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by Tobias Grant

Part 223: Mission part 1

: Cosmo Ranger J9... Preventers. The time has come for your sacrifice to Atum.

: Yeah, sure, like we'd just lie down and die for you guys!

: Khamen... I know your plan involves our machines' energy sources, and Jupiter...

: .........

: I want you to tell me what the Great Atum Project is really about!

: Hahaha... Very well. Khamen Khamen, King of Nubia, shall explain it to you.

: Wha......!

: Destroy... Jupiter!?

: Yes! Using your energy to convert it's 90% hydrogen mass to metal... I can create dozens of planets easily the size of the Earth!

: Dozens of Earths!?

: Ehh!? Is he nuts!?

Man... That's never work. Save it for your dreams, buddy.

: D-Dyson Spheres...?

: What the hell would you get out of making 36 Earths!?

: The idea was to solve overpopulation, and gain a new energy source. Perhaps...

: ......... Long, Long ago, we made two projects to avoid the ultragravitational collapse.

: Two Projects...!?

: S-say what!?

: The Earth Cradle was involve with the Nubia Connection!?

: So they completed it after the DC's construction on it should've stopped!?

: As the Haran Conglomerate and Mao Industries did with the Moon Cradle... Nubia finished the Earth Cradle's construction in secret.

: So it wasn't just by chance that you were near the Earth Cradle back then...

: Because of that, we had to abandon the Earth Cradle.

: The Magus System...! The Machine Cells have gone out of control, you said!?

: .........

: But the second is my choice... The Earth Cradle was insurance, nothing more.

: I went to Jupiter in preparation for that... And went into a long slumber, to meet you all after your time-jump.

: Whoa... I think all this talk is gonna make me fall asleep myself.

: ... If Jupiter were to be destroyed, many lives would be endangered. Khamen! Are you trying to destroy everyone other than the Nubians!?

: Yes. Non-Nubians are destined to all perish in the new world I make...

: I see... So that's the true face of the Great Atum Project.

: Khamen Khamen! For reckless endangerment of the solar system, you will pay!!

: Fools... All those who oppose my plans are nothing more than corpses now!

Abayo Fly Bye

Click here to watch this scene.

: Yeah.

: We did plenty helping those maligned by Nubia's deed, but this is different.

: We've got one target, Khamen Khamen, huh.

: Let's get 'em!

After the last couple of brutal missions, This is a nice change of pace.

The bee's all die in a single hit, and there's not very many of them.

: Yeah... And he hardly has the firepower to take all our machines...

: He could be up to something. Keep your eyes open!

By the end of the second turn, all of the bees have been destroyed.

Khamen's attacks are pretty powerful. thankfully he has no EN regen, so once he's out of EN, he's pretty harmless.

: Bowie, force your way through!

: Aye-aye!

: Kid, Omachi, don't screw this up!

:: OK!

Khamen Khamen doesn't stand a chance.

::: Yeeah!

Khamen Khamen's ship explodes!

: .........

: For all that talk, he sure didn't put up much of a fight.

: Maybe all that sleeping on Jupiter left him drowsy?

: Guess so.

: At any rate, this marks one job down, right?


: !! N-no way...!

: H-he's back!!

: Wh-what!?

: But we just beat the guy!!

: And on top of that, there are two of him now! What the hell is this!?

: Is he claiming he's immortal!?

: Could it be an illusion!?

: No, they're both rock solid. They're no holograms!

: Give up your pitiful struggling, offer yourselves up to the Great Atum...

: Tch! We'll just have to take each and every one of them down!

In order to get the Skill Point for this mission, after the you destroy Khamen Khamen for the first time, you have to destroy the rest within a time limit (2 turns on Hard, 3 on Normal, 4 on Easy).

The new ships are no different than the one I just destroyed, there's just two of them.

::: OK!

Let's just finish this up.

That's one.

Click here to see the end of Khamen Khamen.

: How's this!?

: Hahahaha! J9, you can never destroy me. This fight is mine! Hahahahaha!!

: Now, what's the plan? Kid!

: Yeah! It's on!!

: Hahahaha! Farewell!!

Khamen Khamen's final ship explodes. If you don't destroy all of the ships within the second turn, a new ship will start arriving every turn.

Fuck yeah.

: .........

: .........

: .........

: .........

......Well, looks like that's the end of that.

: ...Did we beat him...?

: There's no sign of any more coming, so we must have, right?

: So... Jupiter's not getting destroyed?

: Judging by our mechs coming out unscathed, we've obstructed the Project... But there's no way to know whether or not Khamen Khamen's really dead...

: Well, we can at least consider this matter wrapped up, right?

: I sure hope so.

: ......

While the threat of Khamen Khamen is over...

this mission isn't.