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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 222: Pre-Intermission

Pre-mission Adjustments


Speed | 84 -> 90

Limit | 287 -> 319

Parts removed:
Hybrid armor

Parts added:
Solar Panel
HP Gas Engine

Weapon power increased by 250


EN | 154 -> 209

Speed | 122 -> 130

Limit | 382 -> 430

Parts added:
Solar panel

Hi-Nu Gundam

EN | 195 -> 234

Speed | 129 -> 134

Limit | 455 -> 472

V2 Assault Buster Gundam

Speed | 114 -> 119

Limit | 373 -> 422

Gundam Double X

EN | 208 -> 247

Speed | 129 -> 133

Limit | 388 -> 437

Walker Gallier

Limit | 366 -> 397


4 Minovsky crafts

Warning! For some unknown reason, both Walker Gallier and Xabungle 1 will have no Pilots after the last mission. Make sure you put your pilots back into their machines!


: So humans continue to crush one another, as always...

: Yes.

: ...Sanger will make contact with the Irregulars soon. That will mark their end.

: (.........) But... Will he be all right? Since making contact with Man, the personality that should have been deleted has been resurfacing...

: After he defeats the Irregulars and returns to the Earth Cradle, he will be given readjustments.

: ...And if he doesn't defeat them?

: (.........)

: Like my brothers... the Machinery Children?

: That's correct. Do you object to that?

: No. Parts that don't display their proper functionality should be discarded and replaced with new ones... That is required in order to maintain the Ancestors' and Earth Cradle's systems. For that reason, however many of my brothers end up as casualties... It makes no difference to me.

: (.........)

: However... Contrary to your words, you refuse to completely recreate Sanger.

: (.........)

: Why is that?

: (.........)

: This Earth Cradle has us, the new human race, and yet you completely disregard that... Why do you allow the human Sanger to live?

: (.........)

: If his body had Machine Cells injected into it, as yours did, there would be no further concerns about original personalities resurfacing...

: Uruz... I will not tolerate any further voicing of your opinions to me.

: (.........) ...I am terribly sorry.

: Yes...

: *chuckle*... Once my other self, the Aurgelmir, is able to use its power... We Ancestors can become the true supervisors of the Earth...


: Has the analysis of data related to the Ancestors been finished?

: Garrison and the others say it'll take a little more time.

: Then, what about the Dinosaur Empire's movements?

: Since the Shin Getter incident, they haven't shown any definitive signs of movement.

: The next time they show up, they'll probably send everything they've got for an all-out battle...

: (.........)

: With their base so hard to track, it makes dealing with them pretty tricky.

: It does, yes...

: (.........) Captain Bright, our enemies aren't just two in number.

: ...Ah, yes.

: Say, Isaac. What the heck is he trying to do, anyway?

: (.........)

: From what Mr. Khamen himself has said... He seems to want to get ahold of our mechs' energy sources.

: But for what? That's what I'm askin'.

: Ah hah, I see.

: And what's he even doing in this time to start with?

: It didn't look like he crossed time to get here like we did.

: (.........) There are two key words to solving the mystery of Khamen's objective...

: Jupiter? What's his connection with Jupiter?

: Back in the Space Era, before J9 joined forces with the Preventers, I acquired information... That Khamen held a secret meeting with Josesilva Valencia, of the Federation Space Development Bureau.

: (.........)

: I do recall Garrison mentioning that.

: ...Josesilva was placed in charge of redevelopment of the solar system's inner planets After the Balmar War. And the one he put the most effort into redeveloping was Jupiter. The reason for that being that Jupiter's helium is a valuable resource in the Earth Sphere.

: But... To say nothing of the Jupiterians who got destroyed after invading the Earth Sphere... Wouldn't there still be remnants of their forces in the Jupiter region?

: That is precisely what gave Khamen a chance to step in...

: A chance to step in...?

: With the Jupiter region being believed to house remnants of those forces, it would be extremely dangerous to send a redevelopment team there alone. But after the Balmar War, the Earth Federation didn't have the military forces to spare for their defense...

: I follow you... Khamen caught wind of this, and to get a chance to go to Jupiter himself... He offered Josesilva the Nubia Connection's forces.

: Most likely, yes.

: So... The first time we ran into Khamen, he was on his way to Jupiter...

: (.........)

: Even still... How could a Federation official hire out a criminal organization...

: (.........)

: Eh?

: D-Daddy!?

: (.........)

: So, Omachi had a nice, ladylike side to her? I am floored...

: But it's all in the past, now. It's been a long time since I stood up to Daddy and ran away from home.

: Huh... You've got a pretty colorful past, don't you.

: I won't accept any further inquiries into this subject. A woman's past should be wrapped in mystery.

: Aye-aye.

: Okay, Isaac...What's the other keyword to solving the mystery of Khamen's motives?

: The Great Atum... Yeah, he's mentioned that a lot.

: What's an Atum, anyway?

: Atum is the name of the sun god in ancient Egypt. His followers' philosophy was that after destruction comes eternal creation.

: Creation after destruction...

: Does he want to steal our mechs' energy to blow up the Earth?

: And, after Khamen went to Jupiter... What has he been doing between then and now...?

: (.........) Jupiter and the Great Atum Plan... Somewhere between those words and our machines' energy sources... Somewhere therein Khamen's true motive.

Suddenly, the alarms go off!

: From high altitude!?

: What'd you say...!?

: Khamen Khamen... So he's finally shown up...!

: Speak of the devil, huh?

: It's pretty convenient. Time for us to settle the score with him once and for all, I guess.

: Let's go! We'll dispose of the source of this evil!