

: Yes, thanks to help from Isaac and his group.

: Though the request fee was somewhat high...

: Hey, that includes complete after-sales service.

: I somehow doubt money is that serious of a concern to you...

: We're also joining forces with the people from South Atalia Island.

: Then, we'll head to Earth and catch up to you too.

: Roger that.

: Captain Henken, we've confirmed Lt. Cmdr Fokker's squadron's machines.

: That was quick. Okay, have the hangar prepare to receive them.

: Aye-aye!


: I'd heard that most of the main SDF members were imprisoned by the Titans... I'm glad to know you're safe.

: Captain Gloval and the bridge crew are all in Dakar, but we in the Skull Squadron and Kou's group were sent off to South Atalia Island.

: So Captain Gloval and the others really have been taken hostage?

: Not just them. They've also got Minmay.

: (.........)

: Say what!? Minmay's a civilian, she's got nothing to do with the military!

: The Titans probably want to use her as a propaganda tool.

: A propane gas tool!?

: Propoganda, I said. Things designed to influence public opinion.

: (.........)

: The ends justify the means, huh...?

: Quattro's speech at Dakar was a serious blow to the Titans.

: They must want to use the Macross, the symbol of the SDF, and Minmay as figureheads... Since they saved the Earth Sphere from the alien menace.

: Yeah... We'll have to rescue Minmay and the others after Captain Bright's group.


: The Elemental Jaohm, and the Elemental Lord Granveil.

: I thought Cybuster was the only Elemental Lord?

: Speaking of which, what happened to Cybuster, anyway?

: It got pretty badly damaged in a fight in La Gias... It's being overhauled right now.

: So he's using Jaohm instead at the moment, meow.

: It's the first Elemental I piloted... I know all of its features and quirks.

: Though it's not really yours right now, meow.

: Huh...

: (Oh yeah, Cenia said she'd deliver Cybuster to me later, but... How's she gonna bring it to the surface?)

Goddamn, look at his collar!

: Oh yeah! Okay, guys, let's get going!


: We've arranged for a seperate group to take care of that.

: A seperate group...? You mean the Lean Horse team?

: You'll find out soon enough. At any rate, our mission will be to distract the enemy so as to make their job easier.

: Entrusting a rescue operation to people we don't even know? I don't like it.

: Given the choice between that or assigning you a mission that requires delicacy, I'd much sooner take my chances with the former.

: Hey! Wanna say that again to my face!?

: That tendency towards knee-jerk reactions is exactly what Ryo's talking about.

: ...Shut up!

: So, all we have to do is draw the enemy mobile suits away from Aleg base?

: Right. Don't shoot them down, just draw them out.

: You expect the mission to succeed with such a soft approach?

: Our goal is to make the enemy let down their guard, and buy some time.

: (.........)

: (Tetsuya......)

: We begin in 2 hours. Lt. Cmdr Fokker, I'm putting you in charge, okay?

: Sure thing, leave it to me.


: So, we'll use the captive Londo Bell members as bait to lure them here... Then crush them all, and recover from our previous failure. Is that understood?

: (Still, it's strange. Even if we did fail our mission back in Japan... Posting this many troops here, rather than at our stronghold in Dakar... That rumor about new weapons other than MSs and Mobile Dolls being under development... Could that have been true?)

: Lt. Kakricon, strengthen the guard over Bright and the others, just in case.


: Sneaking inside was a walk in the park!

: Hey, we haven't hit the hard part of the mission yet.

: You're sounding off. Feeling awkward visiting an old home?

: No way! Besides, we've got to find where the hostages are located...

: Oh, I found that out a while ago.

: Heh, just what I'd expect. I suppose that means it's just about my turn?

: Not quite. At times like this, trouble's always just around the corner. You can have your turn when that time comes, okay?

: Hey, what are you two doing there!?

: ...See?

: You just had to go and jinx it, huh...

: Stay where you are!

: My, now there's a cliche line if ever I've heard one...

: Shouldn't you be grateful for the chance to show your stuff?

: Yeesh...

: I said to stay where you are!
He begins to fire at the two

: Gah... That's not possible! Dodging faster than a machinegun fires...!?

: Heh, you're way out of your league in gunmanship, compared to me.

: ! Don't tell me you're...!?

: The name's Jotaro Kido. People call me the Blaster Kid. And this here is...


: H-hey, Omachi! No throwing explosives!
They'll realize they have intruders!

: It's too late for that now. Let's get a move on and rescue the hostages!

: Tch, you're just drawn to trouble, aren't you... So long, buddy!

: Wh-why you...!